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2016/8/12 20:24:18
Tropical birds: test 1 (The Bird the word) PatMarrNC wrote:
clayster2012 wrote:
ikes wrote:
mindiflyth wrote:
Sinister might be a good base for a dino. He always holds his arms like a velociraptor anyhow!

Too bad his legs won't co-operate...

I agree, had a brainstorm last night, made a model, but there's no socket to the legs for attachments.

which is exactly why we need a utility character with lots of attachment points!

Yep, I've tried somehow to make a Dino T-rex, but I got stuck on the legs. Can't make it convincing, I've tried with legs attached to the arms of Beefy and Heroine, but they kind of swing their arms in an arc and moves silly with legs on them. We will have to wait, I'm afraid...
2016/8/11 19:14:48
Crocodile Some idea for talking could be to attach the head mesh to the neck socket and the jaw to the hat or hair socket. Then you can direct the head movement to simulate talking. In this example I use the body of Beefy and the feet and head are attached to a standard man character.

2016/8/11 18:31:17
Crocodile Too bad you can't attach transparent meshes. You don't get the option on import to map the alpha to opacity. Then you could use transparent meshes and animate the textures.
2016/8/11 17:11:12
Crocodile PatMarrNC wrote:
You could use that same technique to open and close a small mouth or beak. Maybe position openbeak as a neck attachment and closedbeak as glasses, then toggle which one is visible to simulate movement. I guess a larger jaw like the gator's could be animated the same way. An advantage to doing it this way is that you wouldn't be fussing with alignment every time you tried to keyframe it. The models would always be positioned right... keyframes would only turn them on and off

I do this already with the latest bird model. It has an open and closed beak which you can turn on or off with keyframes. But with this long jaw it looks very jerky.
2016/8/11 16:31:12
Crocodile I modelled his hands myself and put it in the socket of his arm. They are of course static, so no finger movement. It's only hands, not the arm.

The eyes pupils are controlled by textures and his eye lids are also a mesh covering the eyes which visibility is controlled by directing.
2016/8/11 16:23:25
Crocodile PatMarrNC wrote:
That looks AWESOME Ikes!

I notice there appears to be a joint at the lower jaw... are you planning to make his mouth move with keyframing?

For what it's worth... you basically have a T-rex there... a few differences in the model and longer legs and he be bitin' on all the other characters!

Also, I just want to thank you for posting this because it's been almost 24 hours since you posted anything that totally changed the way I understand Muvizu, and I was getting worried.

haha, Thanks again Pat! It takes time...

I did try to control his jaw, but you can't keyframe movement of attached meshes (another unfortunate shortcoming concerning attachments).
I do however have some other thoughts boiling for his jaw...
2016/8/11 16:09:27
Crocodile Hi Muvizuers,

Another project I'm working on for an animal character. The basis is Beefy, but without his legs. In this walking example I've used a second standard character with the feet attached, because Beefy doesn't have sockets for his feet. He's walking in place with an animated ground and background. I am still experimenting with it, but I wanted to show what I am working on...

So Clay, maybe this is a work around for the legs for your idea too?

2016/8/11 14:28:01
Tropical birds: test 1 (The Bird the word) mindiflyth wrote:
Sinister might be a good base for a dino. He always holds his arms like a velociraptor anyhow!

Too bad his legs won't co-operate...
2016/8/11 9:53:43
Middle East objects [Collaboration?] Hi Anticip,

Could you edit the ase file with a text editor and copy paste the part with the material list here?
2016/8/10 23:40:59
Tropical birds: test 1 (The Bird the word) WOW Clay! Very nice I love the style of them! You used the original eyes?
2016/8/10 10:16:27
Assets saved locally You can. If you change a texture under the proporties, there you can import a new one, or edit the existing. It opens in your default image editor, where you can save it to what you want. Note that you probably loose transparency by this, but you can find the png in your appdata/local/temp folder after you clicked Edit.
edited by ikes on 10/08/2016
2016/8/9 23:41:12
20 Second Film Competition (Summer theme) Good for you Rocque! Nice to see you keep on trying and learning.

I lately heard a good one:

- The best thing you can do, is the right thing.
- The second best thing you can do, is the wrong thing.
- And the worst thing you can do, is do nothing at all.

Keep it going!

2016/8/9 19:02:18
Birdies! clayster2012 wrote:
ok thanks ikes,you inspired me with this!

Great! I wonder what you can come up with...
2016/8/9 9:11:44
Birdies! clayster2012 wrote:
Ikes what part of the arm did you attach the wings to?

They are attached to the arm sockets, but tilted and offset to fall outside the attached body.
2016/8/8 23:10:28
Chicken test from Sinister PatMarrNC wrote:
gee Ikes.. whether or not Muvizu ever puts it on your avatar or not, it looks like you have the grass roots support of the forum!

Yeah, I see and it touches me... I don't know how I'll get that status and it's no problem if I don't. I'm already very glad for all the support I get from you guys.

This software has me intrigued somehow and then I want to know all (im)possibilities about it. When I share something cool I found out and people appriciate and thank me for the help, it boosts my ego and motivates me even further.

Although it's still a relative small group of active people here, I want to thank everybody for participating in this international community. Without this forum, I'm not sure if I would still use muvizu at all.

I am a bit disappointed in the muvizu team though, because they let us in the dark on what they are working on. The last blog was from dec. 2015... It would be nice if they replied in the forum too on certain topics.

Cheers, Ikes
2016/8/8 17:32:45
Chicken test from Sinister Haha, thanks guys!
2016/8/8 16:34:02
Chicken test from Sinister PatMarrNC wrote:
awesome! Thanks again Ikes! I'm going to buy mine now!

to the forum members and to the staff at Muvizu:
We should seriously be lobbying for Ikes as mogul. He is talented, knowledgeable about the product, innovative and he shares what he learns, so he also helps the user community.
Given the fact that many of the existing moguls appear to have moved on, ordaining him (now that we have Clayster in the ranks) creates a presence on the forum of people who represent the product well and keep forum enthusiasm and excitement high.

Thanks Pat!

I'm flattered by your lobbying for me. I would carry the title with honor. rock on

2016/8/8 15:25:27
Chicken test from Sinister

The chicken is now available in the store, for anyone interested in it.


2016/8/7 22:17:38
The most Ridiculous Road Trip Ever! Nicely done and convincing! Did you put the rotating wheels in muvizu or in the video editor? I see kind of squares around them.
2016/8/7 22:13:29
Birdies! clayster2012 wrote:
Nice ikes, did you use sinister to make them to?

Thanks Clay,
No, it's used with the potato head man.
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