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2015/3/17 0:46:33
Star trek. the halloween incident. Fabulous job, excellent work all around, I really enjoyed that, thank you for sharing
2014/11/11 17:05:15
Tomb Of Treats Thank you, I was surprised at how easy it was to use this program, I'm so glad there's no coding involved. I was going to make an ending but had gotten ill. Oh well, still loving this software
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2014/10/1 19:48:00
Tomb Of Treats G'day fellow babies. Well I had one day to learn this wonderful program and put together this vid for a graphic site I'm a mod of. They've started what's called Tomb Of Treats where members make PSP tubes, pngs, jpgs, props for Daz Studios or Poser. My theme this year was the Morgue. I still have a lot of learning to do about this fabulous software, but I'm getting some buzz about it. I've got members asking me questions so I've provided a link to Muvizu. This video isn't perfect but I hope you get a kick out of it anyway.

Oh, I couldn't get the Videojoiner to work for some reason, it kept giving me an error so I had to put this together in Windows Movie Maker, I hope that's ok. Alright then, I'm off. Enjoy the vid
2014/8/16 17:35:39
Hello fellow muvizu users Welcome Danny, although I haven't had a chance to work with Muvizu yet but from what I've seen of it and what little I've played with it, it looks like a wonderful program and would recommend it. Would love to see what you come up with. Enjoy your stay
2014/6/17 16:59:45
hello, new here Fabulous work carlos, so sorry to hear about your nerve problem. I also suffer a lot of health problems so I can relate. Thank you for your freebies, I'm sure we'll get a ton of good use from them
2014/6/17 16:56:56
Hello... I'm a new member. Welcome Bri guy, I don't stop by as much as I'd like to. But what little time I spend here I can tell you that this is a fabulous forum, wonderful people and from what I've seen of it myself Muvizu is the best program out there. Enjoy your stay
2014/6/17 16:54:29
New mod! Congrats on your new promotion muvizu_chap. I've played around with Muvizu a bit and like what I see. Unfortunately, I'm so busy making games and trying to improve my graphic style that I hadn't had time to really work with Muvizu, but I will make the time once I'm done with my recent game. Looking forward to chatting with you
2014/2/28 18:49:20
My first movie in just a day Fabulous job, bravo! Pretty good job for just learning in 24 hours. I liked, "it's the only trick I know". Hope to see more of your work
2014/2/28 18:47:11
Hello i am new Hey smirks, welcome. I've played around with this program a bit and I'm very impressed. Not sure how long it's going to be before I can make a movie, but it's still a good program to have
2014/2/11 21:00:46
Please allow me to introduce myself Hi blickfang, welcome. I played around with Muvizu a bit and from what I've seen of it it is a fabulous piece of software. Don't forget to check out the Get Assests for some terrific freebies to work with. I wish I could get the time to make a movie, maybe one of these days. Stick with it, it's more than worth it
2014/1/6 17:42:51
Christmas Competition winners announced! Congrats, fabulous job everyone Applause
2014/1/6 17:35:33
Happy New Year I feel your pain Dylly, glad you had a good time
2014/1/2 3:24:59
Happy New Year Just wanted to wish everyone a very Happy New, here's to a year of good luck, good health, happiness and peace

2013/12/28 0:39:25
New User Hello freddykio, how are you
2013/12/16 20:47:00
Hello All Thank you for the welcome everyone. I'm not that good to enter contests yet. I just took a look at Muvizu and I'm very impressed. I just need to find the time to work on it steady. I'm bogged down with projects all over from modding at Dragon's Breath, to writing games and mock movies, working on graphics, making games and later on I would like to get into making digital comics. I'm working on my second adventure game at the moment called Terror Within Hawk Manor

All the props, sets and textures members have made are fabulous, thank you so much for offering them for free. I want to take a look at some of the movies made, I love watching animated movies. Well I'm off, take care everyone and it was nice meeting you
2013/12/15 18:14:00
Hello All Hey everyone, my name is StarLite Moon and I just joined. I've been checking out Muvizu for quite some time now and decided to take the plunge. I'm a free point and click adventure game creator, I am also part of a fabulous graphics group at Dragon's Breath Forums. I work with Daz Studios, Paint Shop Pro and Photoshop. I would like to thank everyone for their props, sets and texture that they uploaded, excellent work. This program looks like fun and I'm looking forward to trying it out. Just a quick Merry Xmas to all. Take care
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