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2016/4/18 3:41:16
Need help for two scenes of Muvizu film MovieFrog wrote:
I'm making a film on Muvizu based on a friend's script. Can someone please make two scenes - one in which tons of Fembots are in space flying to Earth (preferably in two different camera angles) and another where tons of Fembots are coming down to Earth from the sky - for me? I'd greatly appreciate it. Thanks!
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Hi MovieFrog! Sounds like an interesting project! I guess the obvious first question is: why don't you want to make those scenes yourself? Would you prefer for somebody to talk you through it instead of doing it for you?
2016/4/18 3:20:34
Can I use objects across character sets? regarding the part of your question that pertains to using objects from other sets:
again... "my understanding is..." (doesn't mean its true... my understanding has been wrong on many occasions)

I think anything that can be saved individually as a favourite can be copied and pasted between sets (assuming you have two instances of Muvizu open)... but I've never tried to copy and paste hair. My guess is that if it is an external model, you should be able to do it, but I am interested in hearing from the gurus about whether built-in assets like clothes and hair can be copied and pasted. My gut says "probably not". What saith the gurus? (I'm hoping to be wrong!)
2016/4/18 3:11:01
Can I use objects across character sets? markofla wrote:
I would like to give the asian men long hair but that is not an option. Can i copy that from another set where it is an option?

I could be wrong (and if I am, someone else will know and answer correctly) but it is my understanding that the built-in clothing and hair options available to the new characters is limited until Muvizu releases add-on packs for them

However, I notice the hair dialog allows you to import models if you have them. If you know how to create hair in a modelling program, you can get long hair that way.

If you don't, I believe somebody recently posted a long hair model for people to DL... lets see if I can find it.... hmmm hm hmmmm.... ah! Here it is! It was posted by BRAJ... to DL it, right click on it and select "SAVE LINK AS". Once you have this saved, you can load it from the hair dialog box and apply it to your Asian character

here's a link to the whole thread:

If you don't know how to model, and that hair doesn't work for your project, the only other suggestion I have is to post a picture of what you want and ask if somebody will model it for you.

Hope this helps.
2016/4/17 22:40:46
making money with Muvizu Danny Bright just posted a chat message saying that Muvizu can make you money... and I tend to agree! In this time when everyone's lives seem to revolve around the internet, clever content that can draw an audience is definitely worth money.

There is far more to this topic than can be squeezed into one message... and Danny Bright implied he would have some things to say about it soon.

Is there any chance of getting a new area added to the Muvizu forum that is dedicated to discussing the commercial applications of the product? I see many applications:

greeting cards
specific product advertisements
general interest video with unrelated ads appended

I'm sure there's more. It would be interesting to see the ideas that might be generated by a collection of creative minds rather than just those that can be generated by a few
2016/4/16 18:59:18
avi import bigwally wrote:
GiveAwayOfTheDay for April 16, 2016 is a copy of iClone 5 Standard.

I removed the part of the link that pertained to the expired iclone offer, but for some reason, cut and paste remembered it. So I replaced the link, and now it should go to whatever is the current offering of the day

Tried looking up the company "Videosoft" and Google has no listing for it.

EDIT - Sorry, the iClone 5 display was for a previous offer.
EDIT - Now I see the company's name is Wondershare and the software name is "4videosoft".

Sorry about the confusion Bigwally. Thanks for clarifying for anyone else who may want to check it out.
2016/4/16 17:40:55
avi import bigwally wrote:
Just a little confusing...
Is there a link?

The link to GiveAwayOfTheDay is in the thread titled ANIMATION FANS... but here it is again:

You have to sign up with your email address, and every day they send you an offer of free software, which must be DLed and installed that day, or the offer expires.

Nag screens for Freeware?

The software distributed on GiveAwayOfTheDay is NOT freeware.. it's all commercial software, usually in the $50 to $100 price range. Products are fully licensed, but they may be an older version or the lite version, and they really want you to upgrade to their flagship program . Having said all that, I'm not sure if what I saw was actually a nag screen to buy more features... or if it was just prompting me to select more available options. This was a quick & dirty test to get a specific answer I could relay to this forum, and I haven't comprehensively giventhe utility a workout. Looks useful so far. Your mileage may vary.

