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2012/10/25 19:14:03
Spooky Halloween Challenge #2! Kimberley228K wrote:
We don't mind if you're over or under the 60 seconds we've asked for. Send in your entries anyway and we can have a look at them.

We want y'all to get involved!

I think they're just saying that half hour epics aren't called for here, just something quick and spooky. Mine should have been up today, but my set got corrupted by my PC crashing on saving/exiting the program, so I lost a couple of days work. The set won't load, but thankfully I had a backup - just got to do the motions again (and I did change the whole thing a bit too, made it better I hope )
2012/10/24 20:13:15
Spooky Halloween Challenge #2! At 1:08 the gunfire wipes out the narration completely, and at exactly the wrong moment unfortunately ("now known as the ...." !?). Epic finish though, good job, and sorry if I sound pedantic about the sound, but it does bug me somewhat when it's not right. Actually everything bugs me if it isn't right - I may have Muvizu OCD. Ignore me
2012/10/24 19:18:14
Spooky Halloween #1 challenge! I made it to the front page - Woo Hoo!

Thanks, and congrats to Artpen and Woztoons, but I reckon Dreeko woz robbed - his image was great! Okay, maybe it did have an imported object or two, but still, it deserves a mention. Or Teddy might have something to say...
2012/10/23 20:22:51
Help With Sony Vegas Yup, I use Vegas 11 with Muvizu's iYUV codec and they're just fine - using an uncompressed file always gives you a better result. One question though - why output the project at 1080 when Muvizu can only put out 720? Seems a bit wasteful
2012/10/22 21:42:36
Learning blender Awesome, thank you both. I know the professionals insist on using splines for everything but I can't help thinking of the world in terms of blocks and the shapes they make through interaction - I have a lego brain, obviously
2012/10/22 19:51:50
How to make a char fly and move at a same time Hi jayadeava - the sound's still not great but I did pickup up enough to see that you've found a very useful bug - good one! Now, if we could only get him to fly in a curved line as well...
2012/10/22 19:45:55
Learning blender Hmm... just before I start filling my brain with yet another 3D program (!!) I would like to ask one question, Jamie - can Blender do boolean operations? And I mean proper ones, where you can remove one shape's overlapping area from another shape (unlike the 'sorta' boolean in Sketchup) and do it simply. If it can, I'm in!
2012/10/22 2:43:10
Spooky Halloween Challenge #2! <emerges blinking into the light >

Nearly done...

<shuffles back into the dark>

2012/10/21 18:10:57
Fixed axie direction when create objects That's what Snapping is, in the Tools menu.
2012/10/20 21:19:48
website woes suggestion Likewise, I also agree - it looks bizarre when you say things in answer to nothing (apparently!) on the comments. Youtube's system is quite good - any chance we could nick I mean be influenced by it?
2012/10/20 18:53:40
Ground plane image bug This is, as you say, a bug. The only way around it is to make the object 'floats in the air', raise it up, resize it, then turn off floating. Tedious, but it works

Or, you could just move the wall off the ground plane when resizing it, although that kind of defeats the purpose of using the ground plane to line things up...
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2012/10/20 18:51:56
Difficult to align objects Try turning on 'Snapping' from the Tools menu - this locks everything to a fixed system, so that they all line up when rotated.
2012/10/20 2:34:29
Publishing movie Yup, in order for it to show up on the Muvizu Gallery it has to be posted to YouTube through Muvizu. Don't think there's any other way of doing it.
2012/10/20 2:30:46
Spooky Halloween Challenge #2! Coming soon - Fear is... Whaaaaa?

2012/10/19 20:41:21
new to muvizu. Just to clarify, it's not that there's a time limit on clips (except the 20 minute one for Muvizu itself), it's just that any video you create that's over 2gb in size will give you problems when you try to play it or edit it (due to some arcane operating system restrictions). Using the highest quality codec (like iYUV) gives you movies of about 1gb for every 30 seconds, so (as urbanlamb said, and I also have to do all the bleedin' time) you will have to render out lots of little clips then stitch them together. Or you could drop the quality...but I'd advise against that. Looks rubbish
2012/10/19 8:59:37
Opening Set files I keep getting this Yeah, you'll have to use the same version you created the set in to be able to even open it, let alone rescue it. Guess you'll have to download every version, then try loading them up one by one... oh dear

Also, I would recommend you never use favourites - save your characters/models/whatever as a set file, then copy and paste them into your working set file. Favourites don't survive version changes, and Muvizu changes versions very frequently (relatively speaking ). I've never used the favourites for this very reason, and have had an easier time of it because of that. Good luck with the sets - we feel for ya!
2012/10/18 20:32:52
Opening Set files I keep getting this Here's a thought - since you've used the extreme versions in the past without keeping them seperate from the stable versions, maybe you could solve some of the problems with the sets by loading them up in 0.22b, select everything, copy, create a new set, then paste it all back in. Now when you save the set, it should contain only stable items. Should, I say I've had to do this myself, and it's a bit of a pain to get to a point in the set where you can successfully paste, and then you've got to 'drop' everything to stop it floating in the air...but it's worth a go if all else isn't helping.
2012/10/17 21:54:43
Guns and Performance What He Said Thumbs Up
2012/10/17 21:51:29
Superhero Adventures Episode 2 Oh yeah, something I meant to add - it took me about 10 goes each for the two shots I used in the vid, because the cape has a mind of it's own and sometimes interacts brilliantly with the strip, sometimes glitches all over the place, and sometimes sulks and does nothing. You have to render out the shot over and over until you get the take that works before you can move on. Such is physics

Anyway, glad to hear you're taking up the challenge urbanlamb - up, up, and away! Big Grin
2012/10/17 20:53:44
Superhero Adventures Episode 2 urbanlamb wrote:
haha your "guess" is about right.

He's right you know - this is my (unrefined) way of making that damn cape not become a scarf :

1. Created a sort of hilly strip in Sketchup using a section of terrain someone had posted on Google 3D Warehouse

2. Imported it into Muvizu with Alpha set to Opacity (and single sided).

The blue one is how it looks when you import it, I then applied the texture for Raindrop (from Effects) to make it partially visible, but easier to work with.

3. Stretched out 2 copies of the strip, and lined them up with Soop (made them much more shallow too, as the lumpier version sent the cape all over the place)

4. With Movement Speed set to 75, animated both strips moving straight ahead (arrow key up) to pass through his face. This moves the cape okay, but I'll be experimenting further to find the best kind of shape to pass under the cape to make it look better.

Obviously, set the texture to None before rendering the shots, and there you go. If anyone else finds a better kind of shape to use, please let us all know!

So urbanlamb, can we expect some top cape action in the next installment?
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