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2015/5/14 15:04:45
Download on Multiple Computers I have a Play+ account and need to download it on a different PC. The video card in my old one is bad, so Muvizu will not work. How do I do this if I do not have the access code from the first download?

2014/8/13 13:35:25
Youth Education Program Using Muvizu! oziabla wrote:
Way, way cool Judy.

Thank you, Oziabla!

Ziggy- Ahh! I see, thank you for that. I kind of wondered about that, but wasn't for sure.
2014/8/12 20:02:34
Youth Education Program Using Muvizu! Hey guys! Thought I would share a few of the videos I have finished for a program called Money Masters that I am developing for my job! This whole process sure has been a doozy for me (I've never ever done anything like this before), so, although these aren't perfect, I'm pretty proud of them! I would appreciate any and all feedback!! Thanks and maybe you'll learn a little something about money management and life lessons. :P

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2014/8/12 16:57:34
Upload without Youtube? Can you upload to Muvizu without uploading to YouTube? I would like to share a few videos for feedback, however, I can't make my YouTube channel public as of yet because the program cannot be seen by the general public until later.
2014/8/8 13:29:47
Rendering Hmmm... I tried that. I will try it again, though.
Nope, didn't fix it Oziabla.
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I think I figured out a way to get around it - increase the duration of the video clip within Premiere Pro to the same length as the audio clip. This still doesn't answer the question of why they aren't the same in the first place, but oh well... It works, I suppose.
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2014/8/7 16:11:04
Rendering Thanks for your help Oziabla.

One more issue has come up... I think I had this issue on the video I got completed, but cannot remember how I resolved it.
For the TGA files, I'm using Media Encoder to turn them into an .mp4 file. Once I do that though, the video is shorter than the audio file that was exported from Muvizu with the TGA render. It's as if everything is sped up! How do I fix that?
2014/8/4 18:54:55
Rendering It is strange indeed. What I ended up doing (before I saw your reply) was deleting and recreating and redirecting camera cuts. After that I think it worked fine... (I say I think because I tried various things and I'm not for sure if that was what worked or not! :P) But regardless, I believe it's all sorted out now! I will post the working video soon so you all can see it!

Thanks for all your help!
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2014/8/4 13:55:02
Rendering Ziggy- The whole image does not freeze. The character's hand motions, movements, etc still work; it is just that the lip syncing doesn't work. She begins to talk at the very beginning, but after about a second her mouth just quits moving.

Oziabla- I will try a different program and see what happens.

I re-rendered out of Muvizu and redid the process, it seems to be working fine now. The only issue is that the character is moving/speaking a little too fast, so the audio that I lip synced her to is not matching up. The video duration (rendered from Media Encoder in h264 format) is about 20 seconds and the audio is 24ish (which is what I had everything set to in the Muvizu timeline.) I'm thinking maybe the frame rate setting is wrong in Media Encoder? When I render in Muvizu, what is that frame rate?
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Alas, it's not fixed. I think there is a glitch...It is working fine when I render the video from Camera 2. But When I render from the view of Camera 1, the final video product is back to her mouth freezing and not moving.
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2014/7/31 20:34:49
Rendering I've got the hang of TGA rendering, but now there is an issue. When taken into AE as a targa sequence, the lip syching does not work for the whole video. The character just gets stuck in one or two facial expressions and stays there rather than syching as they did in the Muvizu set. Any suggestions?
2014/7/31 13:23:28
Rendering OK, doesn't sound too bad! I do have After Effects, which is what I plan on using. Thanks for the advice about the camera cuts as well! Ziggy, you've been extremely helpful. Thank you so much! I'll be sure to show everyone the end product! (There are about 14 videos in the series...But they should all be done by the end of August. Although not nearly as impressive as your all's, I'm excited to finish them!)
2014/7/30 20:45:40
Rendering ziggy72 wrote:
Ah, codecs, dontcha just hate them? Okay, so at 1280x720 uncompressed AVI output you have a maximum clip time of 1 minute (actually around 58 and a bit seconds, but let's not get all pedantic about it ). If you use anyting else other than uncompressed, then you will be able to create longer clips, but then you're relying on the decoder to create the movie file - this can cause problems in other ways (there's a million posts on this forum regards codecs and the various ways they don't work).

