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2013/12/10 18:23:12
Storage location Hi Guys
I don't know if this option is available during installation,.. if so I must have missed it,..
but is there a way to set the storage location for downloaded/ usercreated sets and favorites to a custom folder ????
2013/12/4 17:04:54
program freezes I do have the same prob on my desktop, (Play/ 64bit/ win7)
but as you already noticed,.. briefly minimalizing Muvizu fixes the problem
so I never really worried about it.
However on my laptop (Play/ 32 bit/ vista) the error does not occur.
2013/11/26 23:20:25
effects Ahh,.. Good to know,..
That'll make things a lot easier

2013/11/24 23:24:12
Muvizu tryout @Urbanlamb,.. Thanks,..
Indeed, one should never expect a program to do things it wasn't programmed for.
Shure it does have its limitations,.. but finding workarounds is just another part of the creative process.
And from what I've seen so far, a simple grafic/ video editing tool will get you a long way.
2013/11/23 17:15:11
Muvizu tryout Thanks,.. its amazing how easy and fast you get things done with Muvizu.

LugofilmLtd wrote:
I think I have been improving a bit with each new short

I was just going thru the samples on the forums
keep up that Busted series, thats funny,..

2013/11/23 16:42:53
effects Hi

I don't think that is possible in one take,..
you probly need to record that shot before/ after and edit it in via a video editingtool.

Would be cool tho if Muvizu would implement place and remove tags, kinda like in flash.

2013/11/23 16:24:32
Muvizu tryout Here's my first Muvizu tryout.
I was actually just testing the program, playing around with one of the characters
added some sound to test the lipsync and before I knew it, this kinda just happend,..

2013/11/22 11:42:34
Language files Thanks,.. I'll send them an email,..

2013/11/21 22:16:43
Language files Hi
Nope,.. nothing there either.
I already had a quick look at the programs folder, and I think its save to say that at this time,
the program doesn't support Dutch language,..
I was just wondering if anyone already adjusted one of the excisting language files into Dutch,
cause it seems pretty staightforward to replace an excisting language with a new one.
(altough its still a decent amount of work )
I was actually thinking of giving it a shot myself,.. if I can find some time.
But if someone else already did it,.. then there obviously wouldn't be any use for that.
2013/11/21 13:51:31
Language files Are you shure,....??
cause I didn't see that during installation,.. and it is also not available via File/Options/Language.
I was more or less hoping someone mite have translated one of the excisting language files,.
2013/11/21 1:57:19
Language files Hi
Just wondering,.. Is there a dutch language file for Muvizu available??
2013/11/20 17:00:49
Youtube Content ID policy Hi

I see I missed your previous post by seconds,..
But thanks for clearing this up,..

2013/11/20 16:34:52
Youtube Content ID policy Hi
Thanks for the responce,..
I didn't even realize we could upload videos thru the Muvizu website,.. so I uploaded directly to youtube.
But its not that the movie got blocked, I'm just not shure about the add youtube put in for using an excisting/ copyrighted soundtrack.
Cause I believe I read somewhere that you needed to purchase Play+ if you want to show adds.
(Even tho its not actually my add and I'm not getting anythings from it, it all goes to the soundtracks owner)

2013/11/20 2:52:51
Youtube Content ID policy Hi Guys
What's Muvizu's policy on Youtube's Content ID policy,...???
Cause I just created my first movie with Muvizu and uploaded it to youtube,..
however,.. I used an excisting song and because of the Content ID policy,
Youtube automaticly puts an add over the movie to benefit the soundtrack owners.
Does that count as commercial use,..??
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