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2014/4/22 10:24:50
Beware of "AntiGravity" Never said who it was, just that it is happening.
2014/4/22 1:36:08
Beware of "AntiGravity" You're a sly one, Dreeko.
2014/4/21 16:21:55
Beware of "AntiGravity" Didn't see any.
2014/4/21 15:16:51
Beware of "AntiGravity" The idiot is also on Google+.

Surprise, surprise. Seems he's only attacking Muvizu users.
2014/4/21 13:29:21
Beware of "AntiGravity" HEADS UP!
A user on Youtube went out of his way to create an account under the name "AntiGravity" just to give me thumbs down and make a bad comment. I suspect it may be a disgruntled, former user of Muvizu seeking revenge. I would suggest that all Muvizu-keepers block this wayward fellow before he can do anymore harm.

Go to the "About" tab, click on the flag and block this person.
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2014/4/21 13:23:23
New experimental video fazz68 wrote:
bigwally wrote:
Hmmmm... My video did not show up this morning.

not sure about scotland but we are still on a bank holiday in england so they might not be there today

That would explain everything.
2014/4/21 12:44:57
New experimental video Hmmmm... My video did not show up this morning.
2014/4/20 16:54:55
New experimental video Dreeko wrote:

Would be better to use a blank face mask. The skull is too distracting

But the skull is so cool! Wiggle

Thanks for you input, Dreeko.
2014/4/20 9:55:20
New experimental video I call it experimental because I don't know what else to call it. A diversion. Cool beans.

Using a simple spotlight projector, beaming Godley & Creme's "Cry" onto a 3-D skull, is how the effect is achieved.
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2014/4/19 12:40:52
Voice Actors,Writers,Composers Any examples of what you have done in the past? What you might be working on now? Some photos, videos, script ideas, etc.?
2014/4/18 15:15:09
The Copyright people are out of control! bigwally wrote:
Check that! They removed the video.

Check that! They removed it from one account, but not the other.
2014/4/18 15:11:46
The Copyright people are out of control! Don't get me wrong, I use copyrighted music in my Youtube vids all the time. Usually, when a video gets flagged, I acknowledge it and it's allowed. They tack on ads and such to it, but it's allowed.

Only one song they've refused to allow... Paul Simon's "Hobo's Blues". Only one. Not enough to give up on Youtube.
2014/4/18 14:28:10
The Copyright people are out of control! mos6507 wrote:
... but for hobbyists who need to rely on preexisting music, Youtube is all but unusable now.

Not having seen anything you've done, and straying slightly off the subject, one question persists... Why does it have to be "preexisting" music in the first place? Plenty of free music out there for anyone to use.
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2014/4/18 13:09:08
Keep Getting shot down. Does anyone smell a bridge burning?___ Not Found
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2014/4/8 21:27:23
Question About Music Rights LugofilmLtd wrote:
What about old stock music from the 60s or earlier? I found several collections of such and it doesn't seem like it would still be under copyright since it was never officially released to the public on an album so I should be able to use it, yes?

Probably still under copyright protection. I ran across a bunch of stock music that was used for the old "Ren & Stimpy" show and tried to research their status. The ones I was able to find, were still under copyright. Since John K. (the creator of "R&S") is notoriously cheap when it comes to using music, he sticks to PD and really, really cheap stock music (mostly from the 50's & 60's). Probably bought the rights en mass. Cheap, but still copyrighted.

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2014/4/5 19:35:39
lighting sets? Just click "File">"New". In the dropdown, choose "Lighting".
2014/4/5 17:59:38
Ok, another question please... You could use a spotlight for projecting a AVI video onto a blank face. I created this video, on the fly, to illustrate this.

2014/4/4 3:55:41
lip syncing issue It might be the music that is throwing off the sync. Record the music and the dialog separately. Use the dialog for lip-sync and add the music in post production, using your favorite video editor.
2014/3/28 17:19:25
The Copyright people are out of control! Check that! They removed the video.
2014/3/28 17:13:49
The Copyright people are out of control! Just dispute the claim. I had an early video that used The Beatles song "Back in the USSR". Youtube tagged it as a song by a group called "Beat-less". I disputed it and it was restored. Still has the Beatles song on it.
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