• Over a year ago
    • Hi my friends
      My last video is now in my youtube channel.
      For who don´t understand portuguese it's now possible to see subtitles in english, selecting subtitles button. The song has a meaning that can't be lost. Try it
      • 3 months ago by kalyl
      • Hello! It's great to hear https://geometrydashfree.org that your latest video is available on your YouTube channel, and you've added English subtitles to make it more accessible to a wider audience.
      • 3 months ago by rosiewilsonnsjh
      • That's great news! I'm glad to hear that your latest video is now available on your YouTube channel. It's wonderful that you've added English subtitles for those who don't understand Portuguese. https://connections-game.io/
      • 3 months ago by bekean23
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    • Over a year ago
    • Hi
      I'm back with a new muvizu movie based in a song. A story for a song that talks about life and essential things. It is a portuguese song. Sorry! I will try to translate it later.
      See the movie at:
      • Over a year ago by ziggy72
      • Really well made, great job!
      • Over a year ago by MrDrWho13
      • That animation is fantastic!
      • Over a year ago by stvster
      • Very Nice!