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2020/6/21 11:06:42
Can't install Muvizu on new computer Hell no, everyone around here just uses their phones for everything. I'm one of the few old-timers that even has a desktop PC! Honestly, I'm just lazy. I can use the disk from the old computer to run Muvizu no problem. I wanted to run Muvizu off an SSD for more performance, but what I have is adequate. I really should be learning other software anyway...
2020/6/20 8:49:53
Can't install Muvizu on new computer It's a bit too involved for me, I'm not much of a computer guy. I guess Muvizu has gone cold again, I'll just use the old computer until it dies.
2020/6/18 9:42:17
Can't install Muvizu on new computer I'm a long-time Muvizu user, I tried reinstalling my old version and it didn't like my serial number. I downloaded the newest version and it didn't like it either, I can't even buy a new serial number as it says I'm already an owner, what to do?
2020/6/18 9:38:34
Can't install Muvizu on new computer Hi, I'm a long time Muvizu user, I'm upgrading my computer and I'm trying to install Muvizu. I tried to reinstall my original 2014 version but it wouldn't accept my serial number, then I downloaded and installed the latest version, it wouldn't accept my serial number either so I figured I'd have to buy it again, when I went to purchase it says I'm already an owner! What to do?
2017/5/24 5:05:34
Indy Jones and the Temple of Zu Very good, and elaborate, direction and camera. I could only hope to be anywhere near as proficient! Bravo!
2017/5/16 15:07:03
My 4th episode finally finished with new features! Gee thanks! Actually she's pretty much a 'stock' character - I tweaked the hair a bit but everything else, necklace etc. is out-of-the-box. She also has the best 'moves' that convey personality. Whoever designed this character and programmed the moves and 'weight-mapping' (?) to make it dynamic, deserves a medal, it's the best model in Muvizu as far as I can tell.
2017/5/15 2:41:33
Spaceman . . .And it took so long to bake it, but they'll always have the recipe oh oh.
2017/5/14 17:18:37
Spaceman It's hard to say if it would be worth it for someone to buy Muvizu, or to start from scratch. It's all to do with the Unreal Game Engine. Muvizu is a simplified editor for the Unreal game engine, however the Unreal engine has moved on, it's at version 4+ while Muvizu is built on a much earlier version.

As I've ventured before, Muvizu is a cake that is baked. They have added some features, keyframing and 360degree for instance, that are already part of the Unreal engine, but they haven't added any character actions or anything similar because Muvizu is complete.

No doubt someone will create another editor around a newer version of the Unreal engine, it will have vastly greater capabilities, and I predict it will cost WAY MORE than $30!

I will continue using Muvizu, it's taught me more about 3-D environments, setting scenes, camera placement, than anything else. For that it is awesome. On the other hand it's frustratingly clunky and inexact. I've spent countless hours figuring out work-arounds, on my own, and on this forum.

If I were to sum it all up I'd say that it's half tool, half toy. Regardless, I hope it continues in some form.
2017/5/9 17:15:34
My 4th episode finally finished with new features! The latest episode of my Muvizu animation gangster saga is finally done, this time I wanted to try new things to give it the same kind of look as before, without the headache of putting Muvizu characters in an alien environment. With the exception of a small segment near the end, the whole animation was done in Muvizu! I made my own 3-D sets and mapped suitable textures i.e. an entire real-life bar, on the walls. The walls in the main 'meeting' set I used PNG files, so the windows were transparent, outside was a larger green-screen set, so when I rendered it off I could bring it in to my video editor and key suitable video so there would be something to see out the windows! It was a lot of work and fiddly at first but as things moved along it got easier, and I can't wait to start the next episode. As before, some coarse language is used, beware!
2017/5/8 4:37:34
Crazy talk animator 3.1? Sometimes for static characters i.e. clerks, bank tellers, that are filmed from one angle I've heard conflicting things both good and bad about Crazy Talk Animator, anyone tried it?
2017/4/2 16:24:32
Building sets - Lining up walls, floors, ceilings? PatMarrNC wrote:
is there any interest in a modular set with UVMapped walls and floor that can be used standalone as a simple 3 or 4 wall set... but which can also be combined together into a multi- room house?

I started it a while back but never finished.. if there's any interest I could probably have it in the store by Monday or Tuesday...

As a model, the walls would naturally be attached at the corners. If you combined several copies of it into different rooms, you might have to take care to avoid gaps though.

To make a 4 wall set into a 3 wall sitcom-style set, just apply an alpha texture to one of the walls.

I'm not sure how helpful that would be, at least in my case, if the walls don't behave like individual objects. Getting things to be the right scale in Muvizu is always tricky, the limitations imposed by the size of the images (1024x1024 ) that can be mapped to objects is a factor.

