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2012/4/18 13:37:37
Paint colours The range of paint colours is excellent. Any that aren't listed can be created using the old RGB method.

My whingesome grovel is would it be possible to pop in an alpha channel - or even just an alpha colour - to use for painting things? You could do a true Nearly Headless Nick and striped bands would make a great springy effect.

Any good?
2012/4/18 10:01:26
New character? Dylly wrote:
The thing is...the thing..the..look it's not that...even though centaurs were not mentioned... it's the double ended camels with masks on that have me realizing that in Muvizu land... I may be nuts...but I will never be lonely!ROFLMAO

Oh, man, welcome to my side of the looking glass!!!
2012/4/17 14:09:44
New character? I had the maddest thought about quadrupeds the other day and a way that might make it feasible.

With some beings, such as elephants, the knees are very important in the forelegs (arms) when walking whereas with others, such as dogs, the heel is much more important.

If a percentage could be set for the front and back legs as to where the heel and knee (or elbow) should go and the same for the rear leg, then something for the size of the animal (so you can have your bit chunky elephant, your slender horse, your skinny greyhound), would this be at all possible?

Yes, you have to allow 'masks' for the face and back - camels for example.

An idea or just asking for trouble?...

(Please note, I didn't even mention centaurs.)
2012/4/17 13:06:38
Skirt sizing The basic skirt texture seems to be a 2x1 format, but what is the 'ideal' size please?

This is asked in the same way that we have the 'ideal' character size when we download them in pixels.

Thanks in advance,
2011/12/5 16:53:19
Masks I agree except that it has to 'warp' to fit the shape.

You are allowed to say that I'm making a mountain out of a molehill here, because I think the textures themselves are brilliant and have used them many times.
2011/12/5 15:48:10
Masks That's what I thought. I thought it might be a "short cut" from having to do the entire texture.

My fault for being bone-idle I guess...

2011/12/5 13:16:59
Masks One of the options under, I think, Faces is the Masks. You have the Rhino mask, the Elephant mask, and so on.

You also have a mask of Mr Bush. I realise that this is not fixed and you can stick in your own picture, so I thought this would be a great chance to have a go at using the alpha channels just to add freckles or a black eye or excessive wrinkles but without having to do the full body suit.

When I tried it, the alpha section came out black. Was I doing something wrong or do masks not have the alpha channel option?
2011/12/2 11:19:30
Newbie Qeustion about Character Attributes Heya Superherohum,

I didn't know if anyone had replied, but yes, you can make your own masks in fact. It's under the face section for your character. They give you a Bush by default, but you can pick (or draw!) any picture.

Hope this helps,
2011/11/23 13:10:46
About the Resources section My mistake then. I assumed the link was meant to be in the mail itself.

My apologies. puppy dog eyes
2011/11/22 21:19:57
About the Resources section glasgowjim wrote:
Here is a collective (but by no means exhaustive) list of websites and programs which Muvizu users might find helpful in creating their Muvizu videos.

Hi Jim,

Not wanting to sound like a berk, but where please - or do you mean this section in general?

You have confused my tiny brain I'm afraid...
2011/11/22 13:33:17
Importing from Sketchup I've no idea if this will work but Google's SketchUp is a nice tool HOWEVER it only makes SKP and KML files.

Found a useful site the other day:

Check out point 2.3, though no promises I'm afraid.

2011/11/16 13:26:48
Colourful 3D Object Creation That's brilliant - thanks Berty! I'll look into that and get cracking! Thumbs Up

(Should I ask who Rodney is?)
2011/11/16 11:13:13
Colourful 3D Object Creation I know that 3D objects can be created on external packages (I use Google's) and then imported but the ones that currently exist in Muvizu have the major advantage that you can change various colours - set the colour of the cube, for example.

Is it possible to create a 3D object externally and then choose the colours on Muvizu itself? It would save having to create umpteen objects of different colours.

Many thanks, as always,
2011/11/2 13:17:47
Eyes I do agree completely.

Maybe I need to flex my directing talents a little more... Duhh
2011/11/1 14:56:58
Eyes I was fiddling about on Muvizu the other day (like you do) and found that there are a few things that ends to niggle me with the eyes. Would it be possible to have a few more eye animations please? Such ideas as winking, blinking, staring (the mouth might be needed too for this), raising the eyes Heavenward (however you with to phrase it)...

If it's a one-off request then fine, but just a thunk. Still getting to grips with all to fab trinkets!!!

2011/10/31 13:24:40
Wrong picture? Cheers BigWally, you're a big help! Thumbs Up
2011/10/31 12:23:12
Wrong picture? I popped an animation on to the Gallery (the Lynx one if you must know) but the image that came with it is actually not quite the one I'd like to have...

Is there a way of setting the image to an alternative default / thumbnail?

2011/10/28 17:24:38
Skirts for all - not as mad as it sounds, honest! Now that is a VERY convincing Muvizu character - almost realistic!
2011/10/27 12:54:06
New character? Did anyone merely suggest, something with 4 legs?

You can change the face with a mask and the tail with a... well, tail!

Now there's a thunk...
2011/10/27 12:06:20
Skirts for all - not as mad as it sounds, honest! I was fiddling the other day and found that the ladies and the girl can wear a skirt - not too surprising. The boy can also wear a skirt though.

One advantage with the skirt is you don't have to stick to a general colour such a red, green, blue, yellow, taupe, hyacynthe... You can also put an image on to it. If you compose an image using the alpha channels (that's the invisible ones to you and me), it's great for doing things like towels. Or Roman bases.

Please could all characters be set up to wear a skirt, as at the moment the male characters (except the boy) can't.

(Who really isn't as daft as he sounds - honest!)
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