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2015/6/28 17:14:36
shut up!!zip it!...shh! mucho stinkay fockallhappininos regret..no?Whaaaaa?
2015/6/27 17:38:35
Assistance @rebel... messaged yuz.
2015/6/20 11:10:49
Assistance no rebel thats fine.Cool
2015/6/18 18:57:25
Assistance exquisite Cool
2015/6/15 15:27:44
Assistance i believe we have everything we basically need to make Bernies video now contained within this set.
main scenes.

Earl with a bunch of unsorted nuts, sad and confused......Earl with a box ostensibly sorting the nuts with a tote out of the rack.......and then Earl standing infront of a tidy rack with all nuts tidied away, cheerful.
squirrel foot needs doing and maybe put the storage warehouse label directly onto his shirt on his main uv map.
The script is needed to construct a story board and then see where the short falls are and consider how we may get around them.


i could be wrong though..???
thanks for everyones suggestions and help....struggling to grasp finer info re collisions,ase and dont know what ziggys matchbox collision thing is.
close to nervous breakdown here...going for a lie down.

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2015/6/15 2:50:33
some sort of stabilitymaybe?
needs a top thoughWhaaaaa?
2015/6/14 11:54:45
Assistance i have posted them to assets but they are waiting approval.
but posted them for speed to berty and rebel by the dropbox below.
be good if you could give them the once over in respect of collision problems.
2015/6/13 22:45:41
Assistance Hi fazz
I initially model them using anim8or, export as a wavefront object .obj file then into blender, then export as an .fbx
have had issues occasionally with jumping but not every time or object i create. Didnt realise it was the .fbx format that was causing the problem.
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2015/6/13 14:31:39
Assistance oh dear are my nuts the problem?
i only know how to make fbx objects i have never had any luck with ase.
2015/6/12 16:19:26
Assistance Sent you both some nuts.
2015/6/10 18:31:44
Assistance Thats excellent Rebel it looks far more like a squirrel now.
Storage rack is also top notch.
busy making 3d nuts..but they are going to need textures made for them so its going to take me a day or two.
edited by drewi on 10/06/2015
2015/6/10 15:46:13
Assistance ha! I also live half way around the world.The trouble is there isn't a way to get the squirrel more squirrel like
in muvizu it is quite limited in many respects and the best i could do was to customise the dog. i was hoping to smooth out the tail as in close up you can see the mesh.
i will begin modeling a variety of nuts.
Rebel is that a pic of the storage system or is that a model you have imported into muvizu?
2015/6/9 14:08:26
Assistance Me too, i now have the set .i'm not sure if i can help but will try and contribute along with Rebel if he's ok about that..
the task does appear to be a little daunting not sure i have the skills.

i imagine converting the script to a storyboard is next ?
redoing the squirrels tail and creating some nuts and the storage system in 3d also will be necessary i'm thinking.
but it all depends on the script.
2015/6/4 17:53:26
Assistance send me some details
2015/6/3 2:22:42
"A Dragon called Drac" - My first muvizu movie !! keep an eye on the assets areaWhaaaaa?
2015/6/1 22:58:00
"A Dragon called Drac" - My first muvizu movie !! Had a go.. but never going to get a long neck or on all fours.

should be in the assets soon
2015/5/21 2:57:20
Coming Soon... so pleased.
2015/5/13 1:26:52
Anti-Aliasing is not working on new PC All hugely perplexing and annoying...sorry i am unable to shed light onto the troublesome problem.
Just out of interest what is the output like if you do use a generally respected codec?
......and is there any difference if you render to .tga files?
......and have you got the latest drivers for your graphics card?....always the last place i look to solve graphics problems but it has several times during my computer life been the solution.
Sorry if i am being way to simplistic.Whaaaaa?
2015/5/9 11:45:23
shut up!!zip it!...shh! Why have comments been disabled on videos posted to the gallery?
2015/5/6 11:28:25
Feature idea - MoCap I would be very surprised.
I too have a wft.
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