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2016/9/23 19:55:08
Muvizu on Steam update #2...

after creating an account and logging in, I clicked the aforementioned button and was informed that my type of account does not entitle me to vote!! Not sure where to go from here....
2016/9/23 19:44:35
Exactly how have Google screwed up Youtube? Hard to imagine, but I had never seen the acronym SJW until today, and I had to look it up. The topic would make an interesting and perhaps controversial Muvizu video if anybody was brave enough to tackle it.
2016/9/23 19:39:01
Exactly how have Google screwed up Youtube?
Contrary to what many people on YouTube are saying, they're not actually censoring these videos.

well.. that depends on your definition of censorship. If censorship is only considered such when it is the complete prohibition of self-expression, then your statement rings true.

But many people see this topic as a "toad in a pan of heated water" scenario, in which people are led to accept an ever-increasing amount of information control until it reaches the point of no return and the toad is boiled (and dead)

When evaluating arguments like this, the first question to ask is whether the two points of view are differences in KIND or differences in DEGREE.

Differences in KIND would be VIOLENCE as a solution, as opposed to NON-VIOLENCE
Difference in DEGREE would be spanking versus beheading.

Once the public approves a certain KIND of policy, it is very easy for the powers in control to ramp up the DEGREE. Which is why in early discussions they always argue DEGREE, not KIND.
("What we're doing is not as bad as what people are suggesting...") a statement of DEGREE which totally side-steps the fact that the KIND of policy they are pursuing is indeed what the people fear it is.

In this case, a difference in KIND equates to opinion control versus freedom of expression...

Difference in degree is control through economic sanctions or control by absolute decree. You are arguing in favor of control because you accept the current lesser degree... but once control is established as the norm the degree of control will certainly ramp up to something you probably would not accept.

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2016/9/23 18:12:29
Muvizu on Steam I'm willing to help, but I'm not familiar with Steam.... do I need to join something in order to express my wishes on your behalf?

OK, I joined Steam... do I vote by clicking the button that says "yes I would buy Muvizu if it were available on Steam"? (even though I've already bought it ?)

also, I notice in the lower right corner there is a message saying that the owner of the thread (MUVIZU) has hasn't logged into Steam for 343 days. This suggests abandonment and doesn't send the message that this is an active greenlight project.
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2016/9/23 5:41:06
KEY FRAME TEST looking GOOD, my friend!!
2016/9/22 22:02:22
Muvizu Halloween Contest 2016 Entries tonyob67 wrote:
I tried to import a house from sketchup, but for some reason muvizu crashes, and is only like 5,000 polygons...

The models in Sketchup's warehouse are uncontrolled. Anybody can post a model, so the quality varies quite a bit... ranging from quite good to horrendous. The good news is that there are thousands of models on just about any theme, so if one crashes, Try another one.
2016/9/22 15:44:15
KEY FRAMING PROBLEM Tony, your enthusiasm is so refreshing to see... I hope you never change or lose that !
2016/9/22 15:41:37
KEY FRAME TEST MrDrWho13 wrote:
The video is private.

yeah Tony... you forgot to make the video public, so we can't watch it! Hurry up man, I'm all excited to see what you did... and my curiosity is killin' me! ;-)
2016/9/22 15:39:38
Muvizu Halloween Contest 2016 Entries the standard Muvizu lighting flattens things out and doesn't take full advantage of Muvizu's 3D look and feel. Ziggy's settings definitely add visual interest, as evidenced by just about any of his videos.

But, playing devil's advocate here... the standard lighting can be useful in other ways.

If you have proficiency in one of the 2D animation packages and you want to merge content from the 2D world into Muvizu's 3D world, a flat lighting scheme makes it less noticeable.

If you want to show something that Muvizu can't do, that's a good opportunity to merge content from your 2D package. A very simple way to transfer your Muvizu set to a 2D world is by simply taking a screen shot of your Muvizu set, then apply it to a layer in Moho or other program.

You can move characters to 2D by taking a screen shot of the character from a couple of different angles, then in a garphics editor, cut it into individual features (like arms and legs) that can be rigged in the 2D environment.
2016/9/22 8:24:41
Is there a time limit to download the prizes. I am going out of town until Sunday, and might not get them downloaded until I am back.

