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2016/3/29 15:08:40
Has lip syncing multiple characters changed? I've been using Muvizu for a while and I recall that in the past, it was possible to lip sync multiple characters from a single window. You would hit record and, when the appropriate time came for a specific character to talk, you clicked on that character in a special panel. Therefore, you would only run the dialog once. That seems to have disappeared and now you have to repeat play the dialog and click on TALK/SHUSH for each character, which can be time consuming when you have a long clip and lots of characters, as well as increasing teh chances of making a mistake (e.g. clicking too early or too late).

Is there any other was to achieve this with multiple characters?

It would be nice if:

1) What I recall to be the old method was reinstated; and/or
2) TALK and SHUSH bars could be copied and pasted in the timeline, then moved; and/or
3) Each character could have his/her own dialog in the form of a WAV and would automatically lip sync to that dialog, wth Muvzu automatically detecting silences and sounds (I thought this used to happen as well, but I sem to be wrong).
2016/1/24 14:50:23
Copy and paste from one Muvizu window to another? Sometimes, I have more than one Muvizu window open. This might happen if I am borrowing objects and characters from one Muvizu scene file and putting them into another, e.g. to produce several short scene files rather than one big one. It would be really useful if I could select a group of objects in one Muvizu window, copy them to the clipboard and paste them into the other Muvizu window.
2015/9/20 10:29:40
Multiple sound effects at same time Sorry if this has been asked before but how do I create more than one sound effect at the same time? When I record SFX2, it overwrites SFX1.
If there is no direct way to do this, what is the best workaround?
Where are the sound effects stored (so I can try mixing them in Audacity to create a new one)?
2015/7/6 20:19:12
Making character point at things You can make your character point at things. It's a bit tricky but not impossible. Use a character action which involves raising the arms. Sorry I can't remember which ones (and Muvizu is being updated as I type this so I cannot check) but there are character actions which involve the right or left arm moving up or even (I think) pointing. The trick is then to freeze the pose, which I think you can do if you turn off breathing, alternatively repeat the action several times, record the video then load it up in Virtual Dub (possibly with AVISynth) and edit out the bits of the video where the arm goes down and back up, to make it look like the pose is being held. It's not nearly as complicated as it sounds. I had a toon fall on his knees and stay there, by using the same technique.
For an example of simple pointing, see my Putin video at 8 seconds where Naked President Putin points at Boris.
Maybe also camera cut to the object you want him to be pointing at (maybe with a camera zoom in), to force the audience to look at that object and help create the impression that he is pointing at it.
With Muvizu, don't think that because there isn't an obvious way to do something, it always means you can't do it. One of the gems of this software is that there is often a less obvious, sneaky way to achieve your goal. (Though I await the time when I can trade cunning for laziness!).
Happy animating!
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2015/3/18 18:58:06
File not found I get this error when trying to import ASE objects I have exported:
C:\Program Files\Muvizu Play\Binaries64\...\Engine\Shaders\WorkingDirectory\Muvizu\6136\0\WorkerOutputOnly.out

I cannot import any ASE objects.
I have the 64 bit version of Muvizu but C:\Program Files\Muvizu Play\Binaries64 has no subfolders.
I do have a folder called:
C:\Program Files\Muvizu Play\Engine\Shaders\WorkingDirectory\Muvizu\6136\0
But it has only one file WorkerLog.txt
It looks like some INI file has a wrong path stored in it. Any ideas how to fix it?
2015/3/13 9:00:22
Mouths not moving on lip sync and file errors ziggy72 wrote:
Got the mouth thing - assigned an existing (working) dialogue track to a character, and she didn't do anything. Messed around, and found that as long as you hit Switch To Direct, they will behave as usual - doing it the old way, when you could just assign the track in Prepare mode and that was all, no longer works. Seems like it's not generating the actual Talk/Shush track on the timeline unless you go into Direct mode, for some reason.

Also, exiting Muvizu and restarting seems to work.
2015/3/13 8:58:05
My dog Robin as James Bond Another one of my dogs (I have several!) cast in the role as James Bond
I'm afraid he (and I) don't have much time for shopping, hence the adverse reaction early on. I included a second one of my dogs as Puppy Galore. Yes, sadly I am crazy about dogs.
2015/3/7 18:26:48
How do I fall to knees and STAY there? ziggy72 wrote:
You can't change the length or duration of animation Actions, no, but you could cut together a static sequence of the guy kneeling, and then pan/zoom on the footage in your video editor instead, to achieve the same effect as doing it inside Muvizu. Use of the 'not breathing' option would be handy here, as he'll stay still and allow you to cut together as many kneeling actions as you like without him moving between frames. That's how I'd do it, anyway

