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2011/3/1 14:14:42
Uploading sets Neil wrote:
Serves you right for using Firefox. It's not 1990, you know? All the cool kids are using IE6* these days.

* - Not really. They're using Chrome.

2011/3/1 14:12:26
this Muvizu is AWESOME!! bigwally wrote:
Muvizu is the shizz!

before y'alls start having a go at me i swear i didn't write that!
2011/2/23 14:48:17
Vengance penman wrote:

i find Muvizu the easiest to use .. i dont like extranormal

*cough cough that's what we like to hear cough*
2011/2/23 10:50:33
bleeding edge beta and things that made me go hmmn Dreeko wrote:

Stop making them then!

2011/2/23 10:48:38
My First Effort nice one tangledbliss! hope you get better soon and in the meantime make lots and lots of clips

welcome to muvizu!
2011/2/22 10:36:31
Sad old man @Kabum really looking forward to that! if it's anything like your test video i'm sure we'll all be blown away! never apologise for it being in another language! that's the whole point of having auto lipsynching - as much language flexibility as possible! but very happy to hear it'll have subtitles.

can't wait to see what you make!
2011/2/21 11:56:47
this Muvizu is AWESOME!! thanks for the love penman! we try hard to make the software and the site as accessible and friendly as possible so it's nice to hear nice things in return. we hope you enjoy using muvizu and make some masterpieces with it

everyone's super friendly on the forum so don't hesitate to ask, query or just say hello
2011/2/14 14:32:10
Sad old man this totally blew me away! and a first muvizu video as well! cannot wait to see what else you come up with.
2011/2/8 10:34:19
Interface & Timeline @glasgowjim ssssshhhhhhh! don't encourage him!
2011/2/7 14:20:18
Muvizu Pimped on StoryMode. @jonbez brilliant stuff! and nice plug for ghost house as well. really, really hope there is a season 2.
2011/2/4 14:25:41
GAGA finalist @ jonbez - aww thanks jon! it's ok though, we quaffed the table wine & drowned our sorrows afterwards so it's all good now (except robert is MIA today - tsk). thanks to everyone for wishing us luck and all the kind words. you guys rule
2011/1/25 15:19:45
facial animation workaround clever girl...

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2011/1/24 10:33:44
Muvizu Pimped on StoryMode. @jonbez thanks for the head's up! we love hearing nice things. hopefully it'll bring in the users
2011/1/21 10:07:06
hi guys hi alakyr! welcome to the community! we're so happy to hear you love our software (we never tire of praise!). really looking forward to seeing what you'll create in Muvizu. the forum is a super helpful and friendly place so if you have any questions or just general feedback, stick 'em on here!
2011/1/19 14:17:06
Creating a story for new animated series... a good way to dip your toe in the water is making a tribute video to a famous scene from a film, an ad, a song whatever that gets your creative juices flowing. it's a good way to get a handle on using Muvizu and will inspire you to make your own original clips.
2011/1/19 10:10:59
Making character fly that's an ingenious work around! and i like a dorky superhero so maybe that's affecting my judgement. we may have ideas and plans for flight anims in the near future but don't tell anyone i said that.
2011/1/18 12:08:06
Custom Animations @ Dreeko - stupid fire-breathing octopus!
2011/1/18 11:20:50
Custom Animations @Dreeko - we're too busy building a damn dragon. come back later.
2010/11/19 14:51:53
Break Up Lines Animated - Will You Help? hahaha! nice literal interpretation @Ziggy!
2010/11/19 10:42:50
The Jumper that's a brilliant clip! i love it
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