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2010/10/28 14:29:17
Raindance Finalists ? Stonehead wrote:
Hi Guys
Any news on who the 10 lucky finalists are?

It would be nice to see all the animations posted here as well.
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We'd like all the entries posted, too, but that's up to the creators. As for 10 finalists? All videos were watched and three picked. We really wouldn't want to find out and then say who just missed the boat. That'd be pretty harsh.

Oh, I'm hoping to publish details tomorrow about our competition at Machinima Expo 2010.
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2010/10/27 17:46:10
My prize arrived! Hermit wrote:
Thing is, even if the prize had been a budget, I would've customised it the way it is now. It purrs along like a kitten with a fresh bowl of milk! Quality product

"pyrrho" wrote:
Oh, and while I'm at it, "its" does not take the possessive.

Whaaaaa? Okay, I want you to imagine something...Imagine me sat right next to you whilst you work, looking at you in an unblinking stare and pointing at you at the same time. This I'm doing all day long, relentlessly! LOL!

I'm alright with the monitor I've got, actually

So happy to hear that you are all right, two words - make an effort, old boy - with your monitor crisis.

As far as imagining what you suggested, what a fantastic idea. I already pay someone to do just that, so if you'd oblige, I'll sack them and save money which I may then spend on competition prizes for the fussier people in this world.

See? We really do rely on user feedback to inform our decisions. Can't wait to go to bed tonight. I've so much imagining to do. Suppose a picture is out of the question?

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2010/10/26 19:24:45
My prize arrived! Hermit wrote:
shame there was no monitor with it, though

Yes, but we did the best that we could. We figured that WS kit is about hardware grunt where it counts. The business end of it, we could be fairly sure, would be better than what most entrants would have. Monitors, though, are another question.

It's always tricky to spec prizes, but next time - not for the expo comp, which is being handled by the expo people - we may choose to give people a budget to spend with Workstation Specialists. That way, they can customise.

So sorry to have disappointed you.

Oh, and while I'm at it, "its" does not take the possessive.
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2010/10/19 8:43:25
Any news on the raindance competition mysto wrote:
Glad I'm not alone. The suspense has been killing me as well.

I'd intended to post a news item yesterday afternoon, but have only just got around to it. The bottom line is that we expect to be able to contact winners on Friday with a mind to making a public announcement on Monday. Good luck to all.
2010/10/18 16:36:29
Ideas database keithstock wrote:
Hi, I'm new on here and hope the members can help me.

I'm looking (if possible) for an off the shelf solution for a TV production client. They want a simple database with some workflow functionality to register and manage ideas for new shows.

Does anyone know of such a solution?

Many thanks


Try a collaborative filmmaking site, such as

You could even try something daring, like a search on Google. Rocks, together, bang. ;-)
2010/10/18 11:30:53
Any news on the raindance competition toonarama wrote:
Hello there

Any news on the Raindance competition? The suspense is killing me!

Nope. Not yet. I should be able to post a news item this afternoon that'll give the date for winner announcements - which I am desperate to be able to make sooner rather than later (the suspense is killing me, too).

Prizes are being built by Workstation Specialists even as we speak.
2010/10/12 15:44:29
Favourite ever cartoon? The Big Snit -
2010/10/11 11:03:11
Don't think I'll make it... Hermit wrote:
I can see how some have been having trouble with linking to their entry on youtube, because I tried to set it to private and have just the MuvizuYT account view it, but it wouldn't have it for some reason (probably a glitch because it's worked before) So I just chose the "unlisted" privacy setting, which stops it being made public, but allows you to send the URL of it to anyone of your choice. In this case, just one, the competition entry email

Good call. I've emailed asking you to change the settings to private and shared with MuvizuYT. Don't worry, your entry will be fine.
2010/10/11 11:01:41
Don't think I'll make it... Fret ye not, Matt. Your entry has been received and all is well. Take deep breaths. Drop some pills. Listen to the whales. Chant, if it helps.

2010/10/8 19:22:44
Help! Submitting competition entry... Matt wrote:

Please let me know what to do. Thanks. Feedback Requested

*Sighs* Just get it on to YouTube, don't worry if you can't get a grown-up to help, and when it's there, edit its privacy settings to private. Then edit them further to share with user MuvizuYT. Send the url of the video to

If you mess up the privacy settings I'm pretty sure that we'll be able to sort it out.

As far as the .set file goes, don't worry - it's not a great deal of use to us because the post-processing will have rendered it redundant anyway. Furthermore, it won't affect your chances in the competition. We just asked for that because it would have made any possible high-def usage easy to do, but there are plenty of other ways that we can sort it out, should we need to.

Best of luck and take a stress pill or something :-)
2010/10/8 19:05:04
The eyes have it Oh, Dreeko, I'll be buying fireworks and a ticket to East Kilbride when I return from the Raindance fest!

You'll get the drinks in next time, mate
2010/9/3 9:16:03
YouTube adverts muddybunny wrote:
I haven't gone "stellar", but is this the kind of thing you want a cut on and how would it work?

Yes, this is the kind of thing for which we would want our cut. As it says in our terms: "Muvizu-related revenue includes, but is not limited to, monies earned from sales, services, training, advertisements, sponsorships, endorsements, memberships, subscription fees and rentals."

