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2016/2/27 16:39:13
Muvizu is a joy there are multiple learning curves in the making of video stories, and model creation is just one of them. I like the way you are keeping your momentum up by buying the things that would otherwise slow you down, and focusing on the learning curve of using the software and how to present your images to the audience etc. You're well on your way to being a power user.

Can't wait to watch your finished movie.
2016/2/27 3:57:20
Muvizu is a joy Braj, your midieval village and landscape are both amazing... did the same guy who was recently asking how to use blender make all this stuff already? You must be the fastest learner in the world!
2016/2/26 2:34:32
Muvizu is a joy looks fantastic to me, Braj!
2016/2/26 0:00:07
Muvizu is a joy I agree... Muvizu provides a lot of bang for the buck... and that would continue to be true, even if it cost a lot more. I like not having to work at the nuts and bolts level, designing every movement and eye blink. That level of control is useful, but it sucks the joy out of the creation process.

Indeed, I find that to whatever extent I have to deal with the TECHNOLOGY of animation (in other software), it forces my attention from right-brain creative mode to left brain analytical mode and the magic bubble bursts.

And Muvizu's canned actions are better than I would be able to duplicate myself in another program where I have complete control.

As Muvizu users, we notice when our videos are similar to someone else's because we all use the same canned actions... but our primary audience never sees other Muvizu projects as a basis for comparison. To them, our projects are indistinguishable from totally original works.

Its absolutely PERFECT for what I do. I have no aspirations of making the kind of cinematic masterpieces so many of the gurus here make. I just want to make 1 or 2 minute presentations of absurd ideas, put some original music to it and hope it goes viral. And I don't want to spend a lot of time doing it. Muvizu EXCELS at that!
2016/2/25 21:48:36
Mandy Character and a Mic theotherguy wrote:
I've just discovered something interesting, I too been trying to get the Mandy character to sing into a mic. I took the available 'pipette' and coloured the bulb and dropper black, adjusted the rotation and scale and have a perfectly okay mic.

2016/2/25 16:15:06
New 360 video function is now available! any chance of getting a demo video so we can see exactly what the feature delivers? and how we might use it?

(I'll echo what MrDrWho said about the MP4 output!
is that in the new version whether we buy the 360 degree rotation or not?)
2016/2/25 16:11:54
Lion character ^^^^^ good advice!
2016/2/24 12:13:23
Floating items after loading scene? You're an Anime Studio guy, as I recall. If you resort to 2d backgrounds, you could salvage some of the 3d effect by using multiple backgrounds at different Z-distances. Just make them PNGs so the space between the trees is ALPHA. If you sprinkle a few 3d trees into the foreground, it will add to the illusion that ALL of the trees are 3d. But this will only be effective when viewed from ground level... no swooping in from an aerial view

Alternatively, Anime studio allows the use of 3d objects, but it doesn't assign collision.

I don't know which version of Anime Studio you have, but I think the current version lets you export scenes as FBX, so you may be able to create a 3d forest there then export from ASP as FBX for use in MUVIZU.
2016/2/22 14:03:19
A good Muvizu werewolf? I'm looking forward to seeing your werewolf video, Braj! And I think it's cool that you are incorporating elements from Poser into your production.

Poser also has a character designer and a surprisingly easy-to-use way of rigging 3D models that were created in other software. For somebody doing a series that requires a recurring character, it would be worth the effort to model the character and rig it in Poser. It would be perfect for creating any one-off pose or movement, which could then be spliced into the final version.

Poser also has completely rigged hands, which could be used for close-ups in which manipulation of an object is necessary.
2016/2/22 1:02:54
Star wars The Emperor braj wrote:
Any chance seeing him speak?

here are links to two shorts Clayster has made with the emperor character talking:
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2016/2/21 17:04:16
Jailson Pai de Família - Crônicas de Jajá interesting collage.. I wish I understood the language....
2016/2/21 15:34:10
A good Muvizu werewolf? Looks kinda like the werewolf breeder neglected to have this one neutered.... ;-)
2016/2/21 15:28:08
Edit DefaultEngine.ini? Hey Braj, I'm really enjoying reading your various observations. Your enthusiasm for the product really shines through! There's so much negativism in live as a whole (and on computer forums in specific) that it is a breath of fresh air to see whole-hearted positive vibes being radiated.

Regarding the .ini file, you may be right about the gamers. The answers you seek might be found on a gamers forum. Keep us posted if you find anything!
2016/2/21 7:53:06
A good Muvizu werewolf? awesome looking werewolf, Braj! With that armor, one might say he's a "creature of the knight..."

(Ba-boom! Tsh!) ;-)
2016/2/20 13:46:58
totally unrelated to Muvizu.... ... but very related to the hobby of 3D modelling which is shared by many on this forum...

I'm curious to know how many here are involved with 3D printing? If you own one, I'd like to know what you have. If you don't own one, but are planning to buy one, I'd like to know what you're looking at.

And for those who may use one at the public library or other institution, I'd like to hear how that works out.

I don't have one yet, but I supported a Kickstarter project for TIKO, an upstart 3D printer company, and they expect to be shipping their first units in March. I was one of the last supportes before the KS campaign ended, so I won't get mine for several months after they start shipping.

On a related note, I also just discovered a free open source modelling program called FreeCAD, which is parameter based.

If you've ever used a parametric modelling app, you already know how powerful that feature is. I was very surprised to find a FREE program that is parameter driven. Usually you only find that in the very high end programs like NX or Catia.
2016/2/20 13:28:58
GarmJoshi A music Video I never realized until now that Gilligan was a drummer...
(or that Maryanne played guitar...)


I wish I understood the language.. based on the visuals, I have to conclude this is a very uplifting song. Nice job on the video!
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2016/2/19 0:07:10
Moscow Assets nice model! Great job!
2016/2/18 19:09:47
Animatable pivot for all characters I like the way you think, Braj! You have good ideas!
2016/2/18 0:55:29
sale on Silo 2.3.1 There are a lot of cool 3D modelling programs out there... and everybody has their favorite.

Mine happens to be Nevercenter's SILO 2, for several reasons:

1)It's not free, but as 3D apps go, it's pretty inexpensive
2) it makes really clean geometry
3) the interface is uncluttered, and the whole program is about as easy to learn as any modelling program I've messed with
4) and at the moment, it's on sale ($50 off) not sure how long it will be on sale though...

If you already have a modelling program you like, stick with it. But if you're new to Muvizu, see the need to learn how to make your own models, but you don't want to waste a lot of money and time to learn it.. you may want to take a look.

Or not. Your call.
2016/2/17 23:00:50
More clothing for the old characters +1

totally agree! I figure we'll eventually see such items showing up as accessory packs in the store. Once that ball gets rolling I think we'll see some cool new stuff
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