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2010/8/9 15:39:52
Re: FireWall Blockage oh right cool thanks
doing that right now hopefully that'll work
thank you very much
2010/8/9 15:27:45
Re: FireWall Blockage Okay from reading other forum posts i think i've realized that the reason why i can't log in is because of this firewall thing, so i need to like block it or unblock but i need to know how to do this?
would i need to uninstall and install the program again or can i do something else?
Please Help!
and send a reply ASAP
Thank You
2010/8/9 14:55:17
RE: Help in Logging In! Hey Muvizu People!
I need help in logging in when actually using the muvizu program, because it doesn't let me in, it just keeps saying incorrect password or user which is wrong as i know i have typed in the correct user and password. Im not sure what to do!
Can anyone help!

BTW i just signed up and downloaded the app, do i need to like wait a while for me to log in into the muvizu program
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