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2014/2/1 10:23:48
make a character move well that's it for me then, going to take my money else where, no point using something every tom dick n harry has if your going to go commercial, generic aint gunna cut it..
2014/2/1 9:32:25
make a character move well that was definatly not the answer i expected, when you say attach, how would i go about that? i was just about to start making a toon :P
2014/2/1 9:03:40
make a character move not quite the question i was wanting to ask, here is the question>

I know how to use blender, well enough to make a character anyway, my question is in muvizu the character blinks and breathes n so on, how is that brought over from blender when i create a character to import? i mean if i bring in a character does muvizu just know and animate accordingly? :P
thanks in advance
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