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2016/9/28 10:30:20
Heaven Bound Test Render unlimitedmagic wrote:
On a fairly recent version of Sketchup on the export FBX, there's an options button on the lower right, under that you can select "2-Sided".

Is the FBX plugin something you paid for? or does The most recent version come with FBX export natively?
2016/9/27 23:59:32
3D artists: Chubby bellies (and other parts) mindiflyth wrote:
Would these be bellies with navels and stuff, or just belly shapes so they could be part of the character's clothes? I'd love a Beefy belly, but I think chubby bellies for the ladies would open up a lot of story possibilities too. In addition to pregnant ladies, it'd just offer a little more body diversity.

idea joggers for whoever decides to work on this:
1) Bubble Butt the Bootie Babe
2) Pauline Preggers
3) Estrogen Bill, the maestro of man-boobs
4) Popeye (Swollen ankles and wrists)

My big problem with trying to do this is that the models always import as gray (and much too big or too small)

This is where those base characters that Ikes and Ziggy put together come in handy... you can load one into your modelling program and size your accessories to match it. (note: you'll need to experiment to get the base characters sized right so exporting it to Muvizu it will come in at the same size as the characters. Once your base models are sized right, anything you size to them should import at very close to the right size.

and they appear really far from the attachment point,

OK, this is an easy one to fix. Any time you save something that's going to end up in Muvizu (especially as an attachment), think about where it will attach to the character, and move the model so the attachment point is at XYZ=0. When your model opens in Muvizu, it will be located as far away from the attachment point as it was from the XYZ origin in your modelling program

so it's a real struggle to get them the right color, adjust them to the right size and get them in the right place. I'm sure I'm missing some obvious step here.

see above for missing step regarding distance from attachment point. Regarding coming in gray... are you creating ASE files? or FBX?

Speedking5, those characters look great! They make me think of the old underground comics. You've taken it far enough that people might not even guess they were made in Muvizu.

Clayster, I really hope you do get a chance to do something with this. Your designs are always really impressive and finished-looking.
that's a very affirming statement Mindiflyth! I'm sure clayster and Speedking both appreciate your kind words!
2016/9/27 19:27:30
Heaven Bound Test Render Yeah, I've been using Blender to export my models as FBX for a while now.. works great when I create the model in Silo... but everything I get from Sketchup turns into a gummy mess when I export it, and I think it has something to do with the way Sketchup deals with double sided surfaces.

The original post said something about "I finally figured out how to export double sided surfaces to FBX", which is the only thing I was trying to zero in on.
2016/9/26 13:05:30
new here Thanks MDW13... I should probably get in the habit of testing my answers before posting them.
2016/9/26 13:03:20
Heaven Bound Test Render unlimitedmagic wrote:
Right, Sketchup.
edited by unlimitedmagic on 26/09/2016

But you said export to FBX... Does Sketchup now have an FBX plugin?
2016/9/26 6:33:08
3D artists: Chubby bellies (and other parts) clever idea, Mindiflyth! I agree, there's some untapped potential there!
2016/9/26 4:46:51
new here You can make pool balls and cues by sizing the primitive objects in CREATE > OBJECTS > ABSTRACT

There is a sphere that can be sized and colored, and a cylinder that can be stretched out and made thin like a pool cue.

If you know how to use a 3D modelling program you can make just about anything you want. Muvizu can import models saved in FBX or ASE formats.
2016/9/26 4:30:32
Heaven Bound Test Render
Finally figured out how to export 2-sided textures to FBX, didn't realize there was an options button on the export.

can you say a little more about this? I've just spent the weekend beating my head against the wall trying to bring 3DWarehouse models into Muvizu with no luck at all. I can load them into other 3D programs and the look OK, but when I make FBXs out of them using Blender, I must be doing something wrong.

Are you using Blender? Where is the setting for 2 sided?
2016/9/26 1:58:36
Heaven Bound Test Render Love the lavish sets! and the firefly trick worked very well.. especially in conjunction with the flies effect user the strong lighting.

