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2016/4/16 21:57:51
Repositioning characters Question. Is there a function where I can place characters on their back, i.e., in the horizontal position?
I'm doing Plato's "The Cave". Where four prisoners are chained in a horizontal position in a dank dark cave.
I don't wish to manipulate the background to appear as though it were the floor while the characters are in the standing position.
This would limit other characters movement and actions.
Any ideas?
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2015/5/3 22:22:36
Real animation - A world of pain! Hey,

Good for you D, your ilk will do it!

Let the juices flow.

2015/5/3 21:37:18
Real animation - A world of pain! Hello, D

D; you talk about pain, let me tell you, I came from the generation where hand painted cells were the norm. I was involved in the creation of many 20 to 60 second cell animated commercials, where each overlay was painstakingly crafted, by hand! We didn't have handy backgrounds then, we created them. All of this in order to produce decent products. I personally remember, rotoscoping then painting several dozen 20 and 30 second commercial bits - all Disney style.

I can understand your frustration, but you should be thankful for the creative genius of the folks at Muvizu, and others like them, because they've made life a lot easier, especially for those of us who remember!

But I also completely agree, as you wrote,"Yup I'd rather direct than animate any day of the week."

Anyway, yes; it would be handy, so all I can say to you is - create create, you've got the juice.

Best regards,
2015/4/14 18:07:15
Of Mice and Muvizu Thank you very much. As you probably know, I'm not a gamer as I didn't know of either of these. I'll give both a try n see which I like the best. Again thanks. And oh yes! I'll probably be back for more info...
2015/4/12 3:30:53
Of Mice and Muvizu Okay, since Muvizu does not support 3dconnexion's SpaceNavigators mouse, what kind of devise is preferred for complex precise animation? I'm sure more than a few Muvizu'ers have favorites.

I'm using a laser mouse that works fairly well; though, even when I slow its reaction time down, if I'm not careful, things still tend to fly around too quickly. Any ideas?
2015/4/9 20:09:31
SpaceNavigator Who else uses 3dconnexion's SpaceNavigator mouse in Muvizu, and if you do, how'd you get it to work?
2015/4/7 21:23:55
3D Mouse Troubles Just purchased the SpaceNavigator 3D wired mouse, loaded the software, and drivers for a Mac Pro and Parallels/Windows 7 in which Muvizu resides. Now for the fun part, it does not work in Muvizu, though it works fine in Blender. I have reloaded everything several times, but to no avail. Has anyone else had problems with 3dconnexion products and Muvizu? I'm wondering if Parallels is the culprit.
2015/4/6 3:54:40
Lying down I'm doing the Republic of Plato, 'The Cave.' I've created four characters as the prisoners in the cave. I need them lying flat on their backs with their heads propped-up against rocks. They'll be chained in that position arguing with one another over the shadows they can see in front of them. I've searched through character actions, but couldn't find any lying down positions. Did I miss something?
2015/3/18 16:36:52
Fireplace fire - cap fire - flames Thanks, Just started, perhaps the old adage is true: "when in doubt, read the instructions."
2015/3/18 3:28:08
Fireplace fire - cap fire - flames How do I make flames for use in fireplaces, campfires, and bonfires?
2014/11/13 18:51:57
Hello to everyone. I'm the new kid on the block, California born, a few years back - 1936. I'm beginning an extensive course on neuroscience, and am introducing a series of lectures specifically about Neuroplasticity. In order to keep it flowing and the students interested, I chose animation.

I love this software and plan to use it for parts of each lecture - looks like Muvizu will be a perfect fit for my students.

I really believe this'll be a lot of fun for me, and I look forward to getting started.

Best to everyone.
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