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2017/1/11 17:06:10
superman I recently noticed that a number of superhero characters have been pulled from the store by their creators... Superman is one of them. Unless/until somebody creates a new Superman and puts him in the store, you'll have to create your own.
2017/1/11 13:07:04
Poser 11 for 49.00 US Sale Price Chas60 wrote:
I have Poser 11. I think it is nice, but for my money, I feel Muvizu is a lot simpler to use.

no doubt about it, Muvizu beats Poser in just about every area except flexibility. Those of us who use Poser at all use it as a "tool in the toolbox" to solve the occasional problem that Muvizu can't handle. But I would never EVER embrace Poser as my main animation solution!

Poser 11 is a good investment, but it is up to to the individual whether they wish to spend time learning a new program. I just wish Poser people were able to answer questions. Maybe someone here can help.

if you have Poser questions, ask away... but I think it would make more sense to ask poser questions on the poser forum.

I learned how to lip sync once character, however, there are scenes where I have two or more characters. I would appreciate anyone explaining to me how to upload my dialog files so that I can have more than one person speaking in project.

I assume this question pertains to Muvizu, not Poser. This question has come up several times lately, so I might make a tutorial on how to use Audacity to create dialog for Muvizu. Stay tuned. I'll post it in this thread when it's finished.
2017/1/10 19:00:05
Frame rate question...... another thing that might change the synchronization of sound is whether a WAV file was used or an MP3. MP3 files typically have some buffer added to the front of the file that adds dead space between the file's start and the point at which sound starts playing.

Stated differently, If you take a WAV file and convert it to MP3 without any other change, and put them both on adjacent timelines, the WAV file will start playing first. I don't know whether/how Muvizu accounts for that padding or whether it would affect the lip synch.

I do know that the difference between MP3 and WAV is an ongoing topic on music collaboration sites where people play along with somebody else's track, then save their track in a different format than the original track, and then the collaborators wonder why the two tracks won't line up on the time line when both tracks start at the same place.

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2017/1/10 15:58:11
Frame rate question...... Interesting that the audio is off by 1 frame. It might be a worthwhile test to compare the original audio to the audio generated by Muvizu to see if they are the same

I had a similar problem a while back, and it turned out that I had somehow started with a video template for 24fps. Once I changed the video template back to 25 fps the problem resolved.
2017/1/9 13:36:59
Japanese song Unfinished project from last year. I like your unique approach to using Muvizu. You are doing some interesting things... keep it up!
2017/1/8 23:46:35
TMU promo It might be worth mentioning that the link to your web site does not appear unless viewers watch this video from Youtube. If you embed the hot link in the video you will be able to drive people to the site no matter how they view your video.
2017/1/8 10:37:35
WHERE ARE YOU? Quite a varied response just from the English-speaking forum! I know there are many other nations represented in Muvizu's user base, but they wouldn't show up in this sample because they don't speak English.

At a time when there are many differences that divide the people of the world, I see value in making a conscious effort to look for areas of common interest while simultaneously choosing to ignore the ways in which we might be different. In this group the common denominators all appear to be our shared focus on creativity. Music, modelling, animation, painting, programming, writing, acting, photography, and I'd guess many more craft related hobbies that didn't get mentioned.

What I find so appealing about creative people is the passion that defines their lives. That's a good thing and it can't be faked. Creative people are always far more interesting to me than anybody else. I'm very happy to have discovered this group of kindred spirits.
2017/1/6 16:27:58
WHERE ARE YOU? comictude wrote:
What types of stories did you write Comictude?

I wrote scary stories, fractured fairy tales, and more. I did manage to finish a book I started before my wife passed but right now I just can't get my mind wrapped around it anymore so this is the next step. I think I didn't want this to be frustrating but this forum made me decide not to drop the program and glad I didn't. Maybe at some point combining my story telling with this will get me back on track.

yeah, if you already have more than 2 dozen finished stories, with fully developed characters and plots... wow! What a great resource to have at your disposal while learning to animate!
2017/1/5 23:59:26
WHERE ARE YOU? I find it interesting that so many of us are also musicians!
2017/1/5 23:12:23
AVI import cropped and doubled I think you'll find that incorporating AVIs in your video editor gives you more options, and control with less hassle. Also they won't have the faded look that AVI tends to have on backdrops.
2017/1/5 14:39:48
need tutorial on basis dialog you raise a good point, Danny... it's enough of a recurring question that a tutorial on how to create dialog with audacity would be worth somebody's time. If I weren't so dang busy working on my son's rental house, I'd make one. Maybe if its still an issue months from now when his house is done, I'll pursue the idea.
2017/1/5 13:42:10
WHERE ARE YOU? Glad you've decided to stay, Comictude! We have a lot in common... like you I'm retired and a widower, so I understand about the grieving process. I don't have any grandkids, but my 2 adult kids are my best friends.

