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2015/8/21 15:35:08
Can't keep this old animator down! looking forward to you being back from the shadows again.... soon.
2015/8/18 19:09:52
how to carry a duffel bag over the shoulder? Looking at a character from the front and depending on the duffel bag design... could the idle/singing action work?....(though only one handed santa esque)

had a quick attempt using a mocked up duffel bag.
i think its possible to improve on these attempts, position wise and obviously the duffel model.
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2015/8/17 18:07:48
Uploading to youtube Also this might help newcomers experiencing problems... if you have uploaded your vid to you tube without going through the muvizu site, then try and upload via muvizu you discover you can't because you tube doesn't allow you to duplicate videos ...so you have to delete the original you uploaded to you tube before you can try again via muvizu.
2015/8/7 13:43:06
Random feature requests When you are preparing character actions its a pain in the arse that after you select one the selecting interface disappears ...would like it to stay in place or just an add button ...so i can quickly select several.
2015/8/6 19:14:34
Character Proportions ukBerty wrote:

Personally I prefer the old potatoes myself, but head proportion would be a great way to vary their look.

yes i too think this would be a good way, along with working on their uv map designs, to get much more variation of characters.
Loving this exciting period of muvizu development and the business of the forum.
2015/8/4 1:04:27
Assistance Rebel, extremely well done and hats off.

2015/7/31 11:23:57
shut up!!zip it!...shh! So video posting to the gallery has been restored and i have now learned how to post there which is pleasing but still no facility to post comments there.Any news about this area of the gallery being restored?i do miss it.
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2015/7/28 10:42:11
Collision in Muvizu aka What buttons to press @urbanlamb. Cheers for the blender/muvizu .fbx collision box video.
it has helped me understand a little better.
is it fair to say its a misnomer as its more a non collision box.
2015/7/21 18:57:12
Underground Characters bug yes i and others too ,i think it has been reported as a bug
2015/7/20 16:37:59
FBX import errors (of course errors) @urban lamb.I use .fbx and it seems to work well for me.
I create models in anim8or export them as wavefront .obj, texture and uv map if required.
import them into blender and straight back out as .fbx ready for import into muvizu.
never had any luck with .ase
2015/7/18 2:06:35
My Mind see personal messages
2015/7/8 0:19:09
Assistance RebelCool has done 99% of the work.
2015/7/6 12:12:48
Assistance Awesome endeavour Rebel your vision for the project far exceeds what i had imagined and is a colossal improvement.
2015/6/28 17:14:36
shut up!!zip it!...shh! mucho stinkay fockallhappininos regret..no?Whaaaaa?
2015/6/27 17:38:35
Assistance @rebel... messaged yuz.
2015/6/20 11:10:49
Assistance no rebel thats fine.Cool
2015/6/18 18:57:25
Assistance exquisite Cool
2015/6/15 15:27:44
Assistance i believe we have everything we basically need to make Bernies video now contained within this set.
main scenes.

Earl with a bunch of unsorted nuts, sad and confused......Earl with a box ostensibly sorting the nuts with a tote out of the rack.......and then Earl standing infront of a tidy rack with all nuts tidied away, cheerful.
squirrel foot needs doing and maybe put the storage warehouse label directly onto his shirt on his main uv map.
The script is needed to construct a story board and then see where the short falls are and consider how we may get around them.


i could be wrong though..???
thanks for everyones suggestions and help....struggling to grasp finer info re collisions,ase and dont know what ziggys matchbox collision thing is.
close to nervous breakdown here...going for a lie down.

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2015/6/15 2:50:33
some sort of stabilitymaybe?
needs a top thoughWhaaaaa?
2015/6/14 11:54:45
Assistance i have posted them to assets but they are waiting approval.
but posted them for speed to berty and rebel by the dropbox below.
be good if you could give them the once over in respect of collision problems.
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