Name of the converter?

Here's a link to their page (if you bypass the Freebie site)
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2016/4/16 16:15:31
avi import Interesting combination of three different threads:

1) Give Away Of the Day thread:
Today's GiveAwayOfTheDay product is a video converter utility (VIDEOSOFT), which has a HUGE selection of export formats.

2) Video Joiner thread:
One of the things this utility does is combine video segments into one video

3) AVI not working as Backdrop texture thread:
On a hunch, I took a video file and started exporting it as each of the AVI variants offered by this utility. (there are many!)
While most of the resulting AVI files did NOT load successfully into a backdrop in Muvizu, the export option named "AVI audio-video interleaved (*.AVI)" DID load! (there may be more.. I stopped as soon as one of them worked)

Thought I'd report this while its early enough for others to snag the freebie... meanwhile I'm going back to see if changing settings yields different results, and if it works on other videos besides the random one I selected


After more testing, I can add that I was able to convert several MP4 clips that were longer than a few seconds, and with no special settings, they each converted to an AVI that could be loaded into a backdrop! (Rodrisilva's technique required that the video be only a few seconds long, and with specific settings... so this buys back a little bit of flexibility)

There was some visual pixellation artifact occurring... especially at fades/transitions. Also the lower res videos had more of it than the higher res video. All in all, for a free utility, it temporarily gives us a way to continue adding AVIs to backdrops until Muvizu dev team has a chance to fix the core problem
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2016/4/14 23:53:05
animation fans part 2 I just noticed that registering this free product gives you premium membership, which translates into lower pricing on everything Reallusion sells!
2016/4/14 19:35:32
avi import gonzo wrote:
My problem with the avi files is resolved
under windows 10 it is no problem to load a avi backround file

Lucky you! I'm running windows 10 too, and except for the specially prepared water AVI that Rodrisilva made available, I am still not able to load AVIs onto backdrops or TV screens in Muvizu. They'll load, but the quality is very bad... looks like the old days of TV when you were tuned to a channel with no reception.

I tried the trick of exporting an existing AVI as uncompressed, but my video program doesn't let me change all of the settings to the ones Rodrisilva used when creating his water demo, so the resulting export is still not usable.

Hope this gets fixed soon, as I have a project in process that requires this ability...

since there's obviously some work to be done here, it would be cool if we could load MP4 video as backdrop textures.
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2016/4/14 17:38:35
animation fans part 2 drewi wrote:
crazy talk animator 1 ....Cool
havent explored it yet so dont know how useful it may be but hey it's a new toy.
edited by drewi on 14/04/2016

Cool! Thanks Drew! I was just thinking about buying this.. now I don't have to!

FWIW.. I've found this giveaway of the day site to offer much more interesting programs than I expected. At l;east once each week they offer something that I want. And frequently once I have been introduced to the product they're giving away, I end up buying its "big brother" product (which I'm sure that's why they give stuff away... as a loss leader to introduce potential customers to their flagship program)
2016/4/14 1:55:55
Hello and....Heads markofla wrote:
Hello. New user here. I've bought the product, and am impressed with what it can do. However....why are all the character heads freakishly, comicly huge? I'd like to use this for more professionally but they all look goofy. Has anyone been able to create/import a smaller, more human like head? That's separate from the skeleton right?

the characters as they appear are the starting point. You can add to them, but you can't really take away... so the heads are what they are.

There is an add-on pack of Asian characters and some of the more recent characters that are proportioned more realistically, but the number of other accessories for them (hair, outfits etc) is much more limited at the moment.

But, regarding the exaggerated look of the characters: that can be an advantage in business presentations. Studies that examined the audience reaction to highly realistic ads as opposed to cartoonish ads revealed an increase in retention and retention after watching the comic based ads.

People are predisposed to "shut down" when they think they're being barraged with an info blitz. But these are the same people who sat willingly for hours in front of cartoons. There is an enormous positive association with cartoons, and why let it go to waste?

