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2010/8/8 19:09:59
Unable to Make Video : "The file is locked ..." Hi,

I tried all the codecs and different resolutions and all gave the same error.
In another post someone suggested installing K-Lite codec pack to fix a video making error, but this did not help here.

Just like to say piece of kit this Muvizu is, takes a bit of getting used to but it's not too difficult.
2010/8/8 18:56:00
Unable to Make Video : "The file is locked ..." Hi Jim,

It happens after selecting resolution & codec.

2010/8/8 18:39:19
Unable to Make Video : "The file is locked ..." Can anyone shed some light on this.
When I try to "Make Video" I get the error message "The file is locked or in use by another application" and no video can be made.

Also, when I try to upload to youtube the following error is given and then Muvizu closes down.

OS: Windows XP Pro SP3
Graphics: Radeon HD5770
Tried various codex to no avail.

Help !
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