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2016/2/26 16:56:09
Movement in a small space Thanks you both for the help I try the move to selected object, if that dont work i try the walk in circle idea eather way I'm sure one of them will help
2016/2/26 13:59:31
Movement in a small space I'm trying to get my character to pace back and forth in a prison cell, but when directing the movement the multi arrow circle you get for moving is so large it incrouches the space I want the character to walk in. I have tried double clicking the area I want him to move too, but to no avail.

Does any one have any tip and tricks to get movement within confined spaces

Thanks for any help you can give.
2015/12/8 12:27:23
Multiple audio clips per character? roland1963 wrote:
Hi guys,

I know this post is quite old but I found out how to do it...Perfectly.

On the Prepare Audio window, you create a new audio for your first character. You import your track.

Then on the same Prepare window, you click on New, this create another track name and you add up a second track, that you import etc...

Then on the Prepare window, you click on New and you create a third track name... etc.

Then you place each audio track where you want on the TimeLine.

It is working perfectly on my pc. I got 3 characters and each of them with their audio

and so on... Am I too late?
edited by roland1963 on 01/12/2015

I tested this and yes it works, you can add 3 dialogs more if needed. The only problem with this is you can't add 2 or more dialogs to the same character, so you can't have a back and forth dialog going on. You would still need to have one sound file and use the hush button to get it to work.
2015/11/17 20:21:29
Collision on an FBX file Thanks urbanlamb that was exectly what i needed. I will give it a test tonight thanks.
2015/11/17 20:03:58
Collision on an FBX file Can any one exlpain now to add Collision to my Fbx asset. I use Cinema 4d R16, is there any way of doing so using C4D?

Here is the Fbx file you can test it out in Muvizu, Any comments would be appreciated
2015/11/17 18:01:12
Tears In My Eyes (dedicated to the france people) Very moving had to wipe a tear away
2015/11/17 17:24:45
Market place If you put in a market place I would use it to buy packs and Individual items.

As I've just got the hang of how to Import asserts I would like the Idea of being able to upload asserts for free to share or you could sell and MZ take a set amount from the sale of an assert.

Personaly I'm starting to make my own content packs, but being able to upload Individual Items would be a nice touch.
2015/11/11 13:53:32
Key frames update 10th November Thanks for a quick update, It now loads my sets, unfortunetaly it don't import my character action's I've tried on all my sets and it's the same, missing character actions.

If it's just me maybe my sets have got corrupted some how.
2015/11/11 8:40:16
Link to older version MrDrWho13 wrote:
Here's a download link for anyone who urgently needs the installer: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-_4UVPr59ACVV9EZWZCMzdQSlk/view?usp=sharing (Full, 64bit)
I expect they'll come up with a temporary solution soon.

I just installed it from this to double check and it is definitely 1.5
edited by MrDrWho13 on 11/11/2015

Thanks for this as people can get on with there projects
2015/11/11 0:05:11
Link to older version Would be great if Jamie could post a link here for version 1.5 so those that are working on projects could continue to do so. I don't think I wan't to wait for a week or more for a update
2015/10/26 10:45:34
Importing Audio files @ziggy72 They are looking into the problem not sure if it's from export settings or some thing Muvizu is doing as said by Jamie in an email.
For me exporting as a WAV file is working but makes the files x3 bigger.

At lest we know they are looking into it

This is a strange one indeed. I've never seen anything like it. I get the same result with both MP3 files, 8.11 seconds long.
I tried changing the sample rate and bit depth but that had no effect.
I then exported them as WAV files and they worked fine. I'll have another look at this, this afternoon and see if I can figure out what configuration setting is causing this (my other MP3 files are not having this problem, so I assume its a config setting on export...).
If I can't work out what is happening, I'll pass it off to the development team. Someone else might know what the issue is - either with the MP3 or Muvizu.
2015/10/19 11:12:04
Importing Audio files I wonder if some one can shine a light on a problem I suddenly got when Importing MP3 audio files.

As of yesterday when trying to Import any audio file it only imports exactly 8.11 seconds no matter what size the file is. Normally I can Import aduio files ok but suddenly now I can't. The processe I go through to make an Audio file is.

1. Record in Audacity ------> using a good mic
2. Export to MP3 format
3. In Muvizu go to Prepare ----> Audio -----> New ------> double click on the audio track -----> click Import and choose the MP3 file
4. Check the file by using the play button audio sounds good but only 8.11 seconds have been Imported.

Has any one had this problem, If so how did you fix it ?.
I'm using Windows 10, just incase it matters.

Thanks in advance
2015/10/2 17:37:48
Update prompt every time I run Muvizu Play+ I've just updated today to the same version and am getting the same issue.

If it helps I just Installed windows 10 yesterday.

Also there is no other version of the software Installed and the short cut is pointing to the .exe in the C:\Program Files\Muvizu Play\Binaries64
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