Other studies have shown that memory is enhanced by things that are out of the ordinary... which is why its often easier to remember the name of someone who has a goofy name, but you might not remember a simple name like Bob.

Muvizu is unabashedly a cartoon-based paradigm. But before you automatically decide that won't work for your application... why not give it a go? You might be surprised how well it is received by the people to whom you make presentations.
2016/4/13 17:08:38
avi import Rodrisilva wrote:
Trying to help those who have been experiencing problems with videos on backdrops and textures here you have a small video to try yourselfs.
Good luck

Rod, thanks for that VERY useful water AVI... I can use the heck out of that! And also thanks for taking the time to detail all the specs you used to create an uncompressed AVI that works in the current version of Muvizu... I haven't had time to try your recipe yet, but your supplied snippet proves that it works!

People going above and beyond the call of duty to share their discoveries and help others is what makes this more than a user forum.. its a virtual community of people who help one another! To substitute one word... FRIENDS! ;-)

I just applied that AVI to the TALL SHIP set that Braj recently posted! Worked great! Only change required was to rotate the 4 circles surrounding the boat so the direction of animation matches the direction of the waves in the AVI !

I also experimented with keyframes along the lines of what Clayster has been doing... keyframes can be used to make the ship rise and fall and also sway from side to side in the waves... very cool! All these people contributing their clever ideas really opens up some new avenues for exploration and fun! Thanks to all!
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2016/4/12 17:55:42
icon images ritsmer wrote:
How good it is that we know a gentleman like the most honorable Sir Jamie.

Jamie deserves a raise.
Pass it on. ;-)
2016/4/12 15:49:44
Movie Poster font ziggy72 wrote:
Rocque, you could make your titles/credits as a picture (in photoshop or whatever), apply them to backdrops, then animate the backdrop (so that they scroll) and point a camera at that. Just a thought.

clever idea!
2016/4/12 1:46:04
SKWERLEFEST! Episode #: The Sam BushyTail Band! Thank you for the most gracious review, Rocque! I appreciate the fact that you took time to encourage another person on the forum... and I especially appreciate that it happened to be me!!

I'd guess that most of the people here are primarily interested in directing, and video creation in general. This is evident by the kinds of discerning choices they make about what to leave in and what to leave out of their videos. Across the board, the quality of videos here is VERY high in my opinion... there are so many people here making truly good videos, its almost impossible to find and watch them all!

I, on the other hand, am primarily a musician using video as a way to involve one more of the senses in my songs. As such, the video and the song and the modelling and the voices all get lumped together and in the end the song is no more important than the squirrel voice, and the video is nothing more than the glue that binds it all together. Interesting how people perceive stuff like this.

Any time you put a bunch of ingredients together, you have to leave air for the composition to breathe... otherwise it gets overwhelming to the viewer/listener. Usually editing is a SUBTRACTIVE process. You know you're done when there's nothing left that you can remove without undermining the message. At least, that's my philosophy.

Thanks for your observations... I value your opinion and I thank you for sharing it!
2016/4/12 1:30:54
How do I get the audio to turn out un-garbled? Rocque wrote:
What if you are recording on Audacity (which I have been using for years) and it is showing Red, but the play back shows Green? Will there still be problems?

clipping occurs when you are recording the signal. Once you've recorded a clipped signal, even if you play it back at low volume (green VU) the signal is still of bad quality, and will tend to get worse the more you process it. So, the time when it is critical to keep the VU in the green is when you are recording the audio.

Which is better to use for voice dialog recordings: Muvizu live or Audacity?

the best tool is the one you are most comfortable with. Both tools have advantages and disadvantages. The advantage of using Muvizus built-in dialog recorder is that you already have Muvizu open, and its integrated into the same program you're already using! That is very convenient! And for dialog it is probably the most convenient tool for the job.

Using Audacity on the other hand requires you to open a whole new program as you already know, which isn't convenient. However, Audacity is useful to me in the following ways:

1) If I have downloaded sound clips I can edit them easily in Audacity and make them exactly the size I need

2) Audacity easily lets me fade audio in and out, which is very useful

3) Because audacity can play multiple tracks, it is a great tool for staging the dialog between multiple characters. You can move the dialog left and right until the timing is perfect between the two dialogs... then when you send the two tracks to Muvizu, line up the beginning of each track and the timing will be right!

