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06/04/2011 19:02:44

mystoMuvizu mogulExperimental user
Posts: 471
Wow... I never thought my video would cause this much fuss! I am grateful that everyone seems to appreciate my creations. Thank you!

To pyrrho: Yes, Muzizu is one of the easiest pieces of 3d animation software I've ever used to be able to rework an animation and have the changes rendered out so fast. It took me maybe 20 minutes to make the changes I wanted and another few minutes to have the complete final video rendered. Unheard of with a LOT of other software.

To Toonarama: You are absolutely right. This aspect of the software should be made more widely known. I remember back in the "old days" when I was using "brand - X" software that if I wanted to make even the smallest changes to an animation it would take many hours if not days to get a final render. I like being able to see "instant results" with Muvizu.

To Quoling: I just uploaded the stage set I used for the Quo animation. I built the set using all of the props that already come with Muvizu. I was too lazy to design my own so I "made do" with what was already available. I hope you enjoy using it.

To Emily: That's really cool! I couldn't have done it without Muvizu though!

To Dreeko: Yes, being able to group the crowd together would have made things much easier. You seem to be on top of things when it comes to handling suggestions so I'm going to leave that to you and the team at Muvizu. I'm sure that the Dreeko-Signal gets quite a workout! Better keep the Dreekomobile fired up and ready!

Again, thank you everyone for all of your great comments. Knowing that people enjoy my creations inspires me to want to do more. If I can be of any help to anyone by all means feel free to contact me anytime.

Now, I have work to do on the next Garage band Blues video. Cheers everyone!
07/04/2011 17:18:21

jonbezMuvizu mogulExperimental user
Posts: 201
Superb music video Mysto. Your attention to detail is brilliant.
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Home ? Your Videos ? Garage Band Blues...