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2011/1/30 22:57:08
Dancin' on the White House Lawn (Dancin' Obama) LOL that looks Well funny with the big ears. Big Grin
2011/1/30 19:43:27
Ghost House Complete series Ghost House: Complete series
7 episodes in all.

Ghost House Ep1: The Phantom Premise

Ghost House Ep2: Mirror, Mirror & Mike's Ball

Ghost House Ep3: Dial "S" For Stripper

Ghost House Ep4: Deathflix

Ghost House Ep 5: Last House on the Lefty

Ghost House Ep 6: Last House on the Lefty: The Shriekquel


Ghost House EP 7: Red Ring of Death

I'd just like to thank all the Guys and Girls at Muvizu HQ for making such a awesome app. Its unbelievable what you guys have achieved in the last year.

A special Thanks too Robert for the watermark code file and Barry for help with codec issues.

A huge Thanks to Vince for supporting Ghost House.

Without vince Ghost House would of never been made. Cheers Vince.

Also Thanks to everybody that has Watched, Thumbed up and Commented on ghost house.


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2011/1/25 21:36:32
facial animation workaround Haha Nice one dreeko.
2011/1/23 22:07:18
Ghosty Dog - Organ Solo Works very well.
2011/1/21 21:13:44
Muvizu Pimped on StoryMode. The Muvizu program and Ghost house get a nice mention on the new Storymode Show over at Machinima.

Heres a link for anyone interested in checking it out.
2011/1/19 13:22:23
Creating a story for new animated series... I usually make a few characters and some basic sets then stare at them for a few hours till I get an Idea.
dont always work though Big Grin

Maybe try something simple to start of with. Think of a joke you like and try and animate it with muvizu.
2011/1/18 23:12:23
Ghost House episode 6 Cheers ziggy. your probably right about the end joke. alot of people click another video as soon as credits appear
2011/1/18 3:26:14
Hello welcome Iceaxe.Darth Lightsabers
2011/1/18 3:10:32
Ghost House episode 3 Thanks ziggy

As far as I know Machinima upload them directly through their own youtube system. If the guys at muvizu can add them manually to the gallery. That would be excellent.
2011/1/17 12:58:35
Ghost House episode 6 Thanks Emily
2011/1/16 18:39:28
Ghost House episode 6 Hey all

GH Episode 6 the Shriekquel is out.

If you missed it You may wanna Check out Part 1
GH episode 5
2011/1/6 13:27:56
better way to move characters I am on windows 7 64bit with 4GB ram and have no problems running muvizu efficiently with other programs running at the same time. I often have muvizu and after effect loaded together with no problems.
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2011/1/5 15:27:23
better way to move characters I'm not sure if this has been mentioned anywhere on the forum before but using the unlit mode F2 key while editing animations will make life much easyer for people with low end PCs or very complex scenes. It removes dynamic lights which is the culprit that eats the performance of your PC. Just remember to press the F3 key before you do your final video output.

The More lights you add the big hit on performance.
2011/1/4 14:06:44
Beware the Pie Part 4 Really enjoyed this series the script for this was brilliant. Hope you have plans for another series.

BTW I tryed to visit its didn't appear to be online.
2010/12/17 13:25:53
MachinExpo / Muvizu Competition. Deadline Dec 10th congratz Great video
2010/12/12 22:12:50
Ghost house episode 5 Ghost House ep5: The last house on the lefty
2010/11/28 19:49:32
Animated facemask Faces Look real freaky in your video But in a good way. It give it a cool style look. Nice vid m8.

Only time I've used face mask was for my ninja video it sorta work because there mouth was covered so I got away with the lip sync. but would be cool to have more feature control for the mask.
2010/11/28 19:43:02
My Musical Project Looks very cool mysto
2010/11/28 19:40:00
Ghost house episode 4 Hey all just letting u know episode 4 is out

Hope u enjoy it

2010/11/26 0:12:54
GAGA finalist Good Luck
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