Do you model all your own assets? You have some very nice things going in in your project!
2016/9/24 21:09:01
I already have Hit film, but I am at the beginning of the learning process, do you think I can do scenes like the lake scene with hitfilm

as far as I can see, the techniques Rod used are also available in Hit Film.
2016/9/24 21:06:39
Doris - The whole story ikes wrote:
PatMarrNC wrote:
I not only totally missed that, but I can't find it now even armed with the knowledge that it's there! At what time marker is this found?

It's at 10:57, when he gets out for the drugs.

Oh, OK.. I was looking for it in the desert scene when the old man got out of the car.
Yes, VERY COOL! the fact that I didn't notice it is a testimony to the believability of the presentation. When you accept what's happening, you automatically stop watching for details and just follow the story!
2016/9/24 20:16:30

unless you already own Adobe After Effects, be aware that it is quite expensive and it does approximately the same thing as HitFilm (Which has a free version)... and even if you eventually upgrade to the full-blown Pro version of HitFilm, its cheaper than After Effects.

From the standpoint of getting help on the forum, there are more people here using HitFilm than there are using After Effects.

(But, if you can afford it, I understand that After Effects is quite awesome... )

About once each year (maybe twice) HitFilm has a sale and the upgrade price for people already using their free version is better than the price for the general population.

Last year the regular price for their Pro version was $350, and the upgrade was $250... buy once, own it forever

After Effects costs $240 per year, and you have to keep paying that every year. You never actually own the license
2016/9/24 20:06:07
Doris - The whole story if this exchange wasn't happening online, this would be the part where we all pick Ikes up and carry him around on our shoulders as we sing "for he's a jolly good fellow..."
2016/9/24 20:01:36
Exactly how have Google screwed up Youtube? it will spread to Vimeo too, unfortunately.
2016/9/24 19:56:07
Doris - The whole story ikes wrote:

- It's too bad that wearable items can't be placed in the scene by it self, so I couldn't let Doris pack her backpack. Instead she's packing Jimmy's suitcase, as he was getting a paper. You see them later walking in the desert with Jimmy holding the suitcase and Doris with backpack.

Ah! That makes sense, and I see it now!

- It's too bad muvizu changed the rendering of the layers. Before the latest update frames were always transparent and rendered as whole. Now you have to check "cutout occluders" to make them transparent, but that also cuts out parts where the object in the layer is obscured. If you now want separate rendered characters you would need to render the whole scene per character.

thanks for sharing that too

- I transfered the wallet from Jimmy's hand to Doris's hand by keyframing the visibility of the wallet.
cool trick! This is turning into a full-blown tutorial! Thanks!

- I used the throwing action to let Jimmy hit the head of the old man, which looked the most convincing.

yes, it looked VERY convincing!

- As it is an old recording $20,- was of course more valuable back then, than now. I couldn't find a way to change the amount. Maybe I should have let that part out of it.

not at all! I think it works well in the context of the story! My observation was more about human nature than it was about the story anyway...

- I would have guessed that you would mention the light in the car when he opens the door to get out of the car. I liked the detail myself.

I not only totally missed that, but I can't find it now even armed with the knowledge that it's there! At what time marker is this found?

- The windshield wipers where not in the recording. Actually the whole scene of the drug scoring is not part of the story, I added it. It's done with keyframed images in hitfilm.

wow! Good film making! I like the fact that you expanded on your script for added story cohesion!

- The water droplets on the side window are a great effect from hitfilm. I finally found a useful scene for it.
Yes, awesome!

- The brick throwing was done with keyframing the visibility and the path. The breaking glass I did in hitfilm with keyframed masks on a translucent gray plane.

I THINK I understand what you did here, but a little more of an explanation would be helpful. (Or not, your call.)

- I made the drug store interior myself. Basically with backdrops. It was a lot of work though to fill the shelves. It's more than a few seconds as it is the place of the whole last scene.

I made the comment about "a few seconds" before I finished watching, and forgot to go back and remove it... but you really put a lot of work into that set! Kudos!!

