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2016/12/23 23:55:25
Poser 11 for 49.00 US Sale Price Rocque wrote:
Based on what I have read so far, I am going to wait a year to buy Poser. I do not have the qualifications to attempt to learn it. I still have to get better with Muvizu. I am going to try using Free stuff for now.

I am putting a new roof on my house so that is taking up my have fun money for a while. I will let you all get better with Poser then next year you can help me if I feel I have time to use it.

ooooo, very shrewd plan there Rocque! Cleverrrrr..... ;-)
2016/12/23 17:33:31
Bump Mapping... Thanks, Fazz68...

I just imported the model painted in 3d-coat, and it does indeed show all those additional maps in the muvizu properties tab. (called normal map, however... not bump map)

But... it looks nothing like it did in 3d-coat, so something is getting lost in the translation. It may have something to do with the way alpha channel is used by 3d-coat to dither and blend the various maps. Muvizu seems to set the opacity either on or off, which makes the color regions end abruptly, like those old paint by number paintings that were popular years ago. (they had no color blending, just a series of different shades adjacent to one another, simulating a blend from a distance

The fact that 3d-coat exports all those maps as Targa images is partly what suggests they use alpha for blending, as that's one of the strengths of that format.

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2016/12/23 0:55:43
Can I attach a light source, or a camera to... if you export them as ASE or FBX you should be good. OBJ also works now, but you'll probably have to size it differently than the same object exported as an FBX. In my case, I had to make the OBJ almost 100 times larger in order to be the same size as the FBX in the Muvizu environment
2016/12/22 23:35:54
Can I attach a light source, or a camera to... I'm not aware of any way to directly attach either of those things to a character... but you should be able to keyframe or direct the movement of both cameras and lights. With a bit of planning you should be able to make them approximate the movements of your character. But it won't happen automatically. You'll need to move your character, then separately move the light and camera
In order for the light to shine only on one character, you'll probably want to choose a spot light with narrow angle
2016/12/22 17:40:54
CHRISTMAS CONTEST 2016 Very cool, Anticip! I like the premise, and I especially like the classical music in the background.

You probably aren't the first person to "go there" regarding the bathroom and bedroom scenes, but its the first I've ever seen. You should probably include a disclaimer that says : "WARNING: contains scenes that can't be un-seen!"
(Who knows how long it will be before I lose the mental image of Beefy sitting on the toilet. )

You used a number of interesting techniques here, for example the thrown axes. And I'm guessing you made a lot of the models, like the swords Beefy used to dispatch the terrorist...?

I liked the reindeer and sleigh.. haven't seen that in the store, so I'm guessing you figured out a way to get that into Muvizu too! Looks like you overcame a lot of obstacles and learning curve to make this video!

Tell us a little more about how this idea developed... sounds like it was a collaboration?
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2016/12/22 17:34:46
Bump Mapping... Hauksbee wrote:
I know that Muvizu supports Transparencies, but what about Bump Maps? If I build an object in 3DMax and apply a Bump Map, will it show when imported into Muvizu?

I can't say for sure, but I think not. I recently made what I considered to be a very realistic paint job in 3d-coat, and when I opened it in Muvizu it didn't look nearly as good.

But, to make sure, here's a link to Support:

Please let us know whatever you find out
2016/12/22 17:31:29
Poser 11 for 49.00 US Sale Price I'm not at my graphics PC at the moment, but all of the libraries are found at the top right corner of the screen. The first icon should be for characters. Once you open it, then you just have to look through the various folders (one of them should be CARTOON (or something along those lines)

When you find a character you want to load, double click on it

To remove the current character, you need to use the menu FIGURE > REMOVE CHARACTER
(maybe not the exact terms since I'm not looking at it... but my point is that you can't just click on it and hit delete.

As screwy and different as the Poser interface may be, there is a method to it. Assets are all in the library, separated by character, prop, hair, poses, scenes etc

Functions are all separated into rooms

Renderosity has some of the best Youtube tutorials for poser, and I recommend them to anyone who wants to get a quick overview of how to navigate the Poser world.
2016/12/22 6:09:23
DANGER!!! (New video) Great series, Big Wally! And you do such a good job turning the radio show into convincing animations!
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2016/12/21 12:51:06
Good info, Gimmick! Thanks for posting actual cinematic titles.. makes it easier to find useful loops in a sea of possibilities!

@ Drewi :
We must be kindred spirits Drew! we seem to have a lot in common!
2016/12/21 3:23:47
Poser 11 for 49.00 US Sale Price gimmick wrote:
In France, the price of Poser 11 is not $49 but 62 € including tax

I paid by paypal and I got nothing Whaaaaa? No mail. No download links. No serial numbers ! And the websites for Poser are so much complicated: + +

So I am waiting for an answer of the support

Interesting. Any time I've bought from them (many times) the transaction was automated and I got a BUNCH of followup emails immediately.. an order acknowledgement, a followup with registration key, one with download information, and usually some ads for other products. Not hearing from them right away would make me wonder if I entered my email address incorrectly or something.

If you created an account at SMITH MICRO before buying, maybe you can log into your account and get your downloads from there.
2016/12/20 17:31:33
CINEMATIC MUSIC Thanks for the heads-up, Gimmick! Looks like a product that would be useful to anybody who wants to make their own royalty free music! I especially like the cinematic clips.

Even with clips, you have to provide a chord structure, and the purpose of the videos above was to identify chord patterns that are commonly used in Hollywood to evoke moods.
2016/12/19 19:18:00
TUTORIAL SERIES: SILO to MUVIZU Silo usually costs $150 USD, but STEAM has it for $119 USD...

