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30/09/2011 06:37:08

DyllyMuvizu mogulExperimental user
Posts: 555
After watching Danimal's latest clip i thought hello I can use a character to walk up and down in the background carrying something. At the minute it's 6.30 am, Ive been up for two hours allready as I could,nt get to sleep after trying all the previous evening to sync the object movement with the character movement and so far getting them to move in the same direction evades me!

Hats off to Danimal....that clip must have taken for ages to create. Any tips on how to

a) get the two to move in the same direction
b) place the object somewhere near the characters arms
c) do this in muvizu without external editing?

This is a monumental piece of animating!
30/09/2011 11:32:18

simonhefferMuvizu mogulExperimental user
Posts: 225
Dylly wrote:

Quite agree - I had a similar issue in my Bond film trying to get the car exhaust to follow the car and gave up after the first couple of scenes as my nerves were getting frayed (esp with the bridge jump!).
You have to experiment with the object speed - even trickier if you have to match a character I guess.
Also think about the camera angles - you may be able to get away with less than perfect match up if the camera angle allows it.
30/09/2011 13:06:47

DanimalMuvizu mogulExperimental user
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Aw shucks , I'm going to start blushing here.

The easiest way I found to get the object to move with the character is to point the camera straight at the object and then pull it back. Trying to go side to side is really rough.

That every time you go back to "Object movement" the camera sweeps all over the place and you have to redo the settings is the biggest time consumer. It really just takes a bit of practice.

For the scene carrying the couch, we're actually standing still while the background moves around us. This also brought up an interesting snag: the camera and background, on the same setting, moved at completely different speeds. So that took a bit more trial and error.

Lesson learned: trick your way around object handling whenever you can, haha. laugh

Thanks for the good words
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