I would recommend you make your output TGA image sequence, rather than a movie *. This is what myself and quite a few others do - there's no codecs, no file size or time limits (other than the usual 20 minute limit within Muvizu itself), and the output is exactly the same quality as uncompressed. And it always works

* One caveat about TGA sequences - they do need a folder for each shot, to store all the hundreds/thousands of image files. And you need a video editor to put the sequence back into a video... but it's worth it.
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OK, ziggy. I'm most likely going to take your advice about the TGA; however, I have a few questions. Can you explain exactly what I need to create folder wise, etc. in order for this to work. (Basically if I'm in the "Make Movie" window in Muvizu, after I change to TGA, what do I need to do.) Also, is the render time longer for TGA?
2014/7/30 17:30:49
Rendering It's me again with another rendering issue. So, I have to use 1280x720. Most of the clips I'm needing to record are about 1.5 minutes long. If I render in .avi format, it is my understanding that I'll only be able to do 20 second clips at a time. However, when I tried to do this, I got one video to render out (it was 20 seconds) but now I tried to do more, and it gets about halfway through the render and just quits. I go to view the file in the folder I saved it, and it's 0 bytes as if nothing is there. I'm not sure what's going on, but I'm trying veryyyy hard to not be frustrated. Can someone please offer insight?
2014/7/25 17:52:46
Render Lag fazz68 wrote:
how big is the file size?
why dont you convert it into mp4? smaller file size and still keep a good quality of video if you keep the bit rate high enough.
any video converter does the job well and its free, or handbrake but there a bit of faffing around with that program. but still free.

I think I finally have everything worked out after a bit of researching/learning. Like I said, I'm completely new to everything video making. I took an internship in May that turned out to be nothing BUT video animation/creation. I had never done it in my life. Ha! Needless to say, I'm now doing exactly what you all just suggested. Render in Muvizu>Animate additional effects in AE>Export from AE as .mp4>Import into PP>Combine everything/final edit>Export from PP as .mp4> Upload to YouTube. I think It will work. Thanks for your alls help! I appreciate it.
2014/7/25 15:55:55
Render Lag MrDrWho13 wrote:
Using a codec to render it may reduce or even get rid of the lag, but at the cost of slightly lower quality.
Have you tried opening it in after effects yet?
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It seems to play fine in after effects as well! (I don't know why I didn't try that first.) Now the issue is it being blurry when it's in after effects... I think it's alright once rendered, but it's hard to work with as far as editing goes. But despite it working in After Effects, I'm still going to need to put the final videos on USBs to give away (it's a community betterment effort.) So if someone goes to play these later, it's still going to lag because of the huge file size. I've heard there are programs you can buy to drastically condense files down. Would that be worth looking into, you think?
2014/7/25 15:10:26
Render Lag MrDrWho13 wrote:
Your media player is probably having issues with the size of the file. Upload it to YouTube and watch it/send one of us the link to see if it's still laggy.

Ahh, uploading it to YouTube made the lag disappear! Which is great. But unfortunately I need to do much more with the video aside from just that. It needs to be taken into After Effects to be combined with some animations, and then Premiere Pro for some further editing with additional audio, etc. Is there any way that I can condense the file to get rid of the lag so that it's usable?
2014/7/25 13:20:36
Render Lag ekessler wrote:
I always have this problem when I play the video with Muvizu running. Close Muvizu and I bet it goes away.

This doesn't seem to be the problem, as it won't even play smoothly on my laptop (which doesn't even have Muvizu on it.) I created it as an uncompressed video file, if that makes a difference. From what I had read on here, that seems best. Am I wrong?
I even just tried re-rendering it; no help. Still continues to lag.
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In fact, every video I render in 1280x720 is lagging.
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2014/7/24 20:58:19
Render Lag I'm new at all of this, so my terminology/understanding is going to be pretty shallow. I was just trying to play it on Windows Media Player (which is what I've been using all along). I generally then take it into After Effects; however, I haven't tried that yet because of the lag. (I have absolutely no understanding of "codec". Could you explain that?)
Thanks in advance!
2014/7/24 14:05:52
Render Lag I've rendered out an introduction to a video in Muvizu at 1280 x 720. It's only a ten second clip, yet when I watch it, there is an incredible amount of lag in the video. I have longer segments that I rendered out in 480x360. Is this issue a problem because of the higher quality or what? I need the larger size, but I also need it to playback properly. Help!
2014/7/22 17:43:04
Premiere Pro I got it figured out! (Don't ask me how...because I'm not so sure.) But it's fixed as of now! Thank you!
2014/7/22 16:02:52
Premiere Pro I rendered out this short clip in Muvizu and am now taking it into PP for some editing and combining. When I try to put a video transition on this specific clip, it does this weird distortion type thing briefly where it shows a different outfit on the character then what is in the video. It IS an outfit I previously had her in in the same clip, but I changed the outfit, re-rendered, and brought in the new one. I deleted the old clip and replaced it with this, and now I am having this issue. But it's only when I try to apply a transition. Anyone well versed in PP that could help?
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