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2010/7/7 12:29:39
Filming hey enuji,
thanks for the coverage! we'd love to answer your questions about muvizu for your blog. it would probably be best if you email us directly at with a list of your questions and we'll email back (i promise!). also a link to your blog would be most excellent.


Muvizu team
2010/7/7 10:57:57
Filming hi enuji,
first of all, thanks for downloading Muvizu and taking the time to play with it - we're always excited to see/hear new people using the app!

regarding your questions concerning animating the characters and making the figures walk i think the best thing i can do for you is to point you in the direction of our detailed tutorials. we've broken them down into sections so it's easier for you to find what you need. the link for the tutorials is they're very helpful tutorials.

if you find you're still having problems don't hesitate to give us a shout on the forum - we (and our helpful community) are always happy to help.

regarding making characters walk - you can do this under the 'Direct' state. when in direct, click on animation which will put the character in an animation state. when you're ready to make your character walk, click record (the clapper board button) to start recording. once you've done this, you'll notice a decal appear on the floor where the character is standing. simply click and drag a path to make your character walk.

to make your character run, drag your mouse faster. the speed of the character's walk or run depends on the speed of your mouse movements.

hope this helps! i do recommend you watch the tutorials because they really are helfpful (and bite sized so you don't have to spend ages watching a long winded tutorial).

thanks again

the Muvizu team
2010/7/6 11:40:47
Tips and Tricks - Any requests?! Hey mmarion33,
Thanks for the positive message below! It always brings a smile to our faces when someone takes the time to say something nice about our software so thanks for that! And thanks for taking the time to download our app. Re: music, bands etc - we're actually just beginning research into a music suite (animations, holding things etc) but this probably won't come online for a bit.

Thanks again for your positive comments and please let us know how you're getting on with the app and what else you'd like to see. Looking forward to seeing your work!

The Muvizu team.
2010/6/21 10:43:41
Hello Hi HemaTuna,
Thanks for the suggestion and your enthusiasm for the app! As always, we look to our users for recommendations and will definitely be making a note of this. Hope to see your work up here soon! Don't forget, we're letting loose a new release next week with seriously awesome new functionality so make sure you update the app when it's released (just be connected to the internet when you fire it up and accept the update).


The Muvizu team
2010/6/10 10:21:21
PC Specs Hi gregkearney,
The minimum PC specs to run Muvizu are:
  • 2.4GHz processor
  • Nvidia 7800 GTX or ATI 1300 graphics card
  • 2.3GB free drive space
Please note: To run the application properly, you must have a PC. The software is based on the Unreal 3 games engine which does not support Mac or Linux.

For more info and a list of known issues, please check out our download page


The Muvizu team
2010/6/9 11:10:50
Machinima Expo 2010 Information Hey Satscape,
Thanks for the invite! Looks very interesting - we'll definitely look into it! You lured us in with promises of beer and pie but despite that, we may show up yet.

Thanks again - and you can post anything wherever you like!

The Muvizu team.
2010/6/8 16:48:09
a doubt swathi wrote:
It is a commercial program or free? Can I use the output video for commercial purpose?

Hi swathi,
the program is free for non-commercial purposes. The use of the software commercially is dealt with on a case by case basis. If you wish to discuss this further or for more information, please contact us directly at

The Muvizu team.
2010/6/4 10:07:43
Not good code. Hi timsandford,
As you may have noticed, the app is a bit heavy on the memory (we're always working on ways to make this more efficient and try to improve it with every release we do - so it's worth keeping the app updated). The best option is to shut down any unnecessary and memory intensive programs running on your machine. If you try this and you're still having issues, please let us know either here on the forum or by emailing us at

The Muvizu team
2010/6/4 10:04:53
Game assests Ro4ch wrote:
Am I able to import game assets that were created with the Unreal Engine into Muvizu?



Hi Ro4ch,
At the moment, the application doesn't allow you to import your own assets. However, this is at the top of our priority list to get into the app as soon as possible. This will be available in the near future (most likely in the next few releases). Initially, you'll only be able to import static objects however as with everything with this app, other object types will come online as soon as we can make it available.

Hope this answers your question!
The Muvizu team.
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2010/5/4 11:53:18
Looks promising Hey Sparky,
Thanks for the post and for downloading our application! I hope you enjoy using it - it sounds like you know your stuff so such enthusiasm warms our cockles here at Muvizu HQ. Anything you need, want etc just drop us a line here, or email us @, follow us on twitter ( or find us on facebook.

We're constantly developing the application and adding more and more functionality as we go along, so keep your eyes peeled for updates and releases that occur fairly regularly.

Thanks again and I hope you have fun with Muvizu!

