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2011/8/25 18:28:34
Newbie.... claireq wrote:
We are looking at characters interacting with objects but none will be weapons for censorship reasons as a lot of young children also use the program.
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This is silly and completely unnecessary. Weapons/guns have always been part of cartoons. Elmer Fudd and Yosemite Sam always had a gun in their hand as did other Looney Tunes charaters and Looney Tunes are now Classics of animation loved by children and their parents thru out the world.

Don't censor the users of Muvizu. Give us choices and let us decide.
2011/8/19 2:46:27
Sketchup models - anybody having success with them ukBerty wrote:
.... I've loaded planes but entire buildings are going to fail..

This Has become a major problem for me. I need houses and city buildings. The building blocks in Muvizu are no good for me. I've tried several times but not luck with the buildings I need. If anyone has some that could be added to the 3d assets page it would be greatly appreciated.
2011/8/18 20:38:25
Lock camera on object? This is exactly a feature I would LOVE to have on Muvizu. My dream feature in fact. A camera "track" of come kind. I love to move the camera but to get the speed to match a moivng character or object has been near impossible. I've tried over and over on many shots and never get it. I just end up using the best take and cutting before people notice the camera going off center.

Yes Muvizu masters if this is a feature you can add please do so immediately. I promise to be your best friend if you do. Really I do...
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2011/8/18 20:11:28
Rough cut- Few minutes of movie Luscan wrote:
... but there's a bit at the start where he looks left, right and then walks to the left for a tiny amount of time before heading off screen to the right. .)

That's intentional, it's meant to be funny. That's why I have him cross the screen back and forth. Like he can't decide which way to go.

The pine tree is an import from google warehouse. I wanted to scatter pine trees around because in many sets I use the pine tree picture included in Muvizu as background to break up the horizon but thought people would notice there were no pine trees in other shots.

Thanks for the compliment. I thought most people wouldn't think it's very good because there is no music or sound effects yet. Those things make a HUGE difference in any movie but particularly animation. But I won't be adding those things until the entire movie is finished. One person doing an entire feature length animated movie? That could take me years.
2011/8/18 10:15:12
Rough cut- Few minutes of movie This is a rough cut of a few minutes of a possible feature length movie. It does not have music or sound effects yet and is a rough cut so it has a couple of mistakes. I only put this up because I have a friend who's bugging me to see footage and I thought I would also let people here have a quick peak. I'll be taking it down in a couple of days.

The clip is of little Timmy playing in the forest imagining his having adventures. The story is Timmy has no friends and pretends to have adventures until he meets an alien who makes friends with and has a real adventure.

Well anyway here it is-

Like I said it's a rough cut so be kind.
2011/8/13 11:25:32
fight scene problems Have you tried it without the added texture? Don't know but that couldn't be causing the glitch.
2011/8/13 11:21:32
fight scene problems Can't view the video. It's set to private.
2011/8/13 11:07:35
fight scene problems Are you only in "prepare character actions"? I often have the problem of characters not going thru the whole action when I test it in the prepare area. Go ahead and try it in "direct" without recording and you can see it complete.
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2011/8/13 0:01:41
Random requests! ziggy72 wrote:
Directional effects! ...:

Muvizu already has this. Click on "full rotation" and then you can point the effect in the direction you want it to go. It can be a pain since they don't rotate "normal" for lack of a better word. Some trail and error it can be figured out.
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2011/8/10 0:04:49
Commercial Productions mysto wrote:
You never know what may turn up in the future.

Working on something?
2011/8/8 20:41:10
Commercial Productions I'm surprised no one here isn't already working on something that could be commericial. Anyone can make a film that could be released direct to video. There's an endless number of distributors out there and they need movies to sell.

Some of the animators here have great skill. Matthew Perks especially has such skill that a full length film by him could be good enough for theatrical release. If you haven't already check out his films "The Book"-
And "A Week To Christmas" -
Very smooth and professional looking. If I had that kind of skill my film would be done and I'd be talking to Pixar about my next one.

For the record I'm am working on a full length movie that could have some commericial appeal as a decent direct to video movie. It's a good story but the draw back is my lack of animation skills. My interest is in film making but it was in live action film making. I turned to animation after having a diaster in my attempt to make a live action movie. I had an actor drop out at the worst possible time which killed the film and I lost a few thousand dollars on it.

Animation- no bad actors to deal with, no problems with the weather, no sweating it out building a set in that bad weather. I think it's for me I just wish I was good at it.
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2011/8/7 8:16:37
Using the kinect as a cheap motion capture system Looks like the next release of Iclone will have this feature.

2011/7/29 3:38:09
Imported object collision barrys wrote:

Every object must have collision -

Not really. As long as it has "floats in the air" It can be still be useable. The ability to turn collision off would be a feature I would love to have on Muvizu. Even already made a thread on that matter.
2011/7/27 21:06:50
where do I import 3d assets to ? Just to be more clear- When you download a 3d asset it's not added to the program. To load it into a project you click on "Create" then "Objects' then "import" in the bottom right corner of the box, then "Browse.." which allows you to search your hard drive.

Be prepared to wait after you click "OK" to import it. Imported assets often take noticeable longer to load then objects already in Muvizu. This is true of set files that use imported assets also. Be prepared to wait a while for them to load.
2011/7/25 0:37:40
Floats in the air? I just realized it's because you already have the motion added to the object. Erase the motion in the timeline then you can change the properties to what you want then do the motion again.
edited by RightURKen on 25/07/2011
2011/7/24 5:54:33
Static Mode I could use a easy solution to this. I need a robot to stand still. I tried "Stand to attention" but it only lasted a couple of seconds. Would like him him to freeze for about 30 seconds.
2011/7/23 1:56:26
v0.16b Feedback Does this update fix the problem in the 64 bit version not working right with a lot of characters with motion? I had to switch to the 32 bit version because of this. Can I try the 64 bit again?
2011/7/19 21:39:59
Can I turn off collision? Is there a way to turn off collision of objects so they can merge? I keep thinking there must be a way since Characters and objects can merge but I can't figure out how to do it with objects.
2011/7/19 21:31:43
Floats in the air? zacchang wrote:
... I'm unable to untick it as its greyed out,...

Did you try it or assume you couldn't because it's greyed out? Give them a try, I've sometimes been able to use greyed out elements in muvizu. They look unusable until I try and then then work fine. Not sure why they're grey.
2011/7/19 5:10:47
nothing available in the program I had that exact problem when I had Muvizu on a laptop that didn't have enough graphics memory. That could be your problem.
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