- Jimmy's decline and fall after being shot is the poison choke action. The actions of actually being shot, like in the western category look much too exaggerated and strange how he jumps back.

thqanks for that information.. it will save me a lot of research someday when I need to kill a character but I don't have hours to search thru the actions for one that works this well...
2016/9/24 16:43:31
Doris - The whole story WOW! Ikes.. that was every bit as good as I hoped it would be!

So many cool extras that you built into the scenes... great pickup truck model! I liked the dust when the truck backed up on the dirt road after knocking out the old man.. and the rain drops on the trucks side window as he scored some drugs in the rain...

and you even gave Jimmy a belt! I love it!

All the stuff (music, sound effects, visual effects etc) that you added to the story above and beyond what was in the original radio clip... it was all so tastefully and artistically done.

I'll probably have more comments after I watch it again.. I didn't take notes and I have a short memory. ;-)

But I remember that its awesome... great job!

-------------more comments---------
6:22 I liked the suitcase full of Doris's clothes in the motel... except from a continuity perspective, she had a backpack in the first part, not a suitcase

I notice you eliminated most (but not all) of the clipping in the motel room. The thought occurred to me that once you get it reduced to that small amount, it might be practical to edit individual frames to keep fingers visible. Assuming you export to a series of PNGs, you wouldn't have too many individual frames to edit, and any artifacts would be far less noticeable than the clipping.

7:11 the movement of the vehicles in this second segment is every bit as good as in the first one... the approaching truck as it drives into clarity within the Field of view.. very well done! Likewise later in the film when the police car does the same thing

7:56 I also liked how naturally the truck turned off the highway and onto the dirt road. And you included brake lights! How cool is that??

8:24 the opening of the truck door was cool!

8:36 Transferring the wallet from Jimmy's hand to Doris's hand was pretty slick!

8:42 the DOF here is particularly effective at focusing the viewer's attention on what's important to the scene. Good job finding an action that works for hitting the old man on the head with a gun

8:49 the combination of camera movement, object movement, dust from the road when the truck backs up and depth of field all works together to create an awesome scene!

8:54 I like the way the light interacts with the truck's windshield as it changes angle relative to the sun while backing up... very cool!

9:00 all the drive-by scenery starting at this counter really looks good!

9:19 Twenty dollars in the wallet... Not a reflection on the film , but this line really makes me shake my head at the travesties humanity is willing to impose on itself for almost no reward at all. When you consider the inherent value of personal integrity and realize that people will trade their integrity for a couple of dollars... wow.

10:45 the drive-by scenery looks good... apparently true 3D based on the way it responds to camera angle.

10:50 windshield wipers! You da MAN!! I'm curious to know if the sound of the wipers was in the original clip, or did you add it?

11:00 the whole drug transaction was very well done and well lit! Again, the water droplets on the side window are such a good touch! Let's hear it for Hit Film!

11:30 throwing a brick through the door and breaking the glass.. very cool! How did you do that (the breaking glass)? I like the way the brick transitioned from being held in his hand to flying through the air.

11:32 good job finding an action that approximates opening the door

11:35 Good job with the glass in the store.. it's cool being able to see him walking inside the store through the window and lettering on the window

11:41 excellent scene framing with the car's dark interior and view of approaching police car... especially as the FOV changes to clearly show the police car

11:54 very cool the way you depicted her flashing the headlights to warn Jimmy!

12:07 Nice police car model!

12:12 very nice drug store interior! Did you make that? If so, you put a lot of work into a scene that last just a few seconds! (but it looks great)

12:13 I like the view from behind the policeman

12:28 nice combination of moves to approximate Jimmy's decline and fall after being shot

12:34 I like the angle and framing of this scene

12:52 I like all the attention to detail with background activity that is blurred but still there for context

13:26 good job assembling the actions required to suggest she's being handcuffed

13:36 interesting conclusion passage, especially with the music.