Thanks, ziggy, you've been a great help over these last few weeks. My creation PLANET OF THE DOGS (made before I read this) is here

It's not original, I know, but it contains some of the techniques I have learned, like camera zooming and rotating, and object manipulation (yes, I've bought Muvizu Plus+). I'll try the "not breathing" technique in my next animation.
2015/3/7 10:25:22
How do I fall to knees and STAY there? I am directing a scene where a character falls to his knees while looking at a background scene, but I want him to REMAIN on his knees for about 15 seconds, instead of getting back up after a few seconds.
I know that I could have him repeatedly fall to his knees then EITHER
(1) cut the frames where the character stands up and falls to their knees again (e.g. using VirtualDub) OR
(2) change the camera view to something else during those parts of the video (e.g. cut to a second camera showing a different character)
The problem is that both the above will interfere with the main camera which is panning / zooming in.
Is there any way to "freeze" the character in his knees position (NOT freeze the video as this will interfere with the camera zooming) or extend the length of that character action?
2015/3/5 8:34:04
X Files Check out my X Files tribute, with my dog Rasa as Mulder.

Legal Disclaimer
Boris Johnson isn't an alien, pus-filled blob bent on world domination, who collapses when kicked a couple of times.
Nor is he a Cockney.
This video is not supposed to be taken seriously.
2015/3/1 16:14:29
Muvizu Video output problem! I wonder if this is a codec problem. Have you tried:
A. Making a video as an uncompressed AVI rather than a compressed AVI
B. Reinstalling the video codecs (e.g. K-Lite)
C. Checking the outputted file with a program like G-Spot which will identify the codecs etc.
D. If all else fails, reinstalling Muvizu.
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2015/2/23 6:45:24
Can someone recommend a program to create titles? Thanks, this seems to be fine for my needs.
But I see that Movie Maker only saves as WMV and MP4, whereas VirtualDub (which I use) doesn't recognise MP4 ("Unknown or unsupported file type"). even with K-Lite Codec Pack installed.
Is there are workaround (e.g. to get VirtualDub to open MP4s)?
I've googled this and ended up downloading and installing MP4Cam2AVI, which had positive reviews but this won't even open MP4s.
2015/2/22 20:41:25
Can someone recommend a program to create titles? Looking for a title creator, something fairly simple, easy to learn, and inexpensive or free. Not looking for bells and whistles. Thanks in advance.
2015/2/12 20:33:47
Muvizu prevents Windows 8 screensaver Is this supposed to happen?
As long as Muvizu is running, even in the background and doing nothing, my built-in Windows 8 screensaver doesn't come on. Exit Muvizu and my Windows screensaver works.
2015/1/30 9:20:35
Make a character hold a pose? Solved it. I realise that actions end in the pose, so a shorter action which moves hand to face is all I need.
2015/1/30 8:29:22
Make a character hold a pose? How do I make a character hold a pose? For example, his hand outstretched as in the point actions, or held up against his face. I need this to make it look like he is holding a mobile phone (created as a separate object and floating by his ear) and I will then gve him head movements.
2015/1/24 16:02:15
Looking for download site for video codecs Thank you very much.
2015/1/24 9:07:54
Looking for download site for video codecs Can someone point me to where I can download an up-to-date, virus-free, ad-free, safe, working set of codecs? I don't need every codec under the sun, just the most popular ones for DIVX, XVID, MP4 etc, which will also let me save a Muvizu movie as an XVID. I use Windows 8 64 bit. I have tried Google but there are too many results and different websites like XVID.COM and XVID.ORG, which is just confusing.
Thanks in advance.
2014/12/31 11:45:06
Audio sync question with multiple clips I made several animated segments, saving each as a separate AVI file and in one of them, the audio finished before the end of the video clip. When I strung them together with AVISYNTH and VIDEODUB, I found that the audio in the next clip started before the video of that clip started, completely distorting the synchronisation.
I was able to fix the problem by re-doing the first clip so that the audio finished at the same time as and not before the end of the clip, but my question is, does the audio always need to be symmetrical with and not end before the animation ends? I would have thought that the audio could start several seconds into and end several seconds before the end of the clip without any problems, but this doesn't seem to be the case when adding a further clip.
2014/12/26 15:06:56
Muvizu and Sketchup question - surfaces I think I've solved it (by trial and error!), can someone please confirm this is the right method?

I just paint each surface in Sketchup a different colour, using a different texture map stored as a 256x256 BMP file in C:\UT3. So I might have the following files in C:\UT3 each being a 256x256 BMP in a different colour, as the filename indicates:

toto.bmp (the mandatory file, usually pink),
red. bmp
green.bmp etc.
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