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2014/1/30 21:30:53
A List of 3d Animation progams.... urbanlamb wrote:
AuroraMoon wrote:
It's been a while ever since I used Moviestorm, so thank you for correcting me on that one. still, 75 dollars can be a little bit too much for people who are cheapskate hobbyists (like me!).

I find this ' i am a hobbyist' therefore it should be free to always puzzle me

Ah but Urban, if you put 'cheapskate' in front of anything then it has to be free, or else you won't do it
2014/1/29 16:41:52
ability to create a character or not? You can import models, but not characters. There is the possiblity in the future that the fbx format would allow for character import, but not any time soon. The Create Character tab only allows you to create a new character from the list (man, woman, beefy, etc). So you're stuck with them, is what we're sayin'
2014/1/28 2:04:36
The Great Butter War Demented - but in a good way! The shiny fbx bits look great, and the huge thing with all the cannons attached looks so wierd... A great advert for what Play+ can do (and shows how being snowed in concentrates the mind ) Nice one Urban!
2014/1/24 18:54:58
Period costumes? If only the Heroine character had actual human-like proportions... (instead of walking around on stilts, apparently)
2014/1/24 18:51:57
Graphic bug (large white streaks) with Play+ I get this too, but it's just an update thing, it doesn't actually effect anything (once the screen updates it's fine). Could just be an Nvidia driver issue - do any ATI users experience it too?
2014/1/23 19:48:29
Show us your Beefy! I don't have a printer...but I do have a Wacom tablet

2014/1/22 19:47:40
what is the acceptable rate? There is no agreed rate for these things in Muvizu. Also, you posted earlier on about an 'exclusive' toilet set? There is a toilet in Muvizu already - do you need a specific one? The idea of any part of Muvizu being 'exclusive' is kind of hard to make happen, since anyone could, if they wanted to, replicate your sets/characters/etc. Perhaps you'd be better asking a Muvizuer directly for help (whoever's style would fit with what you're after) and then negotiate with them. Muvizu is mostly about having fun with animation, not making a business out of it (for 99% of users anyway).
2014/1/22 1:50:17
Show us your Beefy!
2014/1/20 19:11:44
Help With Sony Vegas ninamag wrote:
ziggy72 wrote:
I no longer use movie codecs at all, and use TGA sequences instead (to avoid the dreaded 2gb file size limit, which at 1080 you hit after about 20 seconds of footage).
edited by ziggy72 on 20/01/2014

you mean muvizu does not use by default TGA? If so, how does one manually use TGA instead of movie codecs?

When you go to make your movie, you have options - output it as a movie or as a TGA sequence. It's in a drop down box.
2014/1/20 19:09:46
Cartoon-Cartoon ninamag wrote:
why do some muvizu cartoon looks better, or more 3d, than other muvizu cartoons?

Same reason as why some films look better than others - the people who make them. Some people throw them together in 5 minutes, others take months agonizing over every detail. Some people have no idea what they want to make so just put together something random, others write it all out and conceptualize it first. The software is the same for everyone (more or less) so it's just down to what you're trying to achieve. That's my take on it, anyway
2014/1/20 18:53:29
Help With Sony Vegas ninamag wrote:
ziggy72 wrote:
Yup, I use Vegas 11 with Muvizu's iYUV codec and they're just fine - using an uncompressed file always gives you a better result. One question though - why output the project at 1080 when Muvizu can only put out 720? Seems a bit wasteful

was the above quote made before muvizu was able to output at 1080?

Yes - 720 was the highest you could export a movie out until Play+ came along, which now allows 1080.

Having said that, I no longer use movie codecs at all, and use TGA sequences instead (to avoid the dreaded 2gb file size limit, which at 1080 you hit after about 20 seconds of footage).
edited by ziggy72 on 20/01/2014
2014/1/19 17:43:39
Muvizu Play 1.2 Feedback (also Play+) Never mind her hair, it's her face that's disturbing!
2014/1/19 17:35:56
Lightweight Laptop Recommendations ? If it was me, I'd go for the first one - the specs are all the same for both sets of hardware, so no advantage there, but you do get an actual Windows disk to let you reinstall it if it all goes pear-shaped (and not just one of those stupid hidden partition systems). And 2kg is pretty good for a higher spec laptop. Beyond that it's just aesthetics, really
2014/1/18 21:09:14
Passion Competition website redesign The link isn't working - there's an S in the WWW bit.
2014/1/18 19:59:15
Character stops moving It's a known bug :


Still no fix.
2014/1/17 22:35:27
Coming Soon... I don't know which looks scarier - Urban's vid or Fazz's! Big Grin
2014/1/17 13:45:37
Help - Screen area keeps spinning horizontally I think this is a touchpad issue - try disabling the touchpad and using a mouse instead, see if that cures it.
2014/1/17 13:43:58
VIdeo Card specs...Bottleneck? Both the moon set and desert island set were by me (if it's the ones from the Assets page). The shadows are set to maximum sharpness (that's how I like 'em) but this puts a strain on your video card. Turn them down to 50% and the set will be easier to work with (and then turn them back up to 100% just before you make your movie).
2014/1/15 20:47:27
Lightweight Laptop Recommendations ? Fastest i5 you can afford, 2Gb or more RAM, Windows 7 - that's a given for a laptop to run Muvizu (Windows 8 sucks, avoid). Video card? Who knows - so many dumb names that mean nothing to anyone. I would imagine, Chuckles, that this is the bit that is stumping you - making sure it's fast enough since Muvizu needs a fast video card. When you're looking at the spec for a laptop, try using this site to gauge the speed of the card :


It gives you a graphical representation (a coloured bar) to show how fast every video card is - it is a very quick way of weeding out the lame ones, and identifying the good ones. You just search for the card you're looking at, and it'll show you where it is in the pecking order. It does other hardware too, it's a very handy site for getting the bigger picture. Hope this helps.
2014/1/14 19:34:24
1st attempt A bunny Burns night? I didn't know you could make haggis out of rabbits...oh hang on, I may have misunderstood Big Grin

Nice test, and you got me thinking about how you'd make a (sort of) bunny in Muvizu - attachments to a Blob might work, or a whole body on top of a Stickman maybe, dunno, something like that... anyway, howdy!
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