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2016/9/12 18:59:20
Greek philosophers If you message me with your email address I'll make you a skirt. Please include which character you want to use it with (fat man, man, boy etc) If it is added as an attachment instead of as a piece of clothing, any of the characters with a waist attachment point should be able to use it.

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2016/9/12 18:52:39
SPANISH FORUM your timing is good for this request, Tony.. just in the past few days there have been several new Spanish-speaking people who joined the forum...
2016/9/12 18:50:46
Pat Marr's Contest: Entries due by Sept 15 Rocque wrote:
Here is my contest entry. It is my project for Week 4 in Future Learn and Hit Film's Guerrilla Film Maker Course. That was a fun course.
The project uses a lot of different elements from Hit Film 4 Pro (but you could do a lot of it with the free one).

I used a lot of masking techniques and green screen, too. I still have a lot to learn, but wanted to have an entry to Pat's contest. Thanks for hosting a contest with a lot of interest Pat, and all the prize contributors.

Yayy! Rocque came through with a contest submission! (comments to follow the end of the contest!)

you finished with a week to spare! You should feel proud of yourself!

(By the way, how did you make the particle-based mummy?)

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2016/9/12 14:12:56
A new set that I'm working on for the muvizu store very cool, Clayster! you have the knack!

(This will also be one of the prizes in my contest.... which ends in 6 days, by the way.... )
2016/9/11 18:42:19
remember this example?

It involved placing an AVI animated face onto the face mask that comes with Muvizu. The advantage of doing this is that you can get some very expressive faces. The disadvantage is that filming specific shots of your face for every scene could be time consuming and inconvenient. Plus, you'd need other people to capture animated faces for additional characters.

Reallusion's CRAZY TALK 8 is kind of a one-trick pony: it lets you make animated faces from drawings, photos and the included faces that come with the software. Because it is limited in function, I've struggled to figure out a use for it.

But It would be a great way to create faces for a whole cast of characters, then put those animated faces onto the face mask. And because it's software, it would be easier than filming your own face separately for each scene... you could edit existing animations much more easily in order to achieve a fairly robust workflow.

Above and beyond the face mask, you can also put AVI animations on attachments you've created. Let's say you created a dragon, and the head is too far away from the internal core character to apply any of the built-in facial features. You could easily animate a dragon face in CT8 and use it as an animated texture on the attachment used as the dragon's head.

Don't like the face mask or idea of putting AVI textures on attachments ?

Chances are you already use a video editor to assemble the scenes you create in Muvizu. You may want to look at the free version of HitFilm. It provides very good tools for applying the faces created in CT8 to characters you've filmed in Muvizu.

Motion tracking lets you put the face in the right place, and they also provide lots of blending and re-coloring options to make added layers match the look of the layers underneath.

That's it for toolbox tip #1... I hope other people chime in with more ideas! Whether they do or not, there will be more ideas from me as time allows.
2016/9/11 17:14:09
Thinking of getting this software zeke365 wrote:
I have this software now but right now I m trying to get use to the movement by practicing walking, head movement, and eye move movement first before I start building sets.

If I get use to that first I think it will help down the road later.

Hi Zeke, and welcome to the world of Muvizu! Check out the free sets in the user section of the store... you could make a lot of stories with these sets and go for a long time without ever having to build your own set!

I look forward to seeing your first video. If you come up with something before next Sunday at midnight GMT, you can enter it in our end of summer contest. There are multiple prizes awarded just for submitting something... and more if you win!
2016/9/11 15:22:52
Pat Marr's Contest: Entries due by Sept 15 AWESOME!

First of all... welcome to the Muvizu forum! I recognize your name and closing credits from the Facebook Amateur Animators group! I'm reserving any comment on submissions until the contest ends, at which time I'll review each of the videos to the extent of my ability.

