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2017/4/26 2:32:49
Digimania has gone into administration Hi Muvizuers,
This is sad news and indeed I wish those involved in the change well.

I just wanted to mention that is a machinima/real time render/Virtual Cinema based site which has a small but active group of members, a forum, movie upload site and a Cloud based storage site tied in. Many Muvizu members have been a part of TMU over the years and we always enjoy seeing muvizu movies uploaded on the site.

As a side note TMU came about from the death of another machinima tool - "The Movies" so we've been there as well. Good luck to all and I hope to see you and your creations around.

2016/3/5 15:22:00
New Competition -- "Films Without Words" Excellent news Wabby! We've got three entrees already and each is a different take on the theme. I'm looking forward to hopefully seeing some good Muvizu flicks.
2016/3/5 15:19:06
TMUnderground Movie Night - 3/5/16 Tonight's the night. Hope some of you can drop in and join us for fun and some great movies!
2016/3/1 3:23:28
TMUnderground Movie Night - 3/5/16 This Saturday, March 5 2016 at 6pm EST, TMU will be hosting a Movie Night featuring movies by several new TMU members and a short by Biggstrek. This is a great opportunity to get together with TMU Community members and guests to watch some new TMU films and chat with friends and possibly the filmmakers themselves. You don't have to be a member to view the live movies nor to login to the chatroom so come by and see what the hoopla is all about!

We will kick things off with Wungun's Iclone film: "Archive of Infinity - Episode 1 Beautiful Thief" which won best character animation in the Reallusion Game Character Animation Contest. This movie is chock full of action with a healthy dose of humor and has a boatload of great set design and fluid animation. Definitely one to see.

Next up we will watch Ralvaz's MovieStorm horror flick "Nocturne". This is a dialog free kick in the head that reminds me of the great potential of MovieStorm to tell a good story. This movie needs more eyes on it.

Then we have a short surprise from Biggstrek who is releasing an excerpt from "Escape From Dantooine" As a director who has contributed multiple brilliant clips to the two Star Wars uncut projects, I am looking forward to seeing what he has in store.

Finally we will take a look at look at Mark McKinney's quirky and fun "Last Day" which is an IClone movie he created while making his way towards real life retirement. I really like the offbeat vibe (reminds me a bit of After Hours) in this one and the characters are a fun bunch.

The whole program should last about 30 minutes and we will likely loop the program once or twice to allow those late to the party see it again. Hope to see you there!

You can access the live viewer from the TMU Forum Menu (

2016/2/20 15:46:19
TMU Weekend - 3 Days of Events Whew, Day one is in the books. Good times were had with BenTuttle and the Boys in their Google Hangout FIlm School session. Then the Favorites of 2015 Show went over well after some minor technical issues and the chat room was a rollicking good time. It was a marathon movie watching session as we strolled through roughly 3 hours of TMU movies. So, whats in store for today?

  • An encore presentation of theBiz and Macwemyss's Favorite TMU films of 2015. 12:45pm Eastern, 9:45am Pacific, 6:45pm GMT.
  • The live premiere of The Great TMU Movie, a look at the past, present, and future of the TMOA/TMU community, with contributions from more than 40 TMU members. 4pm Eastern, 1pm Pacific, 9pm GMT.

So if you missed the good times last night we are running that beat back. Watch our 2015 favorites and then settle in for "The Great TMU Movie" at 4pm EST. Hope to see you folks there!
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2016/2/19 17:32:15
TMU Weekend - 3 Days of Events If you have been a TMU member you may have received an email today about the recent changes and upgrades. I will post it here for those who did not.

"Ten years ago, the TMOA/TMUnderground community was born.

Now, as we begin our second decade, we've made changes to revitalize the community. We have new forum software, new movie site software, an integrated community chatroom, live video and audio programming, cloud storage for our members, and more. Let me briefly tell you about some of the changes, and invite you to our "Weekend of TMU" beginning February 19th, 2016.

The new forums: We've moved from vBulletin to IPBoards. Your existing forum username/password will get you in, and all of the threads and posts from the past 7 and a half years are there. IPBoards has a lot of nice features, and is quite an improvement over vBulletin.

