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2010/11/19 20:19:00
Break Up Lines Animated - Will You Help? Nice vid ziggy
2010/11/19 17:15:09
The Jumper Great video, Made me laugh.
2010/11/17 18:12:25
Happy Birthday Kerry! Happy Birthday Kerry. Have a Great day happy birthday
2010/11/16 18:49:50
bleeding edge beta and things that made me go hmmn Being able to delete the cameras middle events and it causing a teleport type of effect but with a smooth transition was a good thing IMO. It was super handy for reusing cameras for new shots and doing quick camera movement. Teleporting positions would also be a nice feature for characters too, so u can teleport them to there next shot without having to walk them there or having to make duplicates of characters.
2010/11/15 22:30:24
Ghost House episode 3 Thanks kerry
2010/11/15 12:55:03
Ghost House episode 3 @jamie This episode was made on the old release so their was alot of post work for the door scenes but I made a video called do we get candy on the new version and that only required post work to add title and credits plus the door scenes look so much better than faking in post. So directing object definitely made life easyer IMO and with much much better results. Really glad you guys added that functionality thats for sure. TIME SAVER

@freakmoomin Im glad you enjoyed this episode My fav sofar too. Everyone should have a mary in there mirror Big Grin

@claireq We plan to make 13 episodes, fingers crossed its not an unlucky number for the series Big Grin

@glasgowjim yeah Love that Line lol
2010/11/14 19:46:59
Ghost House episode 3 Hey all Ghost house Episode 3 is out.

Not suitable for kids

Episode 3 can be found Here
2010/11/13 6:02:09
Do we get candy I know its a little late for halloween. But I'd rather think of it as a little early for next years halloween instead Big Grin

PS.. love the new moving door/object feature. Works great.
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2010/11/12 16:13:55
Break Up Lines Animated - Will You Help? Excellent Big Grin
Love how u used the breakdance end pose for the bed scene. Good thinking
2010/11/12 16:12:12
Original Pilot episode for Ghost House Hi all

I've just posted up the Original concept episode before ghost house became a series and I thought some of you maybe interested to see what it evolved from.

A quick reminder that episode 3 is due out on sunday the 14th. But I wont let you forget as I'll be posting here as usual.

Hope you enjoy and have a good laugh at my poor voice acting on this pilot episode Big Grin
2010/11/10 19:16:39
latest version I Love that you released two versions. I'll take notes if I find some nuts Big Grin
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2010/11/8 14:14:31
Parental Controls/Explicit Content Filters Maybe if muvizu provided a downloadable still image that has a warning age thingy, people could be encouraged to use that and add it to the beginning of there videos. I'd be happy too use something like this for my videos that contain adult humor. I know not everyone would use it and it doent solve the problem with video already out on youtube but its a start in the right direction. Also if the upload process had a tick box somewhere for marking contents as adult I'd be happy to use that too. that could helpout if you decided to incorporate a filter system.
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2010/11/6 4:08:16
Staundoone Episode ! You definitely captured the old classic feel. It was really well made with great script and voices.
Fantastic job Dreeko. Look forward to the next episode.
2010/11/1 21:51:06
Ghost house episode 2 Big Grin
2010/10/31 13:22:37
Ghost house episode 2 Hey all

I just thought I'd let you all know that episode 2 of Ghost House is out

2010/10/29 16:28:29
God and the Devil- Final Showdown LOL that was pretty funny. Great script
2010/10/18 15:46:12
Ghost house: Episode 1 Thanks All I'm Glad you enjoyed it.
2010/10/17 17:42:37
Ghost house: Episode 1 Hey all

New series Started At machinima Called GHOST HOUSE, its made with the muvizu app.
You can Check out episode 1 here

Thanks too the guys at muvizu for supporting this project and creating such a cool 3d app.

Cheers hope u like it.

2010/9/30 13:59:45
Error saving set file I noticed that When I load the set file the main cam always starts in its default place as if its not saved your last view location you was in before saving.

A Workaround I found to save file.
Load the set file 4 times and u will notice that on the forth time the default cam loads into the right location. It can now be saved. But when loaded again I need to repeat these steps to save again.

Hope this help out
2010/9/30 13:16:44
Error saving set file Hi Guys thx for the reply
Iif I load the scene and save right away with making no changes I still get the error

If I delete everything in the scene so only 1 cam is left I still get the error when saving

The memory is 25 %

I will e-mail one of the set files
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