I'm going to try a new process someone has suggested, after I finish my current project, it might do the trick. In the meantime making the ground planes (floor) bigger than the structure makes things way easier
2017/4/1 19:32:27
Building sets - Lining up walls, floors, ceilings? Thanks Ikes but I'm better off using individual walls as I'm recreating an actual room and given the 1024 x 1024 limit of textures I think making a wrap-around texture will be too grainy. Pat, I've modified one existing set file "Modern Apartment Black and White" by Rakbru quite a bit, I'm using it in an upcoming short. I wish I had the skills that he/she does, it's just amazing.

I've managed with trial and error (with an emphasis on error!) to get my own set sorted out. I have locked everything down and won't mess with it again. Once it's depopulated I'll offer it for others to use.
2017/4/1 16:08:19
Building sets - Lining up walls, floors, ceilings? Hi y'all, I've been trying to make my own sets and I know the basics of creating the walls, floors and ceilings, and getting them more-or-less in the right positions.

The problems arise when I put two walls together at right angles and there is a crack in the corner where they don't quite meet, it is very hard to close the crack by sliding or pivoting the wall, sometimes the ground plane (floor) seems to be getting in the way but moving it can be very hazardous and can easily mess up the whole set, especially if it's full of objects and characters.

Is there an agony-free method of joining walls at 90 degrees with nice square corners? Is there a better way to make sets i.e. make a big floor and put everything in the middle?

I've seen other peoples sets and they're elaborate and perfect, I just want to make 4 walled boxes with floors and ceilings that I map images on.
2017/3/31 4:55:10
Arm Yourself! I think we are going in slightly different directions, Pat, I'm more in the 'South Park' style general-idea camp! I just purchased MOHO 12 debut and from what I've seen, and remember from using an earlier version, it'll do the trick.

I'd love to know my way around 3-D and the related OBJ and UVmapping but I'm too impatient, I've had a couple of breakthroughs with backdrops, textures, and environments and you'll see them in my next episode.
2017/3/30 16:50:40
Arm Yourself! I have version 11 of Poser and I can see the potential, in the far future, for using it for something. Unfortunately, the problem with 3-D programs is that they involve a huge time commitment to animate and render things, that isn't to say they aren't worth getting, some of the objects and sets in Poser are useful, although probably not in the way the software designers envisioned.
2017/3/30 13:35:11
Arm Yourself! Thanks Pat, I will try this, I have some experience with anime studio so I don't have to sit through this guys tiresome tutorial!
2017/3/29 16:54:48
Arm Yourself! Has anyone tried MOHO for this? I noticed MOHO debut is on sale for $35 and I was thinking for stuff like talking on cellphones etc. I could copy the characters arms/hands with the object in them, add a bit of movement, then render them off and add them as a separate layer in my video editor. The downside would be that it's only good for one angle, but in some cases that's all I'd need.
2017/2/24 17:24:05
Making walls with windows, transparency (I'm afraid I don't know how to add photos to this site so you'll have to bear with me.)

Anyway, I wanted to make my own walls, with windows, and have a green-screen outside them so I could 'key' video via my video editing software, so character looking 'out the window' would see live video.

The first thing to do is select an image of your choice and open it in Photoshop or similar, make it look how you like, while making sure it's 'squared' and suitable for going on a rectangular background. Make a duplicate layer, make the bottom layer non-visible, in the visible top layer cut out your windows with the 'lariat' tool, delete the uneeded old image so a empty space is shown. Then, RESIZE the image - I found the vertical height of 1024 pix is best, the width can be 2x 3x ?x that, (you have to play around with the backdrop width sometimes.) Then, save it as a PNG file (very important)

Create Backdrops, and select 'Ultra Wide' open 'properties' and replace the palm tree scene with your PNG file, if you've done it right the cutouts will be transparent both from the inside and outside!

I will post a new animation in the next little while that will incorporate this, and some other new techniques I've come up with.
2017/2/20 5:22:30
Invisible layers. the making of I forgot the solution to a problem I was having with roller-skaters sinking into the floor (the wheels that is!) the solution was to create an invisible 'floor' for the skaters to stand on, then raise it up a few inches so the wheels aren't sinking into the 'visible' floor.

Like many things in Muvizu it's a bit opaque so follow carefully.

Create a ground-plane under what you want to lift (characters on roller skates in my case), deselect the 'visible' box, select 'Physics' then 'floats in air' - put your layer where you want then place your characters on it.
2017/2/7 17:53:24
SNAP! CRACKLE! POP! I've noticed that when I've used the audio from my Muvizu projects, such as dialogue, there is the occasional loud 'pop' or buzzing sound. As I finish my animations using my video editor, I just use the original audio files that I imported into Muvizu in my soundtrack and there are no 'pops' or other issues.

I'm wondering if it's because I use a lot of compression on my exported tracks, which are mono BTW, that they run afoul of Muvizu's 'cut-off point' for volume? Does anybody else have, or has had, these issues?
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