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2015/4/13 18:29:57
Beefy custom texture Yes, it can get quite fragmented when you try to do the whole body, and everything is tied into the shape of the clothes.
2015/4/12 17:35:37
Of Mice and Muvizu I use a RAT 7 mouse (which is awesome) and the Logitech G13 control pad thing. There's a little joystick on the G13 which I use to fly around in Muvizu, and I've put the keys for timeline/lights/etc on there as well. Works for me
2015/4/12 17:26:42
Beefy custom texture Beefy's top and bottom textures are separate - you have to work out what clothes to give him first, then texture the slots accordingly.
2015/4/10 15:13:50
What I've been up to... Nice - I do like trickery I would recommend you check out Dylly's Bed Topper though, its much rounder and takes light better than what you are currently using :

2015/4/4 14:47:26
Making character point at things All actions below the neck are pre-sets, no custom moves possible, sorry to say.
2015/3/31 18:13:38
Coming Soon... LOL, although that's not how you spell 'uncontrollable'
2015/3/30 18:15:43
characters sitting Download and install each of these :


Or, to save time, download the full (not lite) version of Muvizu and reinstall it, since it has all these packs included anyway.
2015/3/26 18:15:46
Strange problem at start up of Muvizu play If it's a laptop, the spinning can also be caused by the touchpad. You can test that easy enough by disabling the touchpad and using a mouse instead (which you should for Muvizu, really).
2015/3/26 17:59:30
Fix the glitchy HD video? Virtual Dub can do it - see here : http://www.cmiss.org/cmgui/wiki/CreatingAnAVIFromASeriesOfImagesWindows

It's a bit long winded, by the looks of it. However, your best best is always to go for a video editor - Adobe Premiere and Sony Vegas (or Moviestudio) do it as well, but you have to pay for them. Try Lightworks - it's free, and pretty good from the looks of it. Fusion, although not a video editor per se, can also compile TGAs, and it's free too.
2015/3/25 22:34:15
Upload from You Tube Intriguing vid, OtherGuy - what game engine are they walking through? Nice environment.
2015/3/25 19:09:13
top quality muvizu animation The translation is okay, but could be improved. Here's what I think it should read like :

Don't Be Like Them

Do Not Play With Life

Many Have Already Stopped

You Can Do It

And If You Think You Can't Do It Alone

Ask For Help

Stop Driving (and Drinking!)

It is Possible

If We Have ??

I don't understand the last one, I don't know what you're referring to. Hope that helps.
2015/3/25 19:00:34
Where's the 'Upgrade' button? Best procedure? Download the full thing, reinstall over the top of the old one. Works for me
2015/3/25 13:53:11
top quality muvizu animation I would never have attempted that many object animations - must've drove them mad trying to get it to all line up! Impressed by the speed it all happens too - great little vid - salute! Thumbs Up
2015/3/23 23:01:37
Fix the glitchy HD video? You've hit the 2gb limit on AVI files (that Muvizu can produce). By dropping the resolution you drop the size, so it works, but if you want 1080 resolution you have two choices :

1 Make sure each clip is less that 20 seconds long, or...
2 Use TGA sequences instead, which have no limits.

I use the TGA option, it works. In the Make Video bit, select TGA instead of video as the output - just make sure to put it in a folder, since each frame is a separate image. Your video editor has to be able to read TGA sequences too, but most will (not Windows Movie Maker though).
2015/3/23 16:04:02
My character wont stand up no matter what Yes, the character 'remembers' to stay sat for all following animations you give them, regardless - however, I only encountered it the once, and it's probably related to the super heroes in some other way. I always download the full install so I don't have to mess around with the content packs, so I never encountered the superhero bug, but... I used the program for 7 hours straight without a hitch on a 265mb set two days ago. Yesterday, same set, it crashed out randomly while in the Timeline (while I was moving actions about, I think). However, I save often, so no biggie, just sayin' it's still a little bit wonky somewhere, perhaps
2015/3/22 19:45:43
Download the beta assets? The scaling for imported objects is different for attached objects, always has been, but there's usually not such a big disparity between the two. There are other threads on here regarding the scaling issues, but it usually amounts to the same thing - rescale down the original to make Muvizu happy. I converted the sword.ase file back to a 3DS file, imported it into Sketchup, resized it down, then re-exported it as an ASE again, (had to reassign the textures along the way), and it's now correct. However, since we can't post models any more, you'll have to PM me with an email address and I'll send you the file. Just remember to credit Woztoons, not me
2015/3/22 17:14:25
Download the beta assets? Yup, something has changed inside Muvizu because that used to import at the right size before the update, and now it doesn't (when I tried it in January it was at the correct scale). You should post that picture in the 2015 Update Bugs thread, and hopefully it should get fixed. In the meantime, you could PM Woztoons and ask him (nicely) if he'd recreate the sword at a smaller scale.
2015/3/18 20:50:40
March 2015 update bugs Can't seem to assign new Dialog tracks to characters - got my 3 (much used) 'talkie' tracks loaded, none now work the characters mouth. However, on loading a set, the first character I assign a track to is fine, the next isn't. Loading up a new sample doesn't help. Only happened since the update - thought it was a one off at first, but it isn't.
2015/3/18 19:20:45
Prison clothing If you're after classic 'stripey jumper' convict type clothing, you could use the mime artists skin here http://www.muvizu.com/Texture/20636/Mime-skin-1 and alter it a bit.
2015/3/18 18:24:23
FBX UDK editor stuff. EEF, I get my free models from (in order of preference) :

Google 3D Warehouse

When I have a model that isn't ASE (i.e. 99% of them) then I use a free little program called Biturn to covert them into 3DS files so I can import them into Sketchup, and then out to ASE. Doesn't always work doing it like that, and sometimes I use Daz (also free) to import the files to then export as 3DS or FBX directly (Daz is okay with FBX files, mostly). Even if you're not interested in the posing aspects of the Daz program, it's a very handy resource to have because it allows you access to file types Sketchup won't even look at. Urban's right though, you have to study a bit no matter what you try to do
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