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2015/11/15 23:36:48
Creating drop shadows Thanks Tom! I will also try the Vegas forums on the off chance that someone knows what I'm talking about.
2015/11/15 19:32:21
Creating drop shadows Thanks Tom, I use Vegas Pro 13. I followed your instructions when importing the background shadow sequence, the settings you describe are in fact the track defaults. This does not give me the shadow on a transparent background. Perhaps there is something else that needs to be done?
2015/11/15 12:25:18
Creating drop shadows Thanks MrDrWho13, but I'm unsure how to render layers.

The only method of rendering anything as far as I'm aware is to go to 'Make Video' - I then go to 'Advanced' to select 'Image sequence', there are three check boxes under 'Image sequence options' - Depth pass, flatten layers, and Cutout occluders, the Cutout occluders is checked by default as is Anti-aliasing on the top right -

Under the 'Layers' tab there are check boxes by the two layers, background and Layer 1

How should I proceed?
2015/11/14 20:39:37
Creating drop shadows Thanks UK Bertie. However, staring with a blank set I inserted two characters, I then opened up the layers menu, the characters were on the background layer so I created a new layer and put them on THAT layer. I selected the now EMPTY background layer and checked the separate shadows box. I added a directional light and set it so the shadows would be very prominent.

That's about it, I don't know how to generate the layered TGA files like you have shown so I can't look at the separate images to see if everything is correct. I have used TARGA sequences many times before and my video editor Vegas Pro handles them nicely. I'm kind of at a loss as what I'm to do now.
2015/11/14 4:32:35
Creating drop shadows Hi. I am placing my Muvizu characters in 'real life' environments so drop shadows are critical. I've watched the Render Layers tutorial repeatedly, most of it baffles me but I love it's opening sequence by the fountain with the drops shadows. This is what I want to do, exactly!

I do all my animating against the included green-screen backdrop, I noticed that drop shadows do not work with it so I created a green ground plane. This seems to have solved the problem with shadows on the ground, or floor, but I'd like to cast shadows on walls etc. like in your intro. How would I do that?
thanks in advance
2015/10/20 21:07:02
Depth of field and layers I am going to try this out in Sony Vegas soon, I have been deliberately avoiding shadows up until now but I would like to use a variety of (live video) environments aside from dark gloomy days! I'm guessing you can have more than one shadow layer in case I change the camera angle?
2015/9/13 21:58:15
Digging! Thanks! It will be Halloween too soon! I'll try those and some other maneuvers, I think my video editor and photoshop will play a big part in this.
2015/9/2 18:00:24
Digging! I'm setting up a spooky Halloween scene and I'd like very much for one character to be digging, I've tried sitting/standing while doing some hand movements, filmed from behind, but that only looks silly. Any ideas?
2015/8/25 19:48:37
Copying and pasting character movements Muvizu is a great tool, however if you're working in 3-D environments, or simulating 3-D environments, then there is nothing you can do in a video editor that will look that convincing. For instance, I could clone a track of a dancer and eventually have a whole whack of them in a line, that would be fine from one angle, but if I changed to another angle, I would have to do it all over again.
2015/8/7 3:19:41
Copying and pasting character movements Thanks for your help Ziggy. Hopefully the next version will have an in-depth help section!
2015/8/3 16:08:16
Copying and pasting character movements I actually figured out (after I'd almost finished of course) that if you put the same 'cue points' on the characters time-line ahead of recording it makes things way easier. It sure would be nice to have more than ONE time-line open though.
2015/8/2 17:20:25
Copying and pasting character movements Hi y'all, I have been working on a little dance routine for three characters. As some of you know it's a bit of a chore to synch up movement to music, etc. with lots of tweaking required. Two of my characters are basically mirror images of each other, movement wise, and I know if I copy a character, the 'prepare character actions' pallet is copied too. Is it possible to copy and paste the actual movements somehow? That would save a ton of work.
2015/7/28 21:25:36
Modify the look of a hat? Hi y'all, I've been busy creating a roller derby player based on an actual person. They like the look so far, but have asked me if I could put their player number and a few scuffs marks etc. on the 'hockey helmet' I'm using for the character. I'd like to, but I'm not even sure where to start. Any ideas? Thanks.
2015/6/29 17:19:35
Need rollerskates! I've managed to get the skate in the vicinity of the foot using a lot of trial and error, mainly error, in Sketchup. Using the location and rotation controls in Muvizu I've managed to get the skate right by the foot, but I can't figure out how to put it under the foot.
2015/6/28 21:44:50
Need rollerskates! Actually I just figured that part out, now I have to figure out how to rescale and turn them rightside up!
2015/6/28 21:33:56
Need rollerskates! Thanks Ziggy. It's good to know these attachment points exist; how do I access them?
2015/6/28 17:47:15
Need rollerskates! Thanks guys, I found some roller skates on 3-D Warehouse and used Sketchup 2015s Export command - 3-D Models - FBX to save them to my props folder. Hopefully I can figure out how to attach them to my characters!
2015/6/26 5:13:21
Need rollerskates! There doesn't seem to be a sketchup 8, there is a sketchup 2015 which I'll play around with.
2015/6/23 20:38:48
Need rollerskates! Hi all, I need some rollerskates and don't have a clue how to go about making them.
2015/6/23 15:48:15
Output to MP4 ? Probably not. I much prefer the loss less AVI codec they recommend, then I bring the result s into a video editor and adjust, ad titles etc. then re-encode it as whatever I want. Even inexpensive editors like Corel Videostudio have lots of output options, including MP4
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