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2016/2/8 16:35:03
Keyframe camera and rotation have you tried inserting one or more intermediate key frame(s) that would force the rotation direction you want?
2016/2/8 14:28:09
Moving water like in the Chinese History pack? MrDrWho13 wrote:
Rebel made a pirate ship set with moving backdrops which you might want to look at:
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I was looking thru the store last night and noticed that rebel's contributions tend to be pretty amazing! not just excellent modelling, but also clever use of the tools in Muvizu ... like the way he created the wake following the pirate ship
2016/2/8 14:23:15
Moving water like in the Chinese History pack? what ziggy said!

You have some very cool tricks up your sleeve, Berty! In fact several of the forum regulars do! I spent the weekend scouring youtube for Muvizu videos... and whatever weakenesses this software might have.... it is AMAZING to me what can be accomplished with it!

I think it's interesting to see the disconnect between what gets posted on this forum as opposed to what gets posted on the forums of other animation products. On other forums, there are lots of "exercises" posted. Here, you see full blown presentations. Even the short projects tend to be complete ideas fully developed to a logical conclusion.
2016/2/7 18:02:51
Action: make a character drink from a glass? great idea Berty!
2016/2/7 3:41:17
Moving water like in the Chinese History pack? Braj, As fast as you are at learning this stuff and as excited as you get over creating your own props, I think you should look into some of the other available tools... Not to use "instead of" Muvizu, but to use "in conjunction with" it.

Poser is on sale through Sunday Feb 7th. Its strength is character creation and morphing, but it also does animation... and it comes with a ton of included content. They also have an online store that includes both free and paid content. I have Poser, and it is very powerful but not nearly as easy to use as Muvizu.

Iclone is used by several people here on the Muvizu forum. It looks like an excellent product that excels at character / content creation AND animation.

If you google the phrase "ANIMATION SOFTWARE" you'll find the information you need to decide if spending a little more money to get the control you want is the route to take. Please keep us posted, I'm curious to see what your natural curiosity and intellect zeroes in on!
2016/2/6 15:34:54
Moving water like in the Chinese History pack? Braj,

I agree with everybody else about never stopping the requests for improvements. They're all great ideas.

I'm on another software forum much like this one, where the vast majority of users love the product, but they acknowledge areas where it needs to improve. Recently a guy who has been offering long lists of great ideas for years suddenly blew up and quit the forum because they haven't incorporated his ideas. His departure was accompanied by uncalled-for rants against the developers and a lot of junk talk.

Apparently he took it as a personal slight, as though they didn't value his ideas. The fact, however, is that there were valid reasons why the ideas weren't convenient to implement without a complete re-write of the software from the ground up. That company has one programmer and about 4 different products... all of which need 50 new features every year so they can sell a new version. He just doesn't have time to reinvent the code's architecture. I suspect a lot of the same is true with MUVIZU. It is what it is. We all have to decide whether or not that's enough for us.

Based on the problems that have been introduced by small change, I think asking for a major revision would fall under the "careful what you ask for... you might might get it" principle.
2016/2/6 1:49:27
Moving water like in the Chinese History pack? it might be interesting to ask the forum members what other software they use to complement MUVIZU... and how they use it.
2016/2/6 0:18:28
Moving water like in the Chinese History pack? It's interesting that there are plenty of animation packages that give the kind of low level control you're asking for... but the irony is that what makes MUVIZU so easy to use is that we don't have to work at that level .

However, there are times when you need to do something that MUVIZU just can't do.

My philosophy is to treat All animation packages as tools in my creative toolbox. I use MUVIZU for its amazing speed of production.. and when I need something it can't do, I either...

1) imply the action and let the viewer fill in the blanks, or...
2) create the scene in another package and figure out a way to merge it seamlessly into my project at the video editor stage.
2016/2/5 18:18:08
CONSTRAIN!!! ziggy72 wrote:
I would kill for keyboard nudge.

considering what we know about government agencies that scan internet traffic for key words, and then archive our "suspicious" internet activity... a guy who probably already has a huge file detailing all the Ted Bundy articles he's read might get some attention if he started using the "K" word in his posts....

I'm hoping the last chapter of the story doesn't read "...and nobody ever heard from Ziggy again. The End."


Speaking of which, it would be an interesting Muvizu project to make a story about someone whose innocent internet activity was completely misinterpreted by the agencies that scan for keywords and suspicious activity, and got blown all out of proportion, turning into a manhunt.
2016/2/5 15:28:25
My New Star Wars Spoof (Let Him Have It) clayster2012 wrote:
PatMarrNC wrote:
I like the concept of "the FUNNY SIDE " of the force

What about "The Funny Side Awakens"?

I bet you could develop that into a pretty good spoof!
2016/2/5 14:03:42
From the Wabby's Land Wabby wrote:
I already have a long list of ideas for other stuff but you can suggest me some of your needs on my facebook page, my website contact page or PM me here :-)

one idea for creations that might have broad appeal is to expand on themes that are for sale in the store. Once somebody buys the Chinese history pack or chemistry pack and starts to use it, they'll eventually need related items for other scenes.

If you can reasonably predict what kind of things might also be needed in a video about Chinese history or Chemistry or villains and heroes etc etc... then you have an automatic customer base in everybody who bought the store's add-on pack.
2016/2/5 13:57:15
From the Wabby's Land I loaded and messed around with some of the items I got from your shopping cart last evening, and I was wondering.. what is the difference between the standard version and the Muvizu plus version? The two pontoons look the same to me.

Thanks for including the OBJ file! That's one advantage to buying zip packets directly from another Muvizu content creator (as opposed to the store)

I've reached an age where time is worth far more than money... (I can always get more money, but the time left on the planet is an absolute, and there's no way to get more... so using it effectively is important) In that context, it makes sense to buy items rather than spend the time to recreate them. And I think your items are priced reasonably enough to make it money well spent!
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2016/2/5 13:47:37
CONSTRAIN!!! All great ideas! +1

no wait... +2! no, +99!...
2016/2/5 13:42:12
Better controls for moving objects braj wrote:
MarkWaldo wrote:
I usually situate objects by looking down from above for accurate placement. I also move my characters to the exact spot I want by having an above viewpoint looking straight down.

A hotkey like other 3d apps for the different views would help alot.


great idea!
2016/2/5 1:06:39
From the Wabby's Land I just bought it! I like your shopping cart setup!
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2016/2/4 16:07:53
SAVE AS (previous version format) Not trying to be a wiseguy here...

But it's a common convention in a lot of software that files can be saved in the format used by a previous version of the product. This Makes the file accessible to more people, because not every user of any software is using the latest version.

Especially in the case of Muvizu, where recent changes have introduced problems that make it impossible to finish / reopen projects that have hours and hours of time invested... if we could save current projects in the format used in version 1.5, people could more comfortably upgrade when new versions appear, then back up their projects in a more stable format.

Just a thought.
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2016/2/4 15:55:26
From the Wabby's Land Looking GOOD Wabby!
2016/2/2 19:25:54
Snowblower on Nitrous Gopro wrote:
Hello Pat,

Yes, I know just where Beans in the Belfry is, I am in Brunswick quit a bit. I think you asked me just how much snow we got, I measured it at around 28 to 30 inches and since I live on a farm with a 685 driveway, it was no fun.


but you made it look so EASY in your animation! ;-)

At least you had a snowblower! I had to clear my driveway with a shovel....
2016/2/2 14:49:52
My New Star Wars Spoof (Let Him Have It) I like the concept of "the FUNNY SIDE " of the force
2016/2/1 20:54:40
Snowblower on Nitrous Ah! Harper's Ferry! Beautiful historic park there at the intersection of three states!

My sister lives between Brunswick and Frederick, just a few minutes away from Harper's Ferry! When I visit her, I sometimes play music at a little coffee shop/restaurant in Brunswick called Beans in the Belfry. Are you familiar with the place?

(Small world)
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