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    • Hi everyone, we are currently doing some work on our email server and the email address bugs@muvizu.com is currently unavailable. Will let you know as soon this situation changes. Thank you for your patience. Cheers, Marco.
      • Over a year ago by soccer3102
      • Hello Muvizu Team.

        My name is Osvaldo live in Los Angeles California, wanted to consult with you regarding your program use on a project by filmmaker festival, I wonder if I can use your program to present my project using this Muvizu program.
      • Over a year ago by soccer3102
      • the project is called (The star-Fighters of Murphy Street).
        Robert West is the author of these books and with me are trying to transform these books on animation to present these projects in hollywood ..
        We wanted to know if we can use the program
      • Over a year ago by soccer3102
      • to create the story and present it at the festival filmmaker Ventura.

        we appreciate if you respond to know that we do.


      • Over a year ago by minorfx
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