It's especially good to see somebody here who is proficient in other animation software. A recurring topic on the forum is how to to combine the strengths of many products in our projects.
2016/9/10 13:12:07
SPANISH FORUM tonyob67 wrote:
tonyob67 wrote:

I see you have Brazil Forum,

Is there a way to open a forum for Spanish talking people like me?

Thank you

I guess that´s a NO

Hi Tony,

Posting on the forum is a good way to communicate with other forum members, but if you have a specific question for the people at Digimania, the best approach would be to contact support. I'm pretty sure that users can't create new forums, only the website moderator can do that. Are you aware of other Spanish speaking Muvizu users? If you can name names or offer numbers, it would be easier to sell your idea.

If you aren't already aware of a bunch of Spanish-speaking users, you could talk a bunch of friends into downloading Muvizu and start a large enough community to justify the creation of a new Spanish-speaking forum.

I would guess that there are probably enough Spanish speaking users to justify such a change, but since there is currently no Spanish-speaking forum, we don't see them here. Creating such a forum could open up a floodgate of interest in Muvizu. It's certainly worth asking.

Personally, I think this software has global appeal, and they should probably have forums that cater to all the most common languages. I'm on another forum that added multi language forums to their website, and the product took off like a rocket after doing so.
2016/9/9 23:54:19
COMBINING TOOLS IN YOUR TOOLBOX... I thought I'd start a thread dedicated to capturing ways people here combine various tools from the ol' creative toolbox in order to expand their options with Muvizu. I'm a firm believer that using multiple tools is the way to go.

I also find it easier (and cheaper) to use a variety of tools that are simple to understand and use.... than to find one product that is so complicated that it can do everything, but I can't figure out how to navigate its complexity.

Having said all that, I will start with the general premise that this thread is about MUVIZU, even though other competing products are bound to get mentioned. As an artist / film maker I assume you have other products besides Muvizu. Since you've paid for them, it doesn't make sense to let them sit idle while you use muvizu. The fact is that there may be ways you can combine output from many different programs to make new possibilities in your Muvizu projects.

If your Muvizu projects contain output from other software, use this thread to tell the rest of us what cool things you are doing.
2016/9/9 23:34:33
Can't get any assets..this is ridiculous glad to help, Danny.. but don't give me too much credit. I reply a lot because I'm retired and I'm checking for new posts all day long... Meanwhile, all the really smart people are at school or work, so they don't see the post until it's already been answered once.

As a general rule of thumb, if I and somebody else answer the same question... you should put more faith in the other person's answer. I'm a noob too... but one with lots of time to spare. ;-)
2016/9/9 17:33:11
Full video - currently untitled AllClass wrote:
As always thanks for watching and commenting Pat!

Yes I'd have fun entering this in the contest although full disclosure I started working on it before it was announced

Interesting. With only 3 entries and a week to go, I may change the rules to allow videos that were COMPLETED during the contest period. Depends on how many entries surface between now and the deadline.

If anybody else out there FINISHED a video during the contest period (Aug 15-Sept 18) and might be interested in entering the contest if the rules were changed to allow projects that started sooner, please comment in this thread with a link to your video.

As far as I know, nobody using the free version has submitted a video either.
2016/9/9 17:08:06
Full video - currently untitled cool... is this an entry in the end of summer contest?
2016/9/9 17:02:11
T-REX set now in store clayster2012 wrote:
still haven't sold a T-Rex yet.

I think Ikes said it best when he said that he's going to hold out for an engineered solution. The users here are divided into two very different groups:

One group just wants to make presentations from stock items. They aren't interested in modelling or innovating, and for that group the complexity of your T-rex might be a deal-killer.

The other group is more likely to see your T-rex and think "Ha! I can do that myself!"

In either case, your potential market for a complex character like T-Rex is smaller than the market for simple characters that work exactly like all the stock characters.

