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2015/4/10 12:15:22
What I've been up to... And here is a Muvizu screenshot (for a song called "What Time Is it?")

This is a live-action composite done in After Effects. (The character at the left is a live actor in a costume, shrunk down.)

2015/4/10 12:11:31
What I've been up to... And here is our CD cover...

2015/4/10 12:10:10
What I've been up to... Here are some of our puppets.
2015/4/10 12:09:09
What I've been up to... Hi all

I've been pretty quiet for a few months, but I have some interesting news to report.

On May 24 we will be launching our TV show for Turkish children, which features a LOT of Muvizu. It also features live puppets, and lots of music.

As I said it is in Turkish, but you'll still get to see Muvizu in action on the YouTube channel. Can't post any links yet for contractual reasons, but very soon.
2014/11/20 22:32:42
New characters and animations Speed of movements is the one thing I am desperate for. Being able to sync the movements to music would be a huge help.
2014/11/20 1:30:30
Free version of Fusion editor/effects generator Starting with green screen footage is a good idea.

There is some free video footage here.

Once you get your head around keying footage, create a Muvizu animation, export it as a TARGA file set and try to integrate the two.
2014/11/19 11:21:42
Free version of Fusion editor/effects generator Blackmagic have just posted a large collection of free tutorials, from absolute beginner to fairly intermediate level.

Clearly they want people to start using it

2014/11/13 12:25:03
Free version of Fusion editor/effects generator Well you wouldn't save $300 as you still couldn't edit footage in Fusion.

If you want a full-featured all-in-one video+effects editing package that is free, then get Lightworks. There is simply nothing else around that compares.

And believe it or not, I use some heavy duty professional cameras and software in conjunction with Muvizu. Animation is not my primary focus, but when I need it, Muvizu gets the job done admirably.
2014/11/13 6:36:03
Free version of Fusion editor/effects generator Again, a person who is willing to learn Fusion would have very different goals from someone wanting to use Hitfilm.

Hitfilm is an "all-in-one" video suite aimed at enthusiasts. It can do everything, but only to a moderate degree.

Fusion on the other hand, is a high end, specialised VFX tool. However it cannot even edit video. It can only produce "shots" (based on a single piece of video footage) which are then dispatched back to an edit platform (eg. Premiere, Avid, Final Cut, etc).

If you aren't interested in learning advanced VFX (either for your own usage or with a view to a career in this field) then Fusion would be a waste of time. On the flip side, if you enjoy Hitfilm but eventually get frustrated by its limitations, then Fusion would be a logical next step.

(Let me add that these "limitations" of Hitfilm simply mean you couldn't use it to recreate the latest Transformers movie. It's still an amazing bit of kit).
2014/11/13 4:35:06
Free version of Fusion editor/effects generator I don't think there is any competition between Hitfilm and Fusion, they are aimed at totally different markets.

Hitfilm is a cost-effective alternative to the Adobe Premiere/After Effects combo.

Fusion is competing with pro VFX tools such as The Foundry's Nuke (£2,534 per licence) and Autodesk's Flame (only sold with hardware, and a basic kit is US$160,000. Not kidding).

2014/11/13 0:04:38
Free version of Fusion editor/effects generator As you have surmised, software like Blender and Fusion are NOT tools for amateurs. The UIs are about as simple as they can possibly be, given the amazing level of complexity inherent in the tools.

Harsh truth - you will not be able to use Fusion for even basic things until you have spent 50-100 hours playing with it.

You will also have to spend a lot of time understanding what it is actually doing conceptually, before you can proceed to learn how to actually do it. (This complexity is why there are entire university level courses taught for this.)

I use Da Vinci Resolve as well, and I have an extensive background in VFX. Even so, I had to do a three-day course because I couldn't work out how to do even basic things on my own.

Tutorials for Fusion are currently thin on the ground. However with Blackmagic's recent announcement, I suspect tutorials will start appearing everywhere in the next few months.
2014/11/12 2:39:45
Free version of Fusion editor/effects generator It is a seriously sophisticated bit of gear - used on hundreds of top movies.

Fusion is a "node_based" compositor. After Effects is a "layer" based compositor. It's too hard to explain the difference, but node-based compositing is far more powerful and has historically been far more expensive. (The competitor Nuke is currently $5000 a licence).

There is a SERIOUS learning curve, and expect to play with it for a least 50-100 hours before you produce anything. However you would be able to create astonishing stuff once you got a handle on it.

Here is a tutorial of a shot created in version 5 (now up to version 7). This tutorial will give you a great insight into what Fusion does and how it does it.
2014/10/25 22:53:35
Stop the spam! ^^^^

My thoughts exactly
2014/10/20 8:58:26
Stop the spam! And another round...

Digimania - I think you really need to appoint additional mods now.
2014/10/19 23:37:39
Stop the spam! Nearly 100 new spam posts this weekend.

2014/10/14 3:14:14
Unable to replay movements Well it worked for me.

I'm using Windows 8.1 however.
2014/10/8 5:22:26
Ziggy72's UV maps Very cool. Cheers.
2014/10/6 7:33:47
Stop the spam! Dear Digimania

Surely there is a long-timer user (or four) that you can give forum moderation rights to.

In the last few hours we have had 10 new spam posts.
2014/10/3 8:00:50
DreamWorks competition I'm one of the new arrivals (as in last six months)... and I think I'm the only new arrival who has made more than ten posts, or hung around longer than a week.

To be honest, I only come and check the forum every few days in the hope of some sign that Digimania will get behind Muvizu again.
2014/9/30 1:59:13
Can Muvizu fill the gap? ukBerty wrote:

It's true that Muvizu characters cannot act. You cannot convey anything even slightly subtle

And the same could be said for the Muppets. They managed to do OK

Well said (to your entire post, not just the quoted line above).
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