• Over a year ago
    • Hi friends! I'm looking for someone talented to make some videoclips to my New Released Tracks!.. If someone is interested to colaborate you may hear my songs here:


      Best regards!
      • Over a year ago by SilverCrow
      • I dont think Muvizu as a basic 3D animation is up to that kind of task. Im sure you know this and probably posted this as a shot for self advertising which I don't know if its even alowed here. It's not appropriate.
      • Over a year ago by Franky
      • Well, I was just asking for someone to collaborate with some stuffs... =\
      • Over a year ago by Franky
      • Ok friend! Thanks for the tip... and sorry about any inconvenient... =\
      • Over a year ago by Franky
      • Yap, I think it is capable of doing nice videos... with some work and patience, it is possible of doing good stuff! =) That video is cool. =)