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2014/10/17 22:19:46
How long does it take you? Dreeko wrote:
From watching the news to having the sketch online took on average between 3 and a half to 4hrs tops. It had to be that quick because it was topical.

This is the trick, really. If you can be on the ball with your topic, in this case news, and you have a satirical bent ... actually, let's lay this out:
  • scriptwriting
  • voice talent
  • film direction/editing
  • lighting direction
  • camera/dolly operation
  • 3D-modelling
  • humour
  • ... a mission to create

This is when Muvizu works. The thing is, though, that collaboration can achieve this trick for us lesser mortals who do not possess all of these talents as individuals. Personally, I believe Dreeko to be some sort of voodoo or witchcraft aberration, so we should drown him.
Regardless of his fate, though, don't blame the software if you can't make it do what the Ambassador can make it do. As a great man said, "Bang the rocks together, guys!"

Muvizu was conceived in the hope that users would collaborate, and enjoy doing so.

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2012/7/9 15:55:24
Now I can legitimately be a crotchety old g... She's perfect. Should we expect a Muvizu model of her any time soon?

Please pass on my best wishes to the mother.

2012/4/11 12:35:35
hi and re licencing bizo Hello and thanks for your great comments. I've messaged you with my email address, but the short answer is that I am certain we'll be able to reach a pleasant agreement on all counts - we're quite nice like that
2012/3/16 11:59:36
Working for Muvizu More quality emails received from people expressing interest in our tester vacancy. One chap assures us "that I could really kick as at that whole testing business", and of his current job says, "I just sit and mindlessly copy and paste the same letter over and over again until my brain turns to kebab grease."

Another person says that they want to infiltrate the company to "download all the coding for Muvizu".

This is all very refreshing and very encouraging.
2012/3/14 12:19:35
Ambient Occlusion Maps Sooner or later, someone's going to get Rick-rolled in this thread.
2012/3/14 11:32:43
Working for Muvizu Great news! The standard of literacy and the level of interestingness among job applicants are on the up.

"Michael" has just made my day with this little gem in his email:

"I also need the money from this job for Ninja lessons as my Father was killed by super secret Ninjas from Japan and I need to fly over there to avenge him. Japan ain't cheap!"

He's based near us so will receive an invitation to visit and, if nothing else, a free beer as a reward for not being up himself.

Two free beers if he can sneak in to Muvizu HQ unseen.
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2012/3/13 10:45:50
Working for Muvizu We are shortly to lose Patrick, a valued, affable, accomplished - but ultimately disloyal and treacherous - tester to some hare-brained notion he's pursuing. Something about a career plan.

To this end, we're dusting off a job advert, as below, and posting it here before advertising in the usual places. I expect that most people who see this reproduced in a few days' time as a classified advertisement will, true to form, ignore the crucial points of the last sentence, "tell us why" and "not a CV".

This self-defeating behaviour galls me; I can't stand people ignoring clear instructions and I really am fed up with CVs that say nothing about the person but which merely conform to some jargon-ridden template as prescribed by a "careers adviser" who wouldn't have a hope of employment in a real job.

This time, then, I may cheer myself up by posting excerpts; naturally, the applicants' real-life identities will not be revealed. Hmmnn ... a bit like in the CVs, I suppose.

pyrrho wrote:

The QA team at Glasgow-based Digimania needs a tester for its Muvizu 3D animation software and integrated website project.

You’ll need: experience with bug-tracking software and in website testing; the ability to write and execute test plans; familiarity with and an interest in 3D environments – UDK/UE3 experience would be a bonus; proficiency in video-, audio- and image-editing software; good hardware knowledge, especially in the graphics area.

You will also need the ability to support and strike up a rapport with users via forums and other online media.

If you’re interested in this job at Muvizu, write to to tell us why; that’s an old-school email, not a CV.

PS: Did you know that Patrick looks a little like this?

2012/3/12 10:53:44
Move objetcs Up And Down Guillermo wrote:
I have the apple magic mouse

Perhaps if you stroke it more fervently and make a wish? Magic is a belief system, after all. Oh, and make sure that you're not holding it wrongly, as the late and great Steve might have advised. ;-)
2012/3/9 9:07:25
Sketchup to Muvizu WozToons wrote:
I feel an Alien remake coming on.

Are you sure it's not just something you ate?
2012/3/8 16:03:21
64 bit 19b and 32 bit 18b side by side? mcmillan-ra wrote:
We're aiming for early April for the next update.

I wonder what early means in developer speak. First few days ... first week ... ?

We need a bookmaker, fast.
2012/3/7 14:42:11
hello from France fullmetall wrote:
y a t il un francophone dans la salle ?
there is a francophone in the room?

You should find a few here:
2012/3/7 12:26:39
Amazon Studios toonarama wrote:
This looks interesting (although I have not looked properly) but I am not sure whether it could be integrated with the Muvizu licence

You'd just need to talk to us about your proposal and see whether we could come to a mutually acceptable agreement on the share of any revenues.

Mind you, it may soon be the case that people may not have to look to Amazon Studios ...
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2012/2/28 14:10:49
British animation industry at risk Dylly wrote:
... innovation is one thing that is not missing from the world of animation particularly in the vicinity of Glasgow.

Well said, sir! Mind you, that's been said before:

Dylly wrote:
A children's character would be great, however it could turn out to be very 'same..y'.

Not necessarily so. We've already produced in-house proof-of-concept Muvizu versions featuring iconic (brand-status) animated characters/toys capable of generating TV-quality programming. It is our hope that one of the big players in British animation will use us in their pipeline sooner or later. This should more than restore the status quo with respect to a competitive edge over countries with tax regimes sympathetic to the animated arts.
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2012/2/27 11:54:23
Problems uploading / commenting on videos jonbez wrote:
my video has shown on youtube but not the site yet which I know can take awhile, but it got me worried because I skipped the second upload request if you know what I mean.

Jonbez - your video was showing in the CMS when I arrived this morning, but marked as private. Perhaps one of the QA team will look into this ... soon P-/
2012/2/22 7:52:42
Problems in Mac Muvizu Guillermo wrote:
In the end I installed windows 7 with bootcamp and it is all perfect ... to

That's great news! But, perfect? Wow! Hey all you PC guys, run Muvizu on a Mac and all the bugs go away
2012/2/21 15:35:16
Problems in Mac Muvizu Guillermo wrote:
I installed parallels desktop 6 on Macintosh Leopard and I've got a windows xp.

I've installed Muvizu and everything to take to get this worked and the program opens pop-ups but for example in telling me if I want to see the tutorials or when I get to choose who I want to start the movie scene, or the same window in which the camerashows are constantly flashing.

Moving an object with the mouse also is jerky.

I've used Muvizu on a Mac running VMware Fusion, which is broadly similar to Parallels in that it is software emulating hardware, and initially experienced some problems such as those you recount here.

In my case, I needed to change the graphics settings on my MacBook Pro - the default favours power conservation over performance - and tweak memory settings on the XP side. However, you're always going to take a performance hit using emulation/hardware virtualisation.

I note that your OS is Leopard, so two iterations behind the current Lion, but you've not said what the hardware is. That information would be handy, as would be the properties as stated on the virtualised XP system.

We've no Mac experts here, but some users may be able to help. Also, you might try user groups for people having problems playing Unreal Tournament 3 on Parallels, given that the Unreal Engine is what drives Muvizu.
2012/1/16 8:21:45
Feedback Thread - v0.19b release (January 2012). ghrenig wrote:
Is there any alternative to downloading Muvizu,
eg a DVD with all the tutorials?

Not officially, no, but if you send me your address in a message, I'll post it to you on a disc or a stick. No need to send any cash, we don't mind doing the odd favour here and there. Besides: Nid yw Muvizu ar werth!

2012/1/1 1:47:15
Happy New Year! Dylly wrote:
Happy New Year Marco and everyone at Muvizu and in the Muvizu community!

The very best for 2012 to all Muvizu users. I hate the word "community", Dylly, it's so PC. Besides, didn't you realise that you'd joined a cult?

No one, but no one, reads our terms when they sign up ...

2011/12/31 0:38:48
Has he been yet ? Cneda wrote:
I'm astonished that there aren't awards for "Mona Lisa Smile", "No escape", "Marriage" or "Mosquito". For example the works of 11apr1973 are wonderful ...
I want only to understand what were the criterion followed...

Tastes are personal matters, but in a contest standards count... In this competion what they were?
edited by Cneda on 30/12/2011

Thank you for your interest and I look forward to seeing your Muvizu creations. To deal with the videos that you favoured but which did not win a prize, we had only three prizes to give out, the main one kindly donated by AMD and the other two bought by Muvizu rather than being donated. So we had only three prizes and that meant choosing only three winners.

The criteria were to make the best use of Muvizu and to entertain. The second criterion, to entertain, is as you point out subjective. You'd be surprised, though, how the first is also subjective depending on who is giving their judgment.

We break down into roughly three teams: artists, developers and testers. A developer may admire use of technical features present in Muvizu and used well. A tester may appreciate the skill and dexterity needed to use these features - or even to find a novel way to squeeze the most out of them. An artist may admire animation qualities, camera cuts, character design.

Within each team, opinions also differ, depending on the individual's specialism.

So, we thought it fair to ask every member to submit their top five choices and award points on a quasi proportional representation system. The winner was the one that received the most points, second place went to the next - you get the idea.

Naturally, your preferences differ from the final results - as did preferences within the Muvizu team members; some individuals were disappointed that their first choice did not win. But the results are what the numbers said, and those reflected in pure points scored the aggregated thoughts across the team as a whole.

We listen to our users and, as you will have seen in these forums, spend a lot of time engaging with them, often on quite a personal level. (We even had a couple of users who said they wouldn't enter because they didn't need the prizes; another who entered said that, because he'd won a previous competition, if he won this then his prize should be given to someone else.)

Perhaps the best lesson to take from this is that competitions generate interest, recruit new users - such as you - and create a nice buzz within the Muvizu world. We should run more of them.

I hope that this helps.

2011/12/30 3:42:50
Has he been yet ? Hello, chaps. I suspect that you'll be wondering a few things, first among which is what happened to our release (it broke just before the Christmas period and, although now fixed, we didn't want to release it when the office was unmanned and in the event of a further glitch we wouldn't have been able to patch until later). Robert is confident that, all things being equal - which is a rare state of affairs - we should get it to you by January 9.

Second, you'll probably also want to know who won our AMD competition. This news could and should have been released in the news section before Christmas. I'm not going to describe in this post the blend of woe (technical) and ineptitude (mine) that felled that plan. In fact, I'll probably only drip-feed the details to anyone I can corner in cheap Glasgow pubs in return for a free sherbet. Good business is where you find it :-)

However, in first place we have Dylly's Muvizu Monster:

In second, we have Ziggy's Mysteries of Science 1:

And third, it's Silent Movies, by Hexslayer:

Our thanks to all entrants, though, and hackneyed as this sentiment seems, it was a tough battle and it pains me not to have been able to reward all you folk who worked so hard and produced some excellent work.

We'll be back to full operational status as of January 4 and look forward to seeing you then.

Very best wishes,
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