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2013/12/25 22:51:18
Can't find muvizu.dll fazz68 wrote:
Dunno if this will help
i had trouble installing muvizu on my windows 8 laptop and tried the solution in the thread ive linked above. i found the directx sdk on the microsoft downloads web site and installed it and muvizu runs ok now. like i say dunno if it will help but its worth a try.
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Thanks fazz68, ran the SDK instal and it seems to have fixed the problem
2013/12/24 14:03:02
Can't find muvizu.dll Did anyone ever come up with a fix for this? I downloaded Muvizu yesterday and was very disappointed that it doesn't work on my setup, nor seemingly on many others. I'm running a HP laptop with Win7 64-bit, fully updated, and have tried all the suggestions here - uninstall/re-install, copy the dlls to /system32 etc etc. Still the same error.
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