4)You can add effects like reverb in audacity, which can be useful if your character walks into a cave, or if you need to create spooky laughter

5) Audacity has all kinds of tools for cleaning up extraneous noise in sound clips.
and much more.

A basic comparison is that one is a recorder, while the other is a recorder AND an editor. They both record the same way. Sorry for the long reply. Feeling chatty today for some reason. Must be all that coffee...
2016/4/11 20:42:17
FAT MAN OBJ file I'm continuing to create OBJ files for all the characters, but instead of dribbling them one at a time, I think I'll wait until I can post the whole set at once.

Meanwhile, if you downloaded one of the other OBJ files and used it to size an accessory or attachment, please let me know if you think I need to change the orientation or size of the models.

Also, since the two models posted so far were made in different ways, it would be useful to know if either is problematic. Going forward I could use the approach that is deemed to be the most useful to others. Without any input, I'll probably tend to go with the modelling approach used with the FatMan OBJ file.

If anybody needs an OBJ file for a character between now and the time I post them all, shoot me a message and I'll prioritize the modelling of that character.
2016/4/11 17:32:08
How do I get the audio to turn out un-garbled? I see that this problem has been solved thanks to the diligence of helpful and knowledgeable forum gurus! Hats off to the good folks who help others here on a daily basis! You make this forum rock!

While we're on the topic of garbled sound, I'll add another thought that applies in different situations. Recording a signal too "hot" also introduces distortion. Sometimes it sounds OK when first recorded, but the more times it gets processed, it gets worse.

When recording audio in Audacity the VU meter will be either green or red, depending on the strength of the signal. If the VU meter ever turns red, that means the signal has "clipped" and the resulting audio will probably be distorted. The goal when recording is to watch the VU meter and adjust the recording volume until the signal is almost at the red point, but never red.

Most people here probably know that already, but since this is not primarily an audio forum, it's worth mentioning. Clipping is one of those perennial problems that tend to frustrate newcomers to the recording process.
2016/4/11 17:19:15
SKWERLEFEST! Episode #: The Sam BushyTail Band! clayster2012 wrote:
Wow PatMarrNC, that was Great stuff, you really got those Skwerls down good, love how your getting it together with the attachments, your animals look awsome, but most of all I find that you writing your own song for your muvizu video was the most impressive, i really loved the lyrics, maybe I could use you to help me make a good funny song for one of my spoofs one day, anways my friend, keep up the great work, i give it 99 thumbs up!!

Clayster, thanks for the kind review of my video! And for the record, I would be happy to provide original music (funny, serious, cinematic, whatever) custom made for your videos. Just let me know what you need. I collaborate on other forums, and it makes sense that if I want to be an active and contributing member of this community that I would also collaborate here.

Regarding the squirrels and head attachments: it occurred to me late in the production, but I'll pass it along for the sake of others who use head attachments...

I usually create the attachment so the character's mouth is visible... that way they can respond to dialog. But it has always bugged me that I couldn't conveniently add a lower jaw that would move when characters with a snout are talking. It finally occurred to me that the DOG character has a protruding lower jaw, so by starting with the dog and adding a head attachment, you can get a better mouth for animal characters.

As a comparison, note the difference between the singing squirrels' mouth (made from one of the male potato heads) and the announcer character (made from the dog). having the extra jaw length on the announcer makes a BIG difference in making the head attachment more believable (in my opinion)
2016/4/11 17:09:27
A test trailer for a new spoof idea. Clayster, that looks awesome! I think you are onto something here.. I was thinking myself that the Ghost Busters theme would be ripe for spoofing, but you beat me to it! (You'll do a better job on the special effects anyway!)

How did you create the ghost? it didn't look like anything from Muvizu, but it was animated...

Man, you keep adding to the list of tutorials you need to make!

(Great job! Keep 'em coming!)
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