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2016/5/1 20:28:29
Dialogue Box I keep getting this dialogue box, which suggests that I don't have the expansion pack and whatever. It says:

"Some content and features within Muvizu require a license to use them. You can use the license manager to unlock these features.

"Click the Buy button below to purchase the content or features from our website or click Activate to unlock items you have already purchased"

When I click the Activate button, I get: "No license key detected. A license key has not been detected in your clipboard. If you have been provided a license key in a email or a browser, please copy it to your clipboard. Muvizu:Play will automatically detect it and allow you to use it here."

I have done all these things that the messages ask me to do, and no Expansion Pack has shown up yet. Please advise what I am doing wrong.
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