BUT... I think it is still important for innovators like you and Ikes to make your ideas available in the store (whether it makes you money or not) because future users who have an interest in creating their own characters will benefit from studying what you did. So in a sense, you have created the first HOW TO CREATE A CUSTOM CHARACTER kit.
2016/9/9 16:49:14
Can't get any assets..this is ridiculous if neither of these scenarios accurately describes the problem you're having, please give more details and I'll do my best to provide a step-by-step procedure that works for your specific situation.
2016/9/9 16:43:55
Can't get any assets..this is ridiculous The previous answer presumed your problem has to do with saving and recalling favourites. Upon re-reading your original message, I see that you mention getting objects from the STORE into Muvizu...

1) Most of the stuff from the store is now either a SET or a TEXTURE

2) SETS should load directly into Muvizu with the OPEN command on the main menu, so I doubt you are having any problem with sets.

3) TEXTURES can be confusing because some people who upload textures provide a picture of the texture as it looks when applied to a character, and it's easy to think you are downloading a character. Anything that downloads as a PNG or JPG or other 2D graphic format is a texture, and it can't be loaded directly into Muvizu. It has to be APPLIED to a character that is already loaded in Muvizu.

To make it even more complicated, textures apply to specific characters, and unless the person who posted the texture specifically stated that this texture works with FAT MAN, you may have to use trial and error to see which character the textures works with.

Textures are applied as follows:

1) right click on character then open the EDIT dialog...
2) click the DECALS tab
4) a new dialog box appears... click IMPORT on the bottom left corner
5) navigate to the downloaded texture and select it, then click the OPEN button (or select by double-clicking)
6) it should be applied to the character as clothing (or more specifically, as a skin.)

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2016/9/9 16:23:27
T-REX set now in store Clayster, you're as good at marketing as you are at creating cool content. Your demo videos are very good at stirring up interest in your store items!
2016/9/9 16:15:02
Can't get any assets..this is ridiculous Hi Danny, Sorry to hear you're having a frustrating time.

in a nutshell, here are the procedures for saving something as a favourite, then bringing it back into Muvizu to use:

1) right click on the item or character you want to save... (a floating menu should appear)

1) From the main menu, click CREATE
2) select CHARACTERS from the menu
3) A dialog box with tabs appears. Click on the FAVOURITES tab
4) on the left you see ALL / CHARACTERS / OBJECTS
  • ALL will display everything that is saved in favourites
  • CHARACTERS will display only characters
  • OBJECTS will display only objects
  • this helps to minimize clutter when your favourites folder starts to get a lot of content
5) Scroll down through the list of favourites on the right to find your saved character or other item.
6) click on the one you want to highlight it
7) click the CREATE button in the lower right corner of the dialog box

your saved item should then load into the Muvizu environment


I may have thrown you a curve by suggesting that you create subdirectories in the favourites folder, because for whatever reason, Muvizu is hard-coded to look at that one directory, and it doesn't see any subdirectories you create. The subdirectories help you keep your favourites organized as your collection grows large, but you still need to manually copy-paste any saved favourites from subdirectories into the main favourites directory, or Muvizu won't see it.

The subdirectories are a workaround to help you keep hundreds of items organized. It isn't a Muvizu-sanctioned idea and they don't support it, so it ain't their fault.

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2016/9/8 23:23:05
Jurassic pack idea ikes wrote:
Well, good luck Clay. I gave up on these workarounds for custom characters, because there is always issues. I'm waiting for a fully customizable character.

the custom characters are very cool... inspiring even. But they are harder to use, and there's no doubt that a professionally designed character that works right out of the box would be a very cool addition to the lineup.

I'm keeping my fingers toes and eyes crossed.

But the way you and Clayster think outside the box is a real testimony to your problem solving ability and intellect, and I hope neither of you ever stops innovating.
2016/9/8 18:20:57
Jurassic pack idea I guess if a person were to use the same concept as the japanese T-rex suit (with the core character's legs visible)... the core character could be colored green so anything sticking out could be green-screened away in the video editor
2016/9/8 17:28:35
Muvizu Update September 2016 AWESOME! THANK YOU!
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