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2011/6/21 19:42:07
Problem! My Muvizu refused to open so I re-downloaded it but there are no characters, objects, backgrounds or anything else! Is there a specific thing to do about it or just keep re-downloading it? i'd appreciate help. thanks.
2010/12/29 19:13:48
Posting WiggleThanks, thats great. I'm really happy with the feed back I get whenever i post things. Its really professional and helpful. I love Muvizu!
2010/12/23 18:14:41
Posting Can we be allowed to post our vids without being with youtube? Im not with them but I wanna post some vids just to here.

2010/11/21 17:35:05
Problem! Thank you so much! Help comes so quickly here! Its all running smoothly. Thanks again,
2010/11/19 19:45:42
Problem! It says about all the new features and that, but I cant seem to get them on my system. Plz help me...
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