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2014/4/14 0:57:18
Coming Soon... Wow indeed ! your trailer shot looks great ! I am also working (on my scarce spare time) on a fairly huge project as well... got a lot of Muvizu characters as well but it does not always go as we would like ! i am sure you experienced the same glitches as I did... not always funny and loosing a lots of hair on my side ! Hope to have my project out for sometimes in June 2014.


ziggy72 wrote:
Can't believe there isn't already a 'coming soon' thread on here. Oh well, there is now

Working on my biggest project yet - a 12 minute presentation on the pros and cons of how to recover from being dumped, with my co-collaborator Thea Newcomb. Due for release on the 4th of July, the So You've Been Dumped website's 12th anniversary. Here is a work-in-progress screenshot.

A word of advice - never try to put over 130 Muvizu characters into one place and then try to make them all look at the same point Brick Wall You will lose your mind.

Also working with a writer friend of mine on a short story about serial killers (as you do). Fun summer ahead!
2014/4/14 0:48:49
Space Oddity with Muvizu ! Wow... almost 7000 hits ! not toooooo bad for a first video using Muvizu !

2014/3/23 12:40:40
Space Oddity on the Moon Thanks, more than 200 hits in a week... not too bad for a start ! should be reaching more communities and countries this week... let's see how many hits it will end up getting.
2014/3/20 23:53:46
Space Oddity on the Moon Enjoy !

2014/3/16 15:32:15
My First Creation - Space Oddity on the Moon Hello all,

I invite you to view my new creation using Muvizu; here is the link in YouTube; I think you will enjoy it ! especially to those who like Space, Art and... Animation...

Search: Space Oddity on the Moon (by JMagination)

Je vous invite à aller visionner ma toute première création fait avec Muvizu; je pense que vous aimerez ! surtout si vous êtes de ceux qui aimez l'Espace, les Arts... et l'Animation...

Recherchez: Space Oddity on the Moon (par JMagination)
Stay tuned for my other upcoming videos.

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