Take your time, but let me know when you've got them downloaded so I can delete them and free up space on dropbox for other things.
2016/9/22 8:22:35
KEY FRAMING PROBLEM yeah Tony... the MUVIZU approach is always PREPARE... then DIRECT

The sets you got for participating in the contest have step-by-step instructions on how to direct or keyframe the features on the characters. If you follow those instructions, it ends up being a pretty good tutorial.
2016/9/22 3:11:02
MODELING SOFTWARE Tony, check your email.... you might find a surprise... ;-)
2016/9/22 3:00:45
MODELING SOFTWARE do you already have the ASE converter installed so you can save files as ASE then import them into Muvizu?
2016/9/22 0:31:50
A little tip Video I did for playing in Muvizu Speedking5 wrote:
PatMarrNC wrote:
Thanks for sharing your tips, Speedking!... I'm not sure I understood all of what you were saying... but I especially like the idea of projecting a camera's view onto the face mask (at least I think that's what you were advocating...if not, then my mistake. But I'll be experimenting with that one...)

Thanks yes that is what I was advocating. Also projecting the character camera view or multiple objects on to a backdrop for movement
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I spent considerable time experimenting with this idea the other day. Putting a video DIRECTLY onto a mask can be a very trial and error task until you get the video centered on the mask. But an advantage of putting the video on a backdrop then projecting it onto a mask with a camera is that you can make adjustments easily just by repositioning the camera until the mask looks good!

Good idea Speed King!
2016/9/22 0:25:44
MODELING SOFTWARE two free ones are :




Both of them can export models in a format that MUVIZU can use. For sketchup you'll need a plugin, and I'll post a link to a version that works with the latest version of sketchup.

If you don't have experience with any modelling software, I recommend that you start with Sketchup for several reasons:

1) its free. If you decide you hate it, you haven't lost any money
2) There is a LOT of information on this site's WIKI about how to make models for MUVIZU with that software
3) There are also a lot of Sketchup users here who can offer advice when you get stuck
4) there are plenty of youtube tutorials explaining how to use Sketchup
2016/9/22 0:09:07
MASTER PEACE tonyob67 wrote:

No, no...forgive me for being so annoying hahaha, thank you, got all very clear now.

annoying??? You are NOT annoying at all Tony... it is very easy to see you are a good man and a blessing to the forum! I'm glad you are here and I enjoy your excitement about Muvizu!
2016/9/21 21:13:53
Changing the subject a little, you use words that I dont understand like (instant slam-dunk payoff whereas Rod) or cracks me up hahaha, is this good or bad, I tried with google but there is no translation

MrDrWho did a good job of interpreting my intent.

It was intended as a compliment, and as a comparison/contrast between two similar (but different) style of presenting information. I like your style.

Please forgive me for using terminology that isn't compatible with google translate. I tend to speak metaphorically, and translators usually do not get metaphorical statements or colloquialisms right.
2016/9/21 19:50:55
MASTER PEACE Yeah Tony.. the video you singled out is probably my favorite Muvizu video of all time. My wife died of cancer a few years ago at the end of a long and wonderful marriage. That video perfectly chronicles our relationship. Can't watch it without weeping like a little child. Rod Silva's videos contain a sensitivity to our human condition that is lacking in many other peoples' videos. His stories consistently leave me with a profound sense of wonder and awe at his perception, and at his awareness of how to present it all so accurately to others.

I see this same ability in Ikes' recent Doris video, and also to some degree in your contest video.

The main difference is that you tend to go for the instant slam-dunk payoff whereas Rod and Ikes are more inclined to imply powerful emotions and let the impact sneak up on their audience. People are used to being manipulated by media, and they are on guard. If you approach their emotions too directly, they will side step your message.

But if you back off and let the message speak for itself, it is possible to bypass the audience's guarded filtering system and actually touch their souls with your message, as Rod has so skilfully done here.

And yes, Rod is an active forum member... not every day like some of us, but he makes an appearance fairly often. He has also posted a number of assets in the store. You may have downloaded some of them.

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2016/9/21 15:03:28
Fireflies now that is a cool idea! The same trick could be used to make a backdrop of stars sparkle... or add sun reflections to the water on a pond or lake! Or even add a twinkle to someone's eye!

In a video a editor, a lens flare effect sized very small and Keyframed for varying intensity & location could also be used... doing it that way you could make the lightning bugs move around.

Also, in Muvizu alternative solutions might be:

1) placing lights behind the backdrop with alpha holes, and directing the intensity of the lights
2) create several different copies of the forest scene with fireflies drawn at different places, then key frame the active picture being displayed on the backdrop to change the location of fireflies (although this approach would not allow the lights to fade slowly in and out unless you used composite layers in your editor)
3) create a firefly animation in another software tool, then save it as AVI and use that as the backdrop texture

I like what happens when people brainstorm possibilities! We need a thread to capture ideas like this!

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2016/9/21 2:10:33
2 SHORT VIDEOS IN ONE Tony, I want you to know there are 2 people on this forum who have been working on their projects for YEARS... and Ziggy is one of them. Stick around, because both of them should be finished within the next year, and you'll get to see first hand the difference between what most of us crank out and what's actually possible if you don't give up.
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