New movie site software: After 7 and a half years, our Sharemixer video script was showing it's age, so we've moved to KVS. KVS is a modern video platform, using HTML5 to stream video. You can watch your favorite TMU films and new releases on any device - computer, phone, tablet. All videos, comments, PMs, friend list, etc. have been brought into KVS, and your existing movie site username/password will get you in. We've only had KVS running for a week and a half, and the formatting and interface are still works in progress, but we plan to concentrate on the movie site after the "Weekend of TMU".

Chatroom: Gone is the old Flashchat chat room we ran during TMOA shows. We're now running an chatroom that is integrated with our forum user database. If you log into the forum and click the Chat button on the navigation bar, you will automatically be logged into the full-featured chat. Like the video site, the chat is HTML5, so you can chat on computer, phone, or tablet without issue. No flash. No java. Just chat.

Live programming: We've revamped the TMOA interface, with an HTML5 player that will work on any device. More importantly, we've added live video streaming to TMU, and plan to host special live events (such as the "Weekend of TMU") and regular live community events like movie nights and director retrospectives moving forward.

Cloud storage: TMUCloud is now integrated into the site, which lets you easily upload and share files, embed screenshots in forum posts, etc.

With all that said, we're officially kicking things off (call it our Grand Reopening) with a "Weekend of TMU".

Friday, February 19th, 2016:

  • A live broadcast of iClone Film School, hosted by Ben Tuttle. 6pm Eastern, 3pm Pacific, 11pm GMT.
  • theBiz and Macwemyss look at their Favorite TMU films of 2015. 8pm Eastern, 5pm Pacific, 1am GMT.

Saturday, February 20th, 2016:
  • An encore presentation of theBiz and Macwemyss's Favorite TMU films of 2015. 12:45pm Eastern, 9:45am Pacific, 6:45pm GMT.
  • The live premiere of "The Great TMU Movie", a look at the past, present, and future of the TMOA/TMU community, with contributions from more than 40 TMU members. 4pm Eastern, 1pm Pacific, 9pm GMT.

Sunday, February 21st, 2016:
  • The TMOA 5-hour 10th Anniversary Show, with Ken, Roger, theMonk, RPOshard, and special guests. 2pm Eastern, 11am Pacific, 7pm GMT.

You can get to any of these events, or any part of TMU, by going to and using the navigation bar at the top (Live for video programming, Radio for TMOA, and Chat for the chatroom).

Hope to see you in the community and at the "Weekend of TMU" events.

2016/2/19 2:49:12
TMU Weekend - 3 Days of Events Here is the official TMU Weekend schedule:

Friday Feb 19th
6PM EST - IClone Film School with Ben Tuttle
8PM EST - Favorite TMU Films of 2015 with Macwemyss and thebiz

Saturday Feb 20th
4PM EST - The LIve Premier of "The Great TMU Movie"

Sunday Feb 21st
2PM EST - TMOA 10th Anniversary Radio Show with Ken, Monk and Roger

2016/2/18 17:10:52
TMU Weekend - 3 Days of Events Just one day till the festivities begin. Excitement is building but questions remain....Just whats with all those glasses? Find out Friday when Macwemyss and I talk about our favorite TMU movies of 2015!

Will add the Program Times and Links tonight or early tomorrow. Stay Tuned.
2016/2/15 0:32:04
TMU Weekend - 3 Days of Events Hello folks. This coming weekend TMUnderground is holding 3 days of events starting on Friday the 19th with Ben Tuttles's IClone Film School. Previous episodes of Ben's series have covered cinematography, Blender Basics and Iclone 101 topics. Directly following Ben's show Macwemyss and myself will be presenting our favorite TMU movies from 2015. Then on Saturday the 20th there will be a live premier of The Great TMU Movie. This 85 minute movie tells the past present and future of TMU and was made using Iclone, CTA, Muvizu and Moviestorm with contributions from over 40 TMU members. Finally on Sunday, Ken, Monk and Roger will get the gang back together again for the 10th TMOA Radio anniversary. The chat rooms should be jumping with members old and new. It will be a good opportunity to get involved, get motivated and see what folks are up to. I hope to see you there.

More details will be added to this thread as the week progresses.

The new TMUnderground movie site is currently in beta at and should go live this week. Signing up in beta will carry over to the live site. You can access the TMU forums at

PS. TMU would Love to see more muvizu movies on our site!

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