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2018/3/15 16:56:27
I can't get license key to work I saved my license key last time i used it. I had to reinstall Muvizu and when I try to use the license key it won't work. The license key when I open it is in Chinese. I guess Muvizu was bought out, and there is no support any longer. When I used the license key before I don't think it was in chinese. Is there anyone that can help me.

Thank you
2015/7/24 8:10:53
How do I copy my license key to the clipboard? For anyone having the issue this answer doesn't explain the mistake people are making. I was making two mistakes. In the original email with the license. The number is so long it doesn't appear all within the border of the email and there is o when you highlight it to copy it you have to make sure it all getting highlighted. Second mistake was not mine. Copy and Paste means exactly that. You usually right click on copy, got o where you want to paste and right click on Paste. Well in the software to the right when you click on FILE, and the you you click on UPGRADE TO MUVIZU PLAY+ it takes you to the window with the two choices. BUY or ENTER CODE at this point anyone that knows how to copy and paste would right click and then select paste. That won't get your key recognized. You just left click ENTER CODE then another window opens up ad you can see your license, and then you activate it. I have been talking to tech support for two days on this problem. Copy and Paste means just that Copy and Paste. there in no left click in Copy and Paste $^^*^(%$$*(^&&) &^&*&
2015/7/23 15:48:40
I can't copy and paste license. I really loved the free trial, and the software is so fast. I was very excited to buy your product. However that is when I started having problems. When I purchased the software, I received my license code, and it would not allow me to copy and past it on the clipboard. One of the post below titled Can't dowload full version is exactly what I was going though. I uninstalled the trial version, and tried to install the full version, but I couldn't do it. It says that I have already purchased the product, which is true. However the solution for the post below titled,"Can't download full version was not a solution for me. I have paid for this software, and I con't use it. Please Help.

Taft David Haynes
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