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Muvizu chat

    • Over a year ago
    • Hi, I have been trying to install the Muvizu software (standalone). It keeps telling me that a .NET Framework v4.0 was not installed. I installed the .NET framework v4.0 and i have it on my computer. But the software would still not run. I use Win 7
      • Over a year ago by ziggy72
      • Also, make sure you install everything as Administrator, to avoid it skipping any bits.
      • Over a year ago by ayoladokun
      • Thank you very much for your suggestions. I have a .NET framework 4.5 installed. I have a C++ 2010 and 2012 installed on my Win 7 pro. I also install as an administrator (i right-click and choose 'run as administrator' from the dropdwon).
      • Over a year ago by ayoladokun
      • But when i try to install Muvizu, it still brings an error that .NET Framework v4 is not installed. It is really frustrating
      • Over a year ago by ayoladokun
      • Point of correction. It installs, it DOES NOT run. when its about to run, then the .NET Framework v4 error appears