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2014/5/17 23:19:54
Advice needed on system requirements please? Cheers Ziggy72. Wasn't sure about the graphics card - it didn't seem to my untrained eye to be as good as the one recommended here:
2014/5/17 14:16:49
Advice needed on system requirements please? Hi, I need to upgrade my laptop to run muvizu play, but I really need advice on understanding whether the following spec meets muvizu requirements. Thanks

Processor AMD A-10

Processor Speed:2 Ghz
Ram TypeBig GrinDR3
Desktop Storage:1000 GB
Hard Drive Speed:5400 RPM
Hard Drive Type:SATA
Graphics Memory Type: Dedicated
Graphics Card Brand:AMD
Graphics Card Type:Radeon HD 7620G/8670M
Graphics Card Memory:2GB
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