The Muvizu team.
2010/4/27 10:16:15
No thumbnails :( Right, ok Matt and Robwelsh - we're rather unsure of what's going on with this, but it would help if you guys could send us some files so we can have a look at them. Could you:
  • go to C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Muvizu
  • zip the files (should include characterdata.dat, applicationdata.dat and animationdata.dat)
  • email them to us at
and we'll look at them as soon as possible.
Thanks again

Muvizu team.
2010/4/26 17:18:07
No thumbnails :( Hi Matt,
There's something else you can try - try deleting the files in C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Muvizu on your machine then fire up the app again. Deleting the files won't delete the app and when you run it again it should re-populate the files. Can you try that and see if that works for you? Also, could you check the version and date on the application? This will be on the splash screen when you fire it up - it should be
MZASS-v0.9b - build: 2010.04.19.01R.

Hope that works.
Muvizu team.
2010/4/26 10:54:17
No thumbnails :( Hi Matt,
This is very strange and we're sorry for the inconvenience. We've just had a look at the web service that returns the information and everything's working fine. So, to help us figure out what's going on (as we can't replicate here) I'll need you to do a few things:
  • have you tried running it again and see if the thumbnails show up? in the grand IT tradition, yes i am asking you to turn it off and turn it on again (sometimes it does work!)
  • if that doesn't work, can you supply us with some information on what OS you're running, what your machine spec is and what kind of graphics card you have, etc?
Once we have some more information it can help us figure out why this isn't working for you.

Thanks again and sorry for the inconvenience

Muvizu team.
2010/4/22 9:55:40
Timeline and animation problem Hi cgibso23,

We've been looking into this yesterday afternoon and this morning. The problem seems to be when you load a set from an older version into the latest version. To repeat this all you need to do is open a old set and try to record - the character is still unresponsive.

If you create a new set and record some animation then delete the entire animation track from the timeline editor the character will still respond.

The work around here - if you open an old set - just do a copy and paste of the characters and they will respond fine.

The Muvizu Team.
2010/4/7 12:35:51
Commercial license? Hi grouchobeer,
Muvizu 3D is free to use for non-commercial purposes, however if users want to use it commercially then we will organise a licensing agreement which is done on a case by case basis. If you get in touch with us directly ( with some details, we can discuss the options available for use commercially.

Muvizu team.
2010/4/7 11:55:38
i can't see anything (objects,camera ect.) Hey JGjosephgray,
I'm sorry you're having a hard time with this. Can you let us know what your graphics card that's on your machine? Your OS, and any other details of your machine spec? Does a camera window appear when you launch the application and you just can't see the camera or any objects? We could use as much information as possible to help resolve this issue.

Thanks again and hang in there - we need to get a clear picture of what's happening.
2010/4/7 10:43:09
Video Joiner Issues Hi Darren,
Hmm that is strange. Could you provide us with a little bit more info please? A few questions:
  • what was the codec the video was in?
  • was the video you were trying to use generated by the application? or were you using some other software to top and tail the video?
  • can you view the video in window media player?
If you can get back to us with this information, we can figure out what's going on.

Muvizu team.
2010/3/31 10:25:28
PC requirements Hi,
Right, first of all the processor and graphics card you mentioned below should work fine. But we need some more details on what's going wrong so we can help you out. We have a few questions:
  • what OS are you using on your desktop?
  • what did the error message say?
  • which file did it say wasn't there? could you take a screengrab and send it to us? (
  • did you install all the components bundled with the install on the machine? if not, can you try installing them and try launching the application again?
Any screengrabs and details on the error you could provide gives us more information that will help us figure out why the app isn't running with you, so send as much info as possible please!

Muvizu team.
2010/3/30 11:28:20
PC requirements Hi Computerboffin,

We're a bit confused regarding your graphics card.

If you have an intel X3100 then this will almost certainly be the problem. If you have the nVidia GeForce 7150 then it should be able to handle Muvizu a little bit better, but it will probably still be sluggish (it's about 1/4 of the spec we recommend). The Unreal Engine 3 really needs some thing like an Nvidia 7800 GTX or better.

We would recommend investing in a ne, higher spec graphics card as this will serve you in the long run (not just for the Muvizu app).

Hope this help.

Muvizu team.
2010/3/30 10:27:28
Vista updating? Hi Robwelsh,
First of all, to calm your nerves a bit the shorts and other clothing options aren't available on general release yet. The clips you see are the work of our overenthusiastic testers uploading their clips. With the next release of the build (coming in a few weeks) you will have the option to have clothes on the characters.

Regarding Vista, yeah we've had some issue with updates that require you to reinstall the application (Vistaaaaaaaaaa!!!!). We are going to test this independently (we'll get back to you on that) however,you should be able to get around this if you install somewhere else besides Programme Files. Sadly, there's not much else we can do and can only apologise and blame on Mr Gates.

Hope this helps.

Muvizu team
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