I'm very impressed that you've written so many books since retiring! That's quite an accomplishment!

There are definitely hurdles to overcome with this product, but its still amazing what can be done with it if you're clever at workarounds. There are a couple of long standing works-in-process that should be released within the next 6 months, and I know people will be blown away by the quality of these projects.
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2017/1/5 11:41:19
WHERE ARE YOU? Welcome, Pixelworld! I agree with everything you said!
2017/1/3 16:21:31
My 1st 360 video that was a pretty cool application for the 360 degree rotation feature... turning it into a discovery puzzle. I think it's better suited to games than video. For video I want to control the camera view in order to frame my scenes. The whole idea of turning that control over to the viewer makes no sense to me.

It might be useful in a music video where the point is less of a cohesive and linear story than an audio visual discovery exercise, hiding Easter Eggs in the song so to speak.

For your application, it worked well.

I wish the oculus rift feature actually allowed us to export 3d videos instead of simply viewing in 3d as we create the video. I see no point in that at all.
2017/1/3 15:46:28
Lip Sync Nightmare comictude wrote:
I did have a question. Breaking down scenes makes sense but how to you keep the last scene in your clip? In other words when you finish playing a scene the scene shifts back to the original. Characters may have moved and if you are splitting scenes you want to start the next scene in exactly the same spot you ended the previous scene. I don't see anywhere where it says how to do that.

I can't speak for anyone else, but I tend to use a new camera angle when I change scenes. Viewing from a new angle tends to disguise slight location differences from scene to scene. Above and beyond that, I also tend to keyframe slight camera panning DURING scenes, to highlight the 3D nature of the set. It adds visual interest while simultaneously avoiding the kind of static scenes that end up looking jarring if you break continuity
2017/1/3 1:00:13
Lip Sync Nightmare just out of curiosity... can you post a snippet that shows the problem you're experiencing?

in DIRECT DIALOG mode (when the character is supposed to be lip-synching) which of these icons is colored red? The first one or the second one? If the second one is red, then the character won't lip synch, because its in SHUSH mode.

There is a bug in the current version that makes SHUSH remain active... ( once you click it to SHUSH it won't go back to TALK until you close the session and start over with a fresh dialog
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2017/1/2 15:39:06
Add a set based user created prop to my inventory
That brings up a side question. I see this notice on the Store:

As of February 2014 we will no longer be hosting new 3D models and audio files.

Does that mean Muvizu ready 3D models in FBX or ASE formats or models for modders to convert for use in Muvizu?

I think it's referring to standalone files of any format that would make it possible for pirated files to get stored on their server while continuing to be illegally traded. This all happened before I started using Muvizu, so I don't know the story behind it (maybe one of the long-standing members will chime in with informed comments)

The current system puts all assets into a SET, which is a dead end street. Models and audio can't be extracted from sets and recirculated. Upshot is that as long as your model is in a set, it's OK to be in the store*.


Due to the way attachments are selected, they must always be stored on your hard drive. To my knowledge (maybe somebody knows a way that isn't obvious to me) there is no way to pick an object that's already in the set in order to apply it to a character as an attachment.

If you want to provide attachments that others can apply, you'll have to put them on DropBox or some similar DL repository, and post a link to them (Or apply them to one of the highly modifiable characters so people can make a bunch of "different" characters use your attachment. )

* NOTE: when you upload a set, you have to check a box saying that you own the rights to whatever you are uploading... so in order to be TRULY OK to be in the store, that must also be true

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2017/1/1 23:58:11
New Character Clayster,
I just got around to DLing this character so I could examine it.... the workmanship here is excellent, but it's so different from everything else you've ever uploaded I feel compelled to ask if you modelled everything, or did you take an existing model, break it apart and then turn the parts into separate attachments?

Of special interest is the texturing... how did you get that look?

Regardless of how you created this character, it is a real testimony to what can be done with attachments and the basic characters!
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2017/1/1 23:23:13
Add a set based user created prop to my inventory Nahton,
To my knowledge there is no way to separate an attachment from its host so it can be saved as a favourite or applied to a different character. You must either create the attachment yourself so you can apply it however you want, or ask the original creator for the model.

Without having the model itself as a standalone entity somewhere on your hard drive, you are limited to saving as favourite the whole policeman character that holds the taser. The only other option I can suggest is to modify the character with different nose, hair, eyes etc if you need a different character to hold the taser
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2017/1/1 22:26:02
Shooting Animation I'd have to agree that the lack of a pistol shooting action limits what you can do with such a prop. In trying to create a demo for the civil war characters with pistols, the closest I could come was to use the various pointing actions (which you've already discovered, aren't ideal)

If you know how to model, you could take Ziggy's hand/arm prop and add a gun, which could then be keyframed to do whatever you want (but you'd have to frame the shot so that the characters existing arm was not visible at the same time as his extra gun-wielding arm)

Oh, the hoops we jump thru to actualize our scenes!
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