14:00 I even like your credits! The font is appropriate for the story and visually full of impact

edited by PatMarrNC on 24/09/2016
2016/9/24 16:21:13
Exactly how have Google screwed up Youtube? mindiflyth wrote:
Ziggy, I'm really disappointed and I'm not going to engage with your trolling.

before you take a hard line here, and disengage from somebody who is a real value-adding member of this group... it's worth mentioning that true freedom of expression is a NEUTRAL phenomenon. It doesn't punish anybody, no matter what they believe or how they act or based on the choices they make. It isn't biased in any direction.

At its best, it allows all ideas to be explored and discussed equally. Therefore we should all be very leery of jumping onto any bandwagon that seeks to punish others for their ideology.

It has been my experience on discussion groups that when ideas are actually DISCUSSED (as opposed to prohibiting the discussion of certain topics) the end result is a stronger more cohesive group because everyone gets heard and pent-up animosity gets relieved.

At its worst, freedom of expression can lead to confrontation. But confrontation is always a necessary part of conflict resolution. As long as people (and nations) are still talking, there's usually peace. When the discussion stops.. watch out!

I do think that freedom of expression , in order to work effectively, needs to be accompanied by mutual respect for the dignity of all parties involved. It has been my experience that you can say just about ANYTHING if you preserve the dignity of the other person while saying it. And it isn't even necessary to agree with the other point of view in order to respect the person who espouses it.

From my perspective, your position in this discussion appears to be that one group is free to make their choices, but those who don't agree with those choices are NOT free to think or speak otherwise. This is very one-sided rule making. So you are effectively advocating the practice of censorship, even though that is clearly not in anybody's best interest.

Those who support censorship when it supports their point of view, but oppose censorship when it supports the opposing point of view... that is the classic definition of hypocrisy.

2016/9/24 0:57:28
Exactly how have Google screwed up Youtube? quote] and now the 'heroes' can shut you down if they don't like your vids - how will that work if a 'hero' doesn't agree with your political views, or sexuality, or religion, or sense of humour, etc? An awful lot of people rely on their YT videos to generate income, and that's already started to come to a crashing halt (but YT doesn't even inform you of which vids it's demonetized!). The days of free speech on YT are over. Sad but true.

This whole discussion reminds me of the classic scene from TRUE LIES, in which Arnold and Jamie Lee Curtis are being held captive, and it has just occurred to Jamie Lee that the husband she thought was a wuss is actually a spy.

She asks him "Have you ever KILLED anyone?"
He replies "Ja... but dey were all bad"

And so Hollywood deftly justifies the practice of killing BAD people... now, the million dollar question is: "Who gets to decide who's bad?" Is society as a whole involved in reaching some agreed-upon standard?

In the case of the discussion at hand, it appears that The "heroes" get free reign to decide who's bad. That's a decision in KIND.

Once it's firmly established who's bad, then the degree of punishment can be ramped up at any time.

A worst case example taken directly from history:
In VietNam and Cambodia the Khmer Rouge group trained children to report people who held ideas the regime did not like. After collecting information quietly for months, they rounded up all the "bad people" in one night and executed them.

While it is true that the Khmer Rouge and YouTube DEGREEs of punishment are not worthy to be compared, it is also true that the KIND of thinking used in both cases is remarkably similar. In both cases impressionable young people are used as willing heroes to purge society of evil, and the definition of evil is decided unilaterally. I find the similarity more than a little disturbing.
2016/9/23 20:09:37
Muvizu on Steam urbanlamb wrote:
did you download the steam installer and validate your account?

nope.. maybe that's it. Funny.. I never got an email after creating my account telling me to do that. Usually after signing up for a site the follow-up email tells you what to do next.
2016/9/23 20:04:19
Muvizu on Steam MrDrWho13 wrote:
PatMarrNC wrote:
update #2...

after creating an account and logging in, I clicked the aforementioned button and was informed that my type of account does not entitle me to vote!! Not sure where to go from here....

Maybe you can't vote when you account was just created. Not sure what you can do about that.

What's their payment schema? Do you buy tokens or credits in order to make purchases on Steam? I was wondering if only people with tokens can say what they are willing to buy.

Especially given the nature of their green light system, I can understand why they might make it inconvenient for people to create accounts for the sole purpose of voting.
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