Black Friday price on steam was just $29.... and it is my understanding that steam is having another sale starting this wednesday (Dec 21) .. I don't know if the sale will affect the price of Silo, but if you like the idea of tutorials like the one shown above, it may be worth looking to see if its on sale
2016/12/19 19:14:51
TUTORIAL SERIES: SILO to MUVIZU Here's the first in a series of tutorials showing how to use SILO to create assets for Muvizu. The first tutorial is a very short and simple project which shows how I made the collars for the civil war uniforms... but the principle can be expanded to make just about anything.

The videos will often be using the OBJ blanks for the Muvizu characters, which are available here:

its probably worth mentioning that its a good idea to download the character blanks and resize them to match the size of the Muvizu characters (export the blank as fbx to Muvizu and compare it size wise to the same character. If they're already the same, then you're ready to start modelling! But if the blank is larger or smaller than the Muvizu character you'll need to rezize and repeat until they match. )

Once you get your blanks sized, then everything you make from them will fit the character without a lot of adjustment.

If you don't know how to do that, don't worry.. I'll be making a tutorial on how to resize the blanks. Also on how to navigate the Silo interface.

the tutorial:

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2016/12/19 16:06:33
CINEMATIC MUSIC If you are a Muvizu-er who also prefers to create the music for your videos, here is an interesting and useful link about chord combinations that are commonly used in Movies and TV to evoke certain emotions:

and here's another one along the same lines:

2016/12/19 0:27:21
Sketchup to Muvizu maybe it's time to start using a newer version of sketchup, now that the syntax error that was keeping the ASE exporter from working in new versions has been identified and the fix has been defined.

Edit required to fix the ASE exporter found at the end of this message is described near the end of the following thread:

link to the ASE exporter that will work with sketchup 2016 if you make the edit described above:
2016/12/18 23:07:48
Question about Asian & South Asian character packs Wow.. thanks Ikes! I never noticed that before!
2016/12/18 17:48:03
Question about Asian & South Asian character packs mindiflyth wrote:
Thanks so much for the info, PatMarrNC! So, to be clear, NONE of these characters have texture maps available anywhere, right?

not that I'm aware of... BUT....

One big difference between these characters and the potato heads is that the potato heads are made from one solid mesh. For the potato heads you NEED a UV map in order to know where the shirt ends and the pants begin if you want to create new outfits.

These characters are actually EASIER because they use a separate model for the top, legs etc.... so you can apply a texture directly to the blouse or skirt without having to worry about it bleeding over into something else.

If you want a blouse with buttons, you might have to experiment get the placement right... but I bet they'd be in the center of the texture

But, here's where it gets better: With the old characters we had to paint the clothes onto the bodies. (you can still do that with these characters)... but the NEW outfits have dimension and soft cloth! Skirts, pants, scarves, sweaters etc have their own bulk, so they look like they exist on top of the character instead of looking like they're painted on! I like this a lot! It's a very good implementation of clothing in my opinion.

When you consider how easy it is to apply a texture to a skirt or sweater, that the clothes look more realistic and that they move with the characters... you begin to realize that these characters are different in a GOOD way. The changes have made these characters easier to modify.

Thanks for asking this question, because I had bought these characters but never really examined them to understand how the differences are actually improvements. Answering your question has opened my eyes in a good way, and I'll be using these characters a lot more as time goes on.

Now that I've discovered the long soft cloth dress, I'll have to make some more Civil war era women (daughters maybe...)

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2016/12/18 17:28:53
Latest Muvizu ? I haven't given it a real workout yet, but Ziggy reports that all of the legacy problems are still there (like inability to keyframe an object in more than 2 axes at once)

Also TALK and SHUSH appear to be broken in this version. Upon first opening Muvizu , it works as usual.. but once you use SHUSH, you can never switch back to TALK until you close Muvizu and reopen it.

If you are reopening a scene that already includes SHUSH, then you're dead in the water. You can't even delete the SHUSH from the timeline and reopen, because the TALK and SHUSH are not being shown on the timeline.

I never use talk and shush... for me it's easier to make separate dialog files for each character and include long sections of silence in the dialog file of character #1 while character #2 speaks.
2016/12/18 17:10:49
Poser 11 for 49.00 US Sale Price Rocque wrote:
You mention in a modeling program in this part of your post:
its basically the opposite of the last idea. Instead of modifying a Poser character to look like a Muvizu character, this idea is based on migrating the look of a stock Poser character to a Muvizu character via attachments

1) pick a character in poser that's similar to a muvizu character
2) export him/her as an OBJ file
3) in a modelling program, delete the body and recreate the face and hair as attachments for the Muvizu character

voila! You have a Muvizu character with a new look... and a character in poser that looks just like him, but can do things the Muvizu counterpart can't do!

Is the modeling program Poser? I am not familiar with the terminology yet. I loved the demo video. Thanks.

No, the modelling program would be something like Sketchup, Blender, Milkshape, Silo etc. Poser can import and export 3d models, but it isn't a model CREATION program. Like Muvizu, it is basically an animation program, but one that handles the concept very differently.
2016/12/18 7:06:33
Question about Asian & South Asian character packs mindiflyth wrote:
I haven't bought the Asian & South Asian character packs yet, and I'm wondering how customizable they are. I know they come with only a few outfits, hairstyles, etc, but can you change the colors of the clothes/hair/etc.,


or remove aspects of the outfits like the scarves?


And can you change the chins, noses, etc., like you can in the other character packs?


Can you add custom textures to the characters, so that (for example) clothes could have another pattern or color?


I'm very curious about the characters, but I don't really want to spend $16 just to see what they can do.

its a fairly repetitive answer, so you might gloss over it... but I'd like to specifically make sure you saw the note about the long dress made of soft cloth that comes with the south asian daughter character
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