As it happens, we've had a surge of similar cases and are collaborating with these users to build up enough data with which to inform a revenue-sharing model that works. We want something that's fair and beneficial to both parties and which doesn't impose a disproportionate administrative burden on either.

At the moment, then, we're dealing directly with each user as an individual case. When we have a sound model, one that works for us and for our users, we'll nail down the specifics in our terms and implement a simple system for all to use.

Thank you for contacting us about this, it's so much more civilised a way to start a relationship than it is to be woken up in bed by strange men shining torches in your eyes ;-)

Thanks again, I'll message you.
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2010/9/2 7:37:31
Keyframe animator? mcmillan-ra wrote:
It's entirely possible. But no guarantees.

See me in my office.

2010/9/2 7:27:18
Competition deadline... Hermit wrote:
Ah, what's the use, it'll only start raining

Ah, but remember: with Muvizu, you get to control the intensity ... and colour.

Cool Smoke
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2010/9/1 15:30:59
minor website bug Thanks, Mick, QA and the web guys are looking into this right now.
2010/9/1 14:56:20
Competition deadline... Hermit wrote:
Those that entered before the last deadline may feel that, because their entries don't make use of the new features like the camera movement, they may have less of a chance.

As I wrote in another post: "You ask what chance have animations made with the existing version of Muvizu 3D. I would have to say, having seen many of the entries so far, every chance. Yes, we want to see Muvizu used to its maximum potential, but remember that the judges, who are associated with Raindance rather than Muvizu, are looking mainly for clever storytelling."

I hope that this allays your fears on this and, hey, how about brightening up a bit, eh? ;-)
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2010/8/31 14:59:08
New site toonarama wrote:
Just noticed that the Muvizu site now has it's own assets area


Ahem ... it has an asset area in waiting for 3D models. We're holding off on putting it live until we find out how people get on with creating models that will work optimally with Muvizu. Between us - ie the team here and the users - we can then formulate proper guidelines/instructions so that when it's implemented the function stands a decent chance of being useful.
2010/8/30 18:41:38
Raindance competition Note: this post was in answer to a user whose bank holiday weekend was wrecked by spending every hour he could trying to meet the original competition deadline. He has since removed the post, which I think is a shame. Moving the goalposts is always problematic and, even though the reasons in this case were valid, it would be wrong to pretend that this hasn't caused some users upset. We benefit from a tolerant, enthusiastic and growing community here in Muvizu, but it does no harm to take the rough with the smooth. Criticism, positive or negative, is useful.

Dear Mick -

This was always going to be a case of damned if we do and damned if we don't, but on balance the choice to extend to embrace the new functionality seemed the right thing to do - especially given the nature of the Raindance festival and the emphasis on directorial talent and storytelling.

You ask what chance have animations made with the existing version of Muvizu 3D. I would have to say, having seen many of the entries so far, every chance. Yes, we want to see Muvizu used to its maximum potential, but remember that the judges, who are associated with Raindance rather than Muvizu, are looking mainly for clever storytelling.

I am sorry that this has caused you unnecessary stress and family upset; that was certainly not the intention here. Furthermore, we would have liked to have announced this extension earlier but the festival organisers had to do a lot of juggling with their event schedule to enable this and we didn't find out until late on Friday that we could push the deadline.

Apologies again and I hope that you won't think too badly of us over this and that you will enter other competitions that we have in the pipeline, such as one for the Machinima Expo 2010 event.

Best regards,
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2010/8/29 5:50:07
Competition deadline... Matt wrote:
This is strange... here on the site you say that the deadline is the 31st of August, but on the Raindance site the deadline is the 20th of October. What's up then, which is correct? Rather confusing I must say...

It's not really strange so much as clumsy. We'd asked the people at Raindance whether they could extend the competition deadline because, especially with many entrants now coming from their film-type circles, we wanted to see what could be achieved with our moving cameras function - which comes out on Tuesday, the original deadline.

The film festival is a pretty big event and planning venues, events, guests and so on takes ages ... and then we come along and throw a spanner in the works. Raindance have had to juggle things around, check with members of the judging panel (the competition entries are collated by us but all judging is by film pros on the Raindance side) and quite a lot else.

The upshot was that we received confirmation only late on Friday that the deadline could be extended, but by the time we had a date pinned down (which is October 10, by the way, not October 20) it was too late for a proper news release. Even Raindance won't get a release out until next week. We will publish an update on Monday and further updates as necessary.

The bottom line is that people entering the competition should have better tools with which to make their videos, and those who've already entered - because there's no limit on the number of submissions - may submit new versions of their originals, or entirely new films, if they wish.

We're sorry for the confusion, but I hope that this has helped a bit.
2010/8/28 12:36:05
Don't think I'll make it... You know what? I'm pretty sure that Muvizu likes competitions. The first one was great, the current one is shaping up to eclipse that mightily (and even more so now, see freakmoomin's earlier post) and we'll be doing something for Machinima Expo 2010 - - who knows what random events may pop up? Certainly not me, but I'm open to suggestions.
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