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2017/1/29 5:49:52
DK Animated Movie series Thank you for the very detailed analysis Rocque. I'm glad you enjoyed the series so far. Animated films are my favourite kind, because they have appeal to all ages, which is what I was trying to go for here. I haven't had an issue with copyright so far, as I'm not making money off these videos.
2017/1/23 4:23:01
DK Animated Movie series I'm not trying to say the grass is greener with SFM. The learning curve is very steep, and Muvizu is a great tool for people learning animation. Nowhere in my post do I ever try and convince people to choose SFM over Muvizu, either.

I am simply posting a project that I am working on (which I thought fellow animators might find interesting), in the General Discussion forum. "Talk about anything non-Muvizu related".
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2017/1/23 3:53:12
DK Animated Movie series Hi all,

I dabbled a bit in Muvizu a few years ago.

I have spent the last couple of years working on a feature length DK adventure movie, which has since been split up into a series.

If you're interested, check out the movies below. I hope you enjoy!

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2014/4/3 14:06:01
DKC Movie Hiya,

Thanks for the reply, and sorry for my late one. It's okay, I can always use human variants of the characters instead of monkeys and crocodiles ^_^

Do you know if Muvizu capable of creating characters in this sort of vain? I understand there are several different model types available.

2014/3/20 2:44:12
DKC Movie Hi everyone,

I am writing this post because I am interested in making a 'Donkey Kong Country' movie. DKC2 was one of my favourite games ever, and I'd love to make a movie adaption of it. The movie will be written as a 'kid-friendly epic', but adults will (hopefully!) be able to enjoy it too.

It would feature Donkey Kong and his friends as the protagonists, and the Kremlings as the antagonists:

So do you think Muvizu would be capable of making a project like this? Particularly the character models? I'm fine with some level of cartoony animation, but not overly fond of an over-abundant amount, and want to keep things semi-realistic.

For anyone who is interested, this is what I've written of the script so far:
2014/3/19 7:38:31
Hello world! Hi everyone, I'm new here. I decided to register after I stumbled across this site one day. It looks very interesting. I'm new to animating (I've just started using Source Filmmaker), and I'm interested to see what this program can do.
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