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2011/7/7 12:14:03
The Garage Band Blues Episode #1... I can't play it - says it has restricted content from EMI that is unavailable in some regions

EDIT: It's working for me now! Excellent video!!!
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2011/7/1 14:06:59
Easter Eggs Ok fair enough Danimal, you got me - I was just having a laugh with the silly cryptic clue - don’t take me too seriously please!

I wouldn’t spend a long time looking for the Easter eggs to be honest. If you stumble upon them, then cool; if not, don’t worry!
2011/7/1 9:57:41
Easter Eggs werecool wrote:
Could someone be more specific?

Don't think. FEEL. It's like a finger pointing at the moon. Do not concentrate on the finger or you will miss all of the heavenly glory
2011/6/24 9:45:17
Youtube account problem mac17 wrote:
im having the same problem here but ill try it again

Hi mac17, I can see you've connected with YouTube now and uploaded a video on to the site today (tyga - lap dance), so did you figure it all out ok?

If you got a specific error or if it happens again, then please let us know.
2011/5/27 10:03:23
Fart in the Park 2 Ha good one - not everyday I LOL at Muvizu clips!
2011/4/28 16:56:20
A tutorial vid from Dreeko Great tutorial
Just need someone to make a cloud flying scene from Monkey Magic now!

2011/4/26 10:56:45
Easter Eggs ukBerty wrote:

Ah -not sure exactly what you mean, but this has led me to the Easter Egg - "The Blob"

Trouble is I get "Access Denied" when trying to "use" it.

Could you check it out please.....

Try again Berty, you may find it magically works now! By the way, the link only works for a minute or two and then it'll time-out.
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2011/4/21 20:47:28
The Good Guys ( Jeremy Kyle special ) lol "shut up I'm talking you little nob"
Second great Muvizu video out today! Nice one jonbez
2011/4/21 16:55:19
Upload problem Hi Jonbez,

I had a look in the error log and there is a YouTube error on your account saying 1 or more of your tags is too short in length - they need to be at least 2 characters long. Is it possible you had a 1 character long tag?

There's a fix for this in the next release of the site that strips these out properly.
2011/4/21 11:12:22
Life on Muvizu It's hilarious - I give it 9.9 out of 10 though.
For maximum points though, we all need to be in it

2011/4/15 10:04:34
Uploaded sets and 3d assets Good idea - let's get the online 3D asset library put to good use!
2011/3/30 11:31:46
My video count . . . Yes bigWally, I can confirm we're not able to access this video due to the audio. These videos get automatically removed by our system.
2011/3/29 12:31:52
Warning: Downloading Muvizu from external websites It may be worth noting to anyone unsure – the links on our Download page always provide the latest version of Muvizu. There are not other versions out there on the web that are cracked, unlocked or that provide extra features because there is no such thing. So if you see any labelled as such then they will be fake!
2011/3/17 22:04:40
Wrong english Is it possible that the English actually invented the English language? Maybe it was really the Americans and they called their language 'English' for a joke!

2011/3/9 15:17:32
Jim's last day So long Jim, and in the words of The Highlander: There can be only 1 baldy!!! Wave
2011/3/2 17:34:43
this Muvizu is AWESOME!! artpen wrote:
He stud back, his one eyebrow raised gently, and told me in a secret voice..........
" Type, RUN "

So funny! I wonder how many people he amazed with his advanced skills!

Oh the nostalgia in this thread... Atari 400 was my first computer too - well a family one shared between 5 kids. Then on to ZX Spectrum years after. Those were the days
2011/2/28 14:14:11
Uploading sets Dreeko, can you try clearing your cache to see if that works?

Or if you go to your profile and hit CTRL-F5 then that should do the same thing effectively.

2010/12/7 12:26:56
Logging in Hi Huggy, there's a problem logging in from the app in the current release. Hopefully will be fixed soon.
More info here: http://www.muvizu.com/forum/topic750-log-in-from-software.aspx
2010/11/24 11:01:39
Watching muvizu movies on an iphone Video playback is now possible on an iPhone / iPad at long last! Thumbs Up

Posting to the forum isn't available yet but hopefully soon.
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2010/11/17 11:29:46
Watching muvizu movies on an iphone Hi Dreeko, good idea - this is something that's on my list of web things to do. Also to make the forum easier for the iPhone. Can't say when it'll get done though unfortunately but I'll keep you posted.
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