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2012/6/1 16:33:58
Funny Vid! Meh.. what's wrong with a little clay blood and a little clay guts?
2012/6/1 14:52:35
Funny Vid! Check out this gorgeous claymation version of The Raid. Pretty damn sweet if i say so myself (& no, not just because they're claymation cats - although that doesn't hurt it)
2012/5/31 16:03:20
News section excitingness Hi all,
You may or may not have noticed the recent flurry of activity within our News section on the site. As part of the changes to the site, we are focusing on making more of our site blog by filling it with interesting bits of info, development work, industry news and generally cool things that made us go: 'oooooooh!' on any particular day.

These posts will be written up by different members of the team and could cover a myriad of topics - from the uber geeky to the slick and the stylish. So, you know, stay tuned and check it out.

Psssstt... we've got an RSS feed as well. You know, just in case
2012/5/30 14:32:45
Urgent Problem Directing Object Movement Have you tried turning it off and turning it on again?

2012/5/29 10:47:07
Even More Nick Danger than anyone asked for! Oh bigwally I LOVE these clips! They're brilliantly made and acted. They're amazing and wonderfully puntacular. There are quite a few people here at HQ who do enjoy a good pun
2012/5/24 11:18:33
Janni's Got Talent Well done guys! Yeah, it's a very pretty clip isn't it? It's an old show-y off-y clip the art team made a while ago trying to push the boundaries of what they and we can do. Alas, it's just a bit of eye candy to enjoy and ooh and aah over. Feel free to ooh and aah and high five the art guys though! They did a great job, didn't they?

We have many easter eggs that have been kicking about for a while now. Keep your eyes peeled for more heavy hinting
2012/5/18 14:40:18
Just ask Alan Dreeko wrote:
Dylly wrote:
Who shot Alan?

All will be revealed......

Spoilers: It's a DREAM!
2012/5/18 14:39:58
Just ask Alan First Donna Summer and now Alan? This week blows!

RIP Alan
2012/4/20 10:49:07
Sketchup & White Bits Dylly, my dear, your posts always make my mornings less hellacious. Thanks for this doozy of a post
2012/3/22 11:56:45
Going birthday viral? Luscan wrote:
Pfft if I really wanted to destroy the internet I'd just type Google into Google.

I actually got CrazyDave with that when he first started. True story. I laughed like a drain.
2012/3/14 15:59:24
Ambient Occlusion Maps ukBerty - I've been to see him a few times in Glasgow & he's brilliant live! good fun & well worth seeing. Big fangirl over here
2012/3/14 14:48:18
Ambient Occlusion Maps If we're talking awkward television appearances in the 90s, very little can trump the pure wtf factor of the lemonheads on the jenny jones show. It's like them showing up on jeremy kyle. seriously.

also an excuse to post evan dando - swoon!

2012/3/14 14:16:22
Ambient Occlusion Maps James! You better not talk smack about my man Bobby Conn! I will seriously take you down!

True story. You better check yourself, before you wreck yourself.
2012/2/22 11:29:31
MC5 Hey there the great and good of the Muvizu community! I know there are quite a few of you guys out there with pretty rad taste in music & are probably aware that Michael Davis from the MC5 passed away over the weekend.

The MC5, as you may know, were a seminal band and possibly one of the most important rock bands to come out of the great and wonderful Detroit rock scene - having influenced the likes of Iggy Pop & the Stooges.

Surely, someone out there is making a tribute to the MC5 in Muvizu? *cough cough Mysto cough*

Maybe I could offer a wee bit of inspiration

2012/2/14 16:28:35
problem with character action! Hey Uz,
As ukBerty points out, you have to animate each character separately and adjust in the timeline. The whole animation process that we've created is done in passes. A really good tutorial to check out would be this one here

Also, give this one a whirl first - it kind of gives you how Muvizu works in a nutshell

Hope this helps!
2012/2/6 12:06:30
Future of Muvizu after BETA skylike wrote:
(not to sound like a fanboy)

Oh go on! We like hearing nice things
2012/2/2 14:56:12
The Death of Barry the Roofer with Vertigo Very nicely done Toonarama! Really enjoyed watching it. Brilliantly shot - you guys are ridiculously talented.
2011/11/2 14:24:24
On the News @ Emily I think it's the double posts
2011/10/28 12:24:47
Skirts for all - not as mad as it sounds, honest! bigwally wrote:

Not just British, but there's also there's the Kids In the Hall from Canada.

I LOVE kids in the hall! it was brilliant and hugely underrated!
2011/9/29 9:58:11
Bat Manuel (first Video) haha that's brilliant! made me chuckle on this grey and horrible morning